The unwanted child
20 First Day at Work 2
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The unwanted child
Author :nani_loly
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20 First Day at Work 2

Entering the office they were welcomed by the back of a man. Mei looked around the office, it was big and it was painted in gray, there was a Desk in the middle of the room next to the wall.

Cass started talking "Mr.Zhang, this is your new PA, Ms.Xiao Mei."

when Cass said Mr.Zhang Mei was shocked to Hear that Mr.Arrogant was her new Boss.

(Author:Mei you @ss is busted🤣😂😂).

Mei quickly composed herself and waited until her new Boss turned around.


Feng Zhang was standing in near his office window looking at the Beautiful city of Beijing sunrise. he heard a knock on his door and he said "come in". then he heard his receptionist introducing his new PA, when he heard her name his body froze for a minute than it turned into excitement because his new PA was non other than Ms.Festie herself. and yes he gave her a Nick name.

Finally turning around he saw her standing next to his receptionist she looked really sexy and cute, ' what the Heck am i thinking' he though to himself. shaking himself out of the though he cleared his throat and said " thank you Cassie, you can go back to work now" hearing him Cass went out of the office and went back to work. after Cass left Zhang Feng walked towards his chair and sat down.

seating down he looked at the petite women in front of him and said "Nice to See you again Ms.Xiao". he said with no emotion in his voice.

Mei looked at him and said "nice to See you to Mr.Zhang". Feng looked and her for a minute than looked away and said " ok Ms.Xiao lets get down to work. im gonna show you were your office is gonna be at, and im gonna give you some items that you will need for work" he said and took a key from his drawer and headed toward the door that is to left of his office wish looked like a small bedroom.

After 3 minutes he came back with a Apple computer and a iPhone X black. when she saw this Mei was stunned but gained her senses before he noticed.

"this are the items that you would need for work" he said this handing her the items. after that he walked toward the door of the office and opened for her. she went out and he followed behind her. they walked a few meters and right next to his office there was another door, he opened the door And led her inside.

"this will be your office Ms.Xiao. you will be in charge of informing me of my schedule and you will do some other work to" he looked her for a second then continued talking "the work will be hard and exhausting but i thinking that you will be able to handle it, my receptionists will come in a moment to give you the documents that you will need to read over and correct any mistakes that was made and later before you leave for lunch you have to pass by my office to hand me the documents for me to sign them.well the Ms.Xiao i will leave you to work" he said this and then left her standing in the room.

Xiao Mei went a closed the door and then took the time to look around her new office. it wasn't big nor small it was painted in cream with a medium Desk to the side of the room with a black chair. the room was cute and cozy. being in her LaLa Land her thoughts were interrupted by a knock on the door "come in" she said.

walking thought the door was Cassie with a stock of papers and documents. "hey this are the documents that Mr.Zhang told me to being to you, i know it's a lot but you will get the hang of it don't worry of you need any help just call and i will Help you with any questions" she said handing her, her phone Number "and good luck on your First day Mei Cass said a smile " Thank you cass" said Mei giving Cass the bye.

TIME SKIP (Author my lazy @ss cant written office work description for to long😂😂sorry)

Mei got the hang of her work in no time, she quite enjoys her work, she was so focused in her work that she didn't notice that she skipped lunch and that it was already 5 in the afternoon. checking the last document and making corrections she was finally done. checking her watch she realise that it was already in the after noon. sighing she got up and made her way to the CEOs office. she nocked on the door and heard a faint "come in" walking into the office she saw the Man in the man working in his laptop.

"sir, this are all of the documents that you told me to work on" Mei said this and walked towards his Desk putting the documents on it.


Feng was typing in his computer than he heard her sweet voice. his heart skipped a beat when he looked up from his computer at her. she was still as beautiful as she was in the morning.

Getting up from his seat he made his way towards...


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