The elementalist
3 The welcome
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The elementalist
Author :StarDiva
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3 The welcome

" Like .. really really real ! " I exclaimed . "Either that or we are stuck in the same fever dream. " I pass the large statue in the center of the campus , and it swivels it's head to look at me .

" Oh , that's just the security system , set to vaporize any Attuneless intruders . But there hasn't been one in... well , I don't even know " Griffin said .

( I would love not to be vaporized ) I keep an eye on the statue , but soon as it looks away . I let out a relieved sigh . When I turn back , I've reached the massive double doors at the front of the school. " Welcome to Penterghast ! If you follow me this way , I'll show you to the ..... " Griffin starts towards the staircase but the loud chiming of the bell stops him . He looks at his watch with a start .

" Oh crap ! . I totally forgot about the thief team meeting I'm supposed to go to ." .

" Wait.. you can't leave me ..." I said. " Of course not ! I'll drop you off to the dining hall . We're just gonna speed this tour up is all . "

I follow him up the stairs , which leads to an adjoining hallway .

" The dining hall is just at the end of this hallway and to the left . This is school's main building so there are a lot of offices and stuff here . Reception , the dean's office.. classrooms...some of the attunement placements exams are held here too ." " attunement placements ? " I asked.

" I think it's kind of silly , too. I knew Earth was my thing when I caused a tiny earthquake throwing a tantrum over a desert when I was 5 " . " Right , Totally " As I pass one of the doors off the hall , I hear a small commotion coming from inside.

The voice says " Oh hell " . " Uh Griffin ? what's in this room ? " I asked. " That's the hall of mirrors , where you were supposed to come through " .

The first thing I see when you open the door is a beautiful girl with long , dark hair , trying desperately to pull her foot out of a floor length mirror .

" Oh thank goodness, some assistance

please? "

Me and Griffin rush over , each take one of her hands , and tug until she comes free . She stumbles right into your arms and blows her bangs out of her face with a smile.

" Opps , Shreya mistry , in your arms and at your service . Good catch , by the way " Shreya straightens up and smoothes out her hair. Shreya said " I am always having trouble with these mirrors , to be honest, I much prefer the air travel. But at least I made it . I was about five minutes away from starting my freshmen year a month late."

I asked "Why a month? ". She answered " That's when the first visitors' day is , when the wards reopen, of course. Guess Penterghast is stuck with me now. " .

Griffin said " Well welcome , I am Griffin , this is Cristi . She is a freshmen too . I was just showing her to the dining hall if you want to come with. ".

" No need , I know just where it is , I'm a legacy student. " Shreya said .

she struts out of the hall of mirrors. A short while later Griffin stops in front of a pair of ornate doors .

" Well , that ends the Griffin tour ! Sorry it was kind of rushed , I've gotta go , good luck with the rest of orientation " Griffin said.

He's already bounding away down the hall . I turn toward the giant double doors and steel myself before I push them open .As I slip into the hall , I'm momentarily overwhelmed by the high ceilings , stained glass windows , and the countless dining tables . A handful of head swivels in my direction , though the dean continues to drone on up front.

" Hey , over here ! " A guy with a megawatt smile waves me over to a nearby table , and you hurriedly slides into the seat next to him .

" Hey , you're late . I'm Zephyr , you can call me Zeph if you want ." he said. " I'm Cristina, you can call me Cristi ." . " So , Cristina , what's your attunement? " he said . " I , uh , I'm waiting for tommorow to find out for sure. Don't want to jinx it ? " I said.

He opens his mouth to respond , but is cut off by the dean loudly clearing her throat . Dean goeffe said " In conclusion, I'd like to remind you all that this is an institution of higher learning , not a playground for children . Put in work or go home ."

Around me , the students starts to rise to their feet and shuffle towards the door . The dean walks briskly off - stage .


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