Unbreak Me
74 Wedding Night 3
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Unbreak Me
Author :Imaan00
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74 Wedding Night 3


"Can you watch over Abdar Rahman while I go change?"

I nodded. "Of course. Did you bring his rocking chair?"

Her lips pressed into a thin line as she considered me, tiny hands toying with Abdar Rahman's toes. "Oh, well, um . . . we didn't buy one? I didn't want to waste—"

"We're going first thing in the morning, understood?"

She looked like she would argue but I shut her up with a disapproving look.

"Where's he sleeping, then?" I knew enough about babies and their needs through nights of research.

Leia grappled with her dress and stood up to show me what we'd be doing. Efficiently, she laid Abdar Rahman in the middle and placed pillows securely around him. Hands on hips, she turned to face me, brows raised.

I huffed out a laugh. "Okay, you win. Now, I'm going be conscious all night of accidently hitting him in the face."

"You won't," she informed me, bending down to retrieve her nightwear from the suitcase that laid open on the floor. "Where is it, where is it . . ." I watched her mutter things to herself and when she finally went over to the bathroom to change, I sat back on the left side of the bed, the one nearer to the bathroom and reclined against the pillows.

"Hey, kiddo," Stroking Abdar Rahman's light hair, I murmured like a total lovesick Dad. "It's been a rough day, huh?"

Understatement. It was a long roller coaster ride where my emotions jumped from one to another completely different one.

With an exasperated sigh, I stood up, went over to the cupboard and pulled out a casual T-shirt and sleeping shorts.

I was still changing, when I heard the bathroom door creak open. Not used to showing my shirtless self, I squeaked like a schoolgirl, cramming myself into the doors of the unbolted cupboard.

"OH MY GOD!" Leia let out a squeal. "I am so sorry—I didn't—I didn't know—um—"

"Relax," Even as I said it, I knew it was more for me than for her. "We're married."

Then I smirked, shutting the cupboard and placing the shirt back in. Leia's eyes were closed. I chuckled.

However, all the amusement left my body in one whoosh of a breath as my full gaze landed on her.

"Woah," There was no stopping the breathy, hoarse way I spoke, nor my feet that trudged forward on their own, coming to a halt right in front of Leia.

My gaze wandered down from the cute We Bare Bears tee tucked into some fancy black striped pants to the tips of her shoeless toes. Her hands were steeped over her belly; eyes shut so tightly as if she'd seen a horrid sight.

A little dumbstruck and feeling all sorts of high, I took her wrists into my hands, slowly and carefully drawing them away from her stomach.

"Are you decent?"

"I am nothing if not decent, baby,"

Just as I'd thought, her eyes flew open. If possible, they got even wider when she realised, I wasn't, in fact, decent.

When her eyes met mine again, something strange swirled in those irises I knew all too well.

"Damn," I murmured, unable to tear my gaze away. "Now I wish I'd let Hoor take Abdar Rahman."

Leia shot me a shocked look, giggling and batting my hands away. "Too bad."


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