The one I've loved
60 She Was Aware That He Loves Her
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The one I've loved
Author :Alekhyaya
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60 She Was Aware That He Loves Her

He was out of words to her sudden request to take her to his home and also the way she was looking at him created a kind of feeling which was hard for him to even express in words . Without questioning her, he took a U-turn and drove towards his house.

Silence was filled in the car . He didn't talk and neither did she . Jessica played music and then texted Rachel .

" I guess I know his answer"

There was a mischievous smile that crept over her face when she texted Rachel about him .

Before coming to her parent's house Jessica knew that Austin loves her but it was after talking to her mother she understood to what extent he loves her . He still didn't tell that he loves her , he just asked a question to her confession . But she was aware that he loves her even though he didn't say her in words , each and everything he did for her showed how much he loves her and that is what made Jessica happy . She was happy that he was a kind of person who expresses his love through his actions and not by words like any other men .

Austin who saw her smiling didn't understand the reason for her smile.

What happened ? , he asked her.

She looked at him and said , nothing , I was texting Rachel.

Jessica's phone vibrated and she read Rachel's text .

" Did he tell ? "

"No , he didn't . Why don't you ask Justin about my guy and let me know ? "

Jessica texted Rachel.

Rachel who was in the kitchen read Jessica's text and replied with an Okay.

It was thirty past ten and Justin was waiting for his breakfast and Rachel was busy with her phone texting Jessica . Rachel told the maid that she would serve him for today and gave the maid another work to do . Rachel went to the table and severed standing beside him .

Why are you serving ? , where are the maids ? He frowned and looked around to call someone to serve for them making her sit on the chair beside him .

I told you not to do anything at home and take rest . Why don't you listen to me , he said out of concern . It has been two month since they came to know that she was pregnant and since then Justin didn't allow her to do any work .He strictly told her not to do anything but Rachel always does things whatever he says her not to do .

I was the one who insisted the maid that I would serve you , she tugged his hand to stop him from talking to the maid .

You ? , he looked at her skeptically.

I just want to serve you . There's nothing to worry about it Justin , she pouted.

Looks like you have something in your mind. he stated .

Smarty , she said brushing his neatly combed hair which now became a mess because of her.

Not my hair , he said and removing her hand from his hair .

She looked at her husband who was serving her breakfast .

Feed me , she said like a cute little girl which was difficult for him to reject her request .

Come to the point , he said without wasting the time .

Do you know since when Austin loved Jessica? , she asked him and opened her mouth to allow him feed her.

He fed her oats gently with a spoon and said , no .

How come you don't know ? Isn't he your friend ? , Jessica asked him .

Why are you curious to know about Austin. Did Jessica ask you ? , he asked her and saw her nodding at him .

You don't have to tell her . If he wants to tell her then he will , he said .

But ...

He fed a spoonful of oats when she was tried to ask him again .

How rude ? , she glared at him which made him smile .

This girl can never control her curiosity , he thought .

As soon as Austin's car approached to his house ,the gates were opened by the security guards to allow him in. The guard who was at the gate bowed at Austin in respect .

Jessica looked around in confusion and asked him , Is this where you live ?

Yes , he said .

She looked around and could only see normal house which was beautiful but not like she had expected it to be .

You live in this house ? , she asked him again and heard him say yes with a chuckle .

She never expected that a guy like him who rules the business world would live in a normal house . His house was no less than a paradise but what Jessica thought was that he would live in a mansion and looking at this small yet beautiful house left her in surprise.

Don't you like it ? , he asked her before opening the car door .

It is beautiful but I expected that you'd live in mansion but I'm happy that your house is not a mansion but a pleasant one , she said looking at him cheerfully and at a fountain which was in the garden .

Let's go in , he said and looked at Jessica who ran towards the garden leaving her footwear where he was standing .

She stood in the middle of the garden and looked around . She was enjoying the fragrance of the flowers in the garden . His house was ten times beautiful than her parents house . Even though that house was small , it was attractive . The beautifully built house and the garden made its own place in her heart .

Austin had a bright grin on his face looking at his girl's cheerful face . The maids and the security guards looked at each other's face in surprise to see their master bringing a girl to his house and also they clearly saw him smile brightly at her . It was the first time they've seen him smiling in that way . But none of the people who were present there uttered a single word and continued doing their work .

Let's go inside , Austin called her .

As soon as she entered into the house , Jessica has made a 360 degrees turn and looked at Austin in awe . She made her way to the living room and then to the kitchen . The house was very simple yet luxurious and sophisticated . There were five rooms . A well furnished living room and the kitchen room had everything that was needed . The dining hall was spacious and the there was a glass door to the balcony which had a beautiful view of the garden . There were three other rooms and only one was half opened out of three .

His Bedroom ? , she thought and gulped looking at the room .

Austin received a call just when she was thinking if it was okay for her to go to his bedroom or if it wasn't . He went to the balcony to attend the call . After seeing him disappear from her sight , she walked towards his bedroom pushing the half opened door she entered his room .

His room was spacious and the colours of the wall were decent . There was another balcony in his room and it was divided with a soundproof glass door . Just when she was going to open door to the balcony , her eyes caught the attention of a thing which was hung on the wall near his bed .

She took the dream catcher which was hung on the wall in her hands carefully to have a closer look at it . A faint blush appeared on her dimple cheeks and her heart thumped , she never expected to see the present she made for him again . That was the moment she realised that his love for her was no less than her love for him .


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