The Arcane Dimension
23 The cavalry has arrived.
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The Arcane Dimension
Author :NightshadeGreen
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23 The cavalry has arrived.

That afternoon of 15th of May I was sitting in a plane concentrating on my energy flow and I was getting a feeling as if I was missing something important but couldn't realize what. I started to get a little fidgety when Agent Hale put his hand on my shoulder and said: "Don't worry rookie you will just be watching while Agent Coulson and Agent May will handle contact with the subject and if something goes wrong we are the cavalry here to take care of everything."

"Ya that's what I thought about my 1st mission and I got shot with a blast of electricity and was blasted back 15 feet into a wall."

"Don't worry we are here to help out."

"We'll see.Thanks."

I got up to talk to Agent Coulson to talk to him about the operation. We went over the approach and the plan was pretty straightforward as Agent Hale had told me. I would remain as the backup with Agent May and follow her lead while Agent Coulson would make the approach to the target and try and resolve as peacefully as possible.

After we landed at the location, we took multiple cars loaded up with the weaponry to the location. There was a big issue here as the area was actually where the black market thrived and many of the local gangs were based here and the Bahrain military was ready to bomb the area to get rid of the problem instead of having to deal with an enhanced. So we had to be quiet and not cause a scene because if we caused a commotion in this area the military would roll in and cause wonton destruction since they didn't really care about this area with all the gangs and the black market.

After we arrived I moved to the back of the area with Agent May to block the exit to prevent the target from escaping. I saw Agent Coulson approach Eva the target and then they were talking for some time and then things went bad. Eva flipped up the table and then moved back towards the building and the gangsters around it took out their guns and picked up a little girl taking her hostage and moved back into the building. The rest of the team and Agent Coulson gathered at the SUV's and I and Agent May moved also moved in to discuss further plans with the new situation we were in. Agent Coulson told me to make a perimeter sweep with few of the other field agents. By the time I came back the Entry team had made a plan and decided to breach the building and then I waited with Agent Coulson and Agent May.

As we listened in to the team breaching in, there was complete chaos as soon as they went in and 5 minutes into the operation and the entire team that went in was completely quiet and there were no replies anymore. Agent Coulson quickly contacted back HQ, while Agent May wanted to just go in and quietly sneak into the enemy territory and get our people out and I agreed with her but Coulson as the lead Agent on the ground had to make contact first. When we did get in contact, they told us to wait for the response team that was on its way which would have been too late. Agent Coulson decided that Agent May should go in and we would hold off the Military from destroying the building. I objected and said I would be more useful in there with Agent May and Agent Coulson might have argued on that but thankfully Agent May agreed with me and so both of us left to try and get in. Agent Coulson approached the incoming Military guys to stopped them as we moved to the rear of the building to get in quietly.

As we reached near the back I saw a window that we could get in on the 2nd floor and turned towards Agent May to point it to her, she had seen it too but wasn't sure how to actually get it in. I told her to run at me and I would boost her up to the ledge. She wanted to know if I could actually push her up and then how would I get in myself. I told her to just get on with it and she ran towards me and when she put her foot on my hands, I boosted her up with all my strength and surprised her as she didn't even have to catch hold of the ledge as she landed right on it and turned back to look at me surprised. I waved her to move in so I could come in and she moved into the window checked the room to make sure it was empty and leaned back out and told me to come in. As she peeked from the side I ran to the other building on its side and leaped and caught on to the ledge and pulled myself up. Then I kicked off from it to catch the ledge of the building that Agent May was in and flipped myself into the window. Now I could tell she was impressed as this was the first time I saw her smile and then she gave me a thumbs up and we moved out. When we went out on the way we found team captain Hale just standing there and Agent May tried to talk to him but he instead attacked her when she tried to stop him and I caught him from behind and caught him by his neck and knocked him out. We then went around clearing the building room by room but the situation seemed the same as all of them attacked on being confronted and we had to knock them all out and keep moving on.

We came to a room in the basement with Eva and the little girl but they were surrounded by some of the gangsters who attacked us. I lept towards two of them on the left and tackled them to the ground and punched both of them in their heads and knocked them out. The other 3 gangsters moved towards Agent May and she attacked them. I saw Eva standing in front of the little girl, then she shouted: "Give me your pain" and started attacking me. I knew she was enhanced and tried to scan her but her extreme strength didn't come under the scan. As soon as I entered my enhanced mode I realized I had gained a boost in strength as more and more energy was being consumed by my entire body and my strength was enhanced. I decided to try it and caught her punch and it did break the bones in my arm and my hand but the surprising part was I could actually stop the punch and compete with her strength. She was actually more surprised than me and I took advantage of that and didn't let the pain bother me for the time being and punched her in her stomach with my left hand then flipped her over on the floor. Punched her head multiple times with left hand to ensure that she was knocked out.

When I got up cradling my right arm and looked back, I saw Agent May sitting on the floor some distance away from me so I went to her and asked: "Is that all of them? Should I call in Agent Coulson and let him know. She was really strong these broken bones hurt a lot more than when they are just cracked or heavily bruised" and the gave her a smile.

But before she could speak more of the gangsters came in and the little girl said: "I like the pain."

Then the little girl waved her hand one of the gangsters fell dead. Then she said: "You killed my mother and now there is so much pain. " She waved her hands again and a few more gangsters fell down dead.

"I like all their pain," she said and then her face changed and looked scared and she said: "I am scared and I want to leave. Please take my hand." She waved her hands again and few more died.

I went to Agent May and helped her stand up and she whispered to me: "she is controlling everyone by touch, stay away from her."

I nodded my head and slowly walked backward supporting Agent May towards the door but the rest of the team that we had knocked out started walking in. The little girl looked at them and Agent May said: "Leave them alone. Let them go. We can help you, we can fix this, no one will be angry at you."

The little girl kept coming closer asking us to take her hand and give her our pain. Then she looked at Agent may and said: " I need a new mother and let me take your pain". then she kept closing in as we backed off slowly.

Agent May kept telling her to stop but she didn't, then agent May reached her hand on a table on the side and picked up a gun and I was shocked. I caught her arm and asked her what she was going to do. She looked at me with a stern face and replied: "What has to be done. You are still young this is the reality of life." Then she told the girl everything was going to be alright and shot the girl in the head. I was too shocked and fell to my knees and Agent May crawled over to the little girl and cradled her in her arms. A few minutes later the army and Agent Coulson came in and I was too shocked to say anything.

As we were supported out by agent Coulson and another Army officer I heard one of the agents asking Agent Hale: "If he saw what happened and how they got rescued from the midst of those many people."

Another guy said: "There were almost 50 guys in there, they still got our entire team out"

Agent Hale replied: "The cavalry went in after all."

As Agent Coulson walked out with us told us that we helped the entire team stay alive all 20 of them survived this. But I couldn't take it anymore and fell into a dead faint as the army officer and Agent Coulson caught me.


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