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Author :ArshiyaFathima01
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Life was a game struggle trying to search for where I belonged and who i was supposed to be. Each person have interviewed in my family had his or her own story which made me wonder. When I heard there story I was wondering what's my story I don't want to be a normal just like so many people I had met in my life. being only 20 year old I wasn't exactly sure what the meaning of life would really be And we're I could find it.

Everyday I found myself alone siting in the park and lessening music in a loud volume and seeing surround me. I always think having stories stuck in my own soul was the reason that I want to hear other people stories. My heart was aching to tell a beautiful story which would change people lives, atlist mine. But I never interact with people, I could lessen to the world around me here the songs of life. Sometimes some questions put me in a deep think; who I'm, what I'm and what I deserve in my life. But sad I never solve this questions in my life. When I realize what's the true meaning of life it was too late I already hurted myself very badly I did all mad things which I don't want to do, I lossed my mind and I did all crazy things which I never expected from my side.

When I realize my mistakes in mid night I disturbed from everything and I saw this world peacefully.

I don't want to prove anything to anyone
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I want to prove myself what I'm and who I'm and what I deserve.

One mistake can't spoil my life and my dream.

All I realized at mid night with a drak room and full of tears on my eyes totally broked with a hope and faith..... cursing myself for nothing. It was too hard to recover myself with that pain but I did and I motivated myself.

And I realized life is not so easy how much we think...!!!

I just learn one thing from my pain "Take The Thing's As They Come"


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