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Young Justice: The super soldier
Author :techashi
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27 Denial part 2

Wally skids to a stop in the middle of the field they parked the bioship next to. "Nothing," he says, looking to Artemis. "This isn't simple camouflage."

The whole team looks to the ginger speedster, but Artemis is smug when she responds. "What do you think, adaptive micro-optoelectronics combined phase shifting?"

"Absolutely…" Wally starts, but as M'gann appears in his line of sight the slight smile drops from his face. "Not. Clearly mystic powers are at work here." though the way he looks at M'gann is too obvious to be missed as well as his reason for changing his answer. The way his voice nearly cracks doesn't help his case.

Artemis glares, while Superboy and Aqualad look sceptical.

Unnoticed behind the teens, the four occupants of the theatre appear. Though Teekl in the boy's arms and Kent Nelson's hands are bound. The boy looks rather smugly at the man with the wand. "Hey, Abra Kadabra, are you using adaptive micro-optoelectronics combined with phase shifting?"

"Yes." Abra Kadabra begrudgingly responds.

Crickets chirp as the Team stares at the open field.

Kaldur looks to the key in his hand. "A test of faith." he repeats, looking to the handle on the key where it says 'INSERT'. He walks between Artemis and Superboy. "Stand behind me," he commands. Stepping up so he is more than three steps ahead of the closest team member. Raising the key, it disappears and sounds as though it clicks into a lock. Turning his hand the tumblers thud to the unlocked position. As this happens a massive stone tower comes into sight.

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Much to Artemis' and Wally's surprise, Though Superboy and Miss M seem rather calm about it.

"So a magic key? Wouldnt be easier to find a Cave?" Cap joked which made Artemis give a small grin. The only one who seems to notice the small smile was Miss M who only giggled to herself.

Kaldur then pushing the ornate wooden door inwards. The Team following him in without a command. The door slams shut, but the key remains in the door.

"Uh, where'd the door go?" Superboy asks, confused and the entire team looks around the blank four walls. Until a gold-tinted projection of Kent Nelson appears.

"Greetings." the projection of Kent's magic power begin to speak. "You have entered with a key, but the Tower does not recognize you. State your purpose and intent."

Wally looks back at M'gann before smiling. "We are true believers, here to find Doctor Fate," he said with an overdramatic smile.

Kent looks at him sadly, then fades from view Wally's face falls until he hears the sound of the floor creaking loudly. Looking down just in time to see the whole segment give out from underneath the Team. Dropping all seven of them towards the magma at the bottom.

Superboy is falling the fastest but changes his course to get to one of the walls, while M'gann grabs Wally bringing the two of them closer as well. While Artemis pulls out a small crossbow, turning on her back to shoot higher into the rock, then swing to grab Kaldur as both of them plant their feet solidly on the wall. Cap who was still fast approaching the magma quickly pulled out his grapple gun, pointing it upwards he shot causing the line to hit the newly made ceiling above. while he swung forward the watch on his wrist suddenly turned into a metal glove as he grabbed onto the wall making him stop.

Superboy claws at the rock. His grip slowing him down, but not stopping him even as he digs the balls of his feet into the rock. Finally, he slows, but not before his feet and ankles fall into the lava. Superboy then pulls his unharmed feet out of the lava. "Those were my favourite boots," he said annoyed. "This Kent better be worth it."

Inside the Tower, Kent looks to Kadabra. "The Tower may not appreciate trespassers."

Kadabra raises his wand. "Mute." he commands.

Choking Kent a collar appears around his neck a red light glowing in the center.

Kadabra places his hand on Kent's shoulder and they all walk forward, the wall dividing to let them in. Stopping at living room when Inza's portrait hangs over a large fireplace.

Kent's magical projection appears in the center of the rug. "Hello, Kent." he greets. "How unlike you to bring guests to the Tower, especially one with such potent mystic power."

Kadabra raises a hand and places it on Kent's shoulder as the collar speaks for Kent. "My friends come to help me." it's mechanical and wrung out, but definitely Kent's voice. Silently the man glares heavily at Kadabra.

Kent's projection smiles and the wall opens once more. Revealing stairs that run in all directions, regardless of gravity.

Kadabra smiles smugly, as all three begin up the stairs does the wall close behind them.

M'gann and Wally are slowly falling, slowing and speeding up as M'gann power wanes and waxes. "Having trouble… maintaining altitude…" she wipes sweat from her brow. "Ugh, I'm so hot."

"You sure are." he says not even thinking.

"Wally!" Artemis both gasps at and reprimands him.

"Hey, inches above sizzling death, I'm entitled to speak my mind!" he snaps back.

Kaldur also wipes the sweat off his brow. "My physiology and M'gann's are susceptible to heat, we must climb out quickly."

Cap noticing his teammates were in trouble called out "Red Tornado sent us to see if Kent Nelson and the Helmet were safe!!." the panel slides shut underneath Superboy's feet, calmly he steps on the panel. Wally falls, landing on his butt while M'gann falls next to him on her knees. Artemis and Kaldur belay down to the panel while Cap backflipped off the wall before landing his feet "Is everyone alright."

"Yea we're fine so far anyways," Superboy informed as he stepped forward.

"This platform." Kaldur realizes, touching it with both his hands. "It should be red hot, but it cool to the touch."

"Don't worry Megalicious, I gotcha." Wally says, helping the green girl to her feet.

Artemis blows a gasket. "Enough!" she shoved Wally into the wall. "Your little "impress M'gann at all cost" game nearly got us all barbecued."

Wally glared at the blonde half Vietnamese before him. "When did this become my fault?"

"When you lied to that whatever-it-was and called yourself a true believer." Artemis snaps, Superboy and M'gann looking to the redhead from behind her.

"She has a point Wally," Cap spoke up but Kid flash only glared at him in an annoyed frown.

Once again all the attention in the room was on Wally.

"Wally?" M'gann questions, stunned. "You don't believe?"

Wally glares at Artemis before speaking out in exacerbation. "Fine. Fine! I lied about believing in Magic! But magic's the real lie, it's all a major load!"

"Wally, I studied for a year at the Conservatory of Sorcery in Atlantis." Kaldur prompts his hand still on the floor. "The Mystic Mages created the skin icons that power my Water-bearers." now he looking at Wally.

"Dude, you ever hear of Bioelectricity?" he asks, seeming annoyed, but not demeaning. Then he opens his mouth again, this time set on being sarcastic. "Hey, in primitive cultures, fire was once considered magic too. Today, it's all a bunch of tricks."

"You're pretty closed minded for a guy who can break the sound barrier in his sneakers." Artemis spoke up.

"That's science." Wally speaks simply. "I recreated the Flash's experiment, and here I am!" he says with a sarcastic hand gesture of grandeur. "Everything can be explained by science."

Kaldur smirks. "Let us test that theory." then grabs an unseen handle.

"Wait, the back draft from the lava will roast us alive!" Wally protests, but Kaldur opens it anyway.

The door opens, however, with a snow flurry. Accompanied by gusting winds and an expansive tundra-space beyond.

"It's snow!" M'gann cried cheerfully.

Artemis looks up at Wally's angry face with a smirk. "Do you ever get tired of being wrong?" his frown deepens.


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