The elementalist
1 A mystery
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The elementalist
Author :StarDiva
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1 A mystery

The wind whips around my face as I race through the barren trees , trying to put some distance between me and the creature chasing me . " Rrrraaaahhhh " the forse of the monster's roar shakes my ground beneath my feet !! I trip at the edge of a pool of black water, catching the glimpse of my scratched and muddy face in the process... I dig my fingers in the black soil , pushing the mirror I have been desperately seeking.." Just.. a little...further" when suddenly the beast crashes through the trees just behind me !! I roll onto my back as the creature thunders towards my prone body !! , out of options , I throw my hands up , and a searing energy pulses through my fingertips " yueguang trabem " , I bolt upright in my bed , clutching my chest .

That....that felt so real .My phone buzzes aggressively on the nightstand , and I look over to see that it is almost ten . My alarm has been going on for almost two hours . " Crap ! I am gonna be late for the meeting with my advisor ! " I scramble out of my bed and dash to my closet to throw something on . Once I'm dressed, I bolt out the door ... not noticing someone is watching me from inside the mirror .

I run into my advisor's office without a moment to spare and drop into the chair across from her desk . " Sorry , I overslept " I said . " You're not late , so it's ok , miss ..." she rifles through some papers on her desk, " Just Cristi is fine " . " Cristi , right, forgive me. I'm used to deal with more troubled students " . She finds the right file and slides behind her desk . As she scans the pages , she frowns . " By all accounts, you're a perfect student . It's only a couple of weeks into the quarter, but your grades and attendance are excellent . So I have got to ask , why are you here ? " ."It's hard to describe. I know I should be happy but I'm just ..not . I try so hard , but no matter what I do , It just all feels like ... I'm in a waiting room or something and no one ever calls my name " i replied . " And..... what is it that you're waiting for ?" . " I guess I am looking for a magickal world " i replied . " What ?!! " she exclaimed. " I want to live somewhere exciting where anything could happen , it's not too much to ask , is it ?" . " There are some ... original aspirations, but I can't help you live in a fantasy world , Cristi " she said . " Yeah , I know . I'm only joking . I just wish I knew what I was looking for . Whatever it is it's not this. " I said . " I know you're at a crossroads right now. And one of the directions you could go would mean dropping out of Hartfeld " she said . " It crossed my mind ....." I said . "Please don't do it . When this phase you're in ends , you don't want to discover that you've given up a chance to get a degree , do you ? " she said. " But what if you're wrong, what if it's not a phase ? " i asked. " I tell you what . Go home and think about it. Will you do that for me ? " she said. " Sure ..I guess I can ." Later on , I stand in the bathroom of my suite and look at myself sqarely in the mirror in front of me . " I know you belong somewhere . I know there's more to you than this " . Suddenly, the lights in the room flickers !! " What the hell..? " Something catches my attention out of the corner of you eye ... a glint in the mirror " huh? that's.. that looks just like my face , but .." I raise a hand to my face but when the reflection doesn't move , I freeze . " the mirror itself looks a little odd ...almost shimmery . " What ....


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