The elementalist
2 What is happening??
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The elementalist
Author :StarDiva
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2 What is happening??

" Am I... am I dreaming again? " I reach a shaky hand toward the mirror and as the fingers touch the surface , they press into the glass ! . I try to pull back . but my hand won't come free !. My palm starts to sink into the glass , then my forearm , and before I know whole body is sucked through! . Rushing water yanks me forward , forcing me to shut my eyes against the current !. Just as I feel my lungs starting to sprain , a splash comes from my right ! a pair of arms wrap around my middle and pull me to the water's surface. I feel myself being dragged onto dry land and sputter as I wipe the water from my eyes . I try to get my bearings , taking a moment to gape around the surroundings ... " Where ..." In front of me is a picturesque collection of cozy looking buildings with steeped roofs , a manicured lawn , and an ostentatious statue out front . But as I gawk, the carved marble keeps moving around , and overhead , people fly around on a variety of objects including an ottoman, a broom , and an ornamental carpet ." This is ... this isn't real. Right? Where...." I said . " Hey , hey ! you're okay, i got you . You're a new student here , right ?" said the person who saved me ." .... I am a student. " I said questioning myself. " Great ! you missed the Hall of Mirrors by a mile , but you made it .Welcome to Penterghast College of Elemental Magicks . Since it's the first day of the new semester , we should probably get you to the dining hall for orientation. If you're feeling okay, that is . " he said . As I turned to try and get my bearings , I see a tall , haulty guy eyeing me disdainfully from nearby " I suppose I should have listened to my dad when he said the admission standards are in decline here . Didn't you read the information packet ? There are arrival protocols , you know ." A person in a suit came and said. The person who saved me said " Who are you ? Campus police? Why don't you take her to the orientation then and make yourself useful ". " Absolutely not , I am Beckett Harrington . I don't have time to show other freshmen around campus ." His lips curls into a sneer saying this . He gives me one last withering look , before he turns and stalks away . The person who saved me said " I guess it's just you and me , then . I'm Griffin " He smikes at me warmly and offers his hand . I shake it , my fingers trembling from shock , and the water cooling on my skin. " I am Cristi Fairchild and I am also confused. " i said. " here Cristi , let me help you ." I feel a change in the around him as he brings his clasped fists up to his mouth and blows through them . Suddenly.." Hey..., I'm completely dry ! " I exclaimed. " There you go , good as new, you might still wanna change though , it tends to get chilly in the evening. " he said. Griffin turns the air current on himself, shaking water off his shoes as he dries them ." Sorry if the work was a little shoddy , Air magick isn't the most natural to us Earth- atts , but professor Eugland says I'm getting it . Come on, I will take you to the orientation ." He turns and starts to walk towards the front of the school ,and I stumbles after him . " Wait .. so you're saying that magick is real ... like really really real.." I asked


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