The elementalist
3 Arcadia : The magical world
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The elementalist
Author :StarDiva
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3 Arcadia : The magical world


" The magical world !!! you mean magic is real ?" i said ." of course, isn't this the reason why you came here , to learn magic ? " he said .

" oh yes , of course " I said. " Oh , By the way my name is James " he said . " Glad to meet you James , my name is Christi " I said. "Come on , the new comers will have a meeting at 4 o'clock , you should be there ." he said . " But I don't know where " I said. " Come on, i will show you where all magicians of Arcadia learn magic - Arcades . " he said . James took me to a place which was like an abandoned old building, but when we entered the building, it turned into a completely different and the most beautiful building. " I think you should rest now , you've had quite a day , go and ask Mrs. Smith for you dorm number, all the people who can magic are on the arcades register " he said .

I said " okay ...but ..I.." but he have already left before i could say that I don't have magic in me . I was really tired and I really wanted rest and so i took his advise and went to Mrs Smith. "Let me guess, you are a new comer and want to know your dorm room number, right ? " Mrs Smith said ." Yes , exactly, but how did you know ? " I asked. " I have been doing this all day " she said . " Well , sorry to disturb you " I said. " Nah , it's ok , let me just check your name and dorm number in the register ,please tell me your full name . " she said. "okay... Cristi fray " I said. I was so scared that knowing that I don't have magic in me they would banish me ." Ahah , there it is , Cristi fray, dorm no. 181, okay take the keys , and don't forget to come in the new comers meeting at 4 o'clock "she said. "But" @@


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