Simulation 3ND
21 Double Team
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Simulation 3ND
Author :Red_Cerberus
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21 Double Team

"Your friend is here, my dear." The devious woman said as she carved a wicked smile. Her eyes pierced my own like daggers.

My heart leaped for a moment. How did they know this? Did Napoleon somehow knew I was coming here looking for Joan? No, it can't be. I never even met him. Perhaps his allies? What if they are lying? I wanted to say something but my brain was churning questions around. I was backed into a corner.

"I suggest you surrender yourself. This war belongs to us. And we will win it." The mage threatens.

But Nightshade suddenly yells at them. "Oh for hell's sake, shut up. You think that i will submit to some dumb fools who think are far superior than me? I'll carve your faces off in a bit." And she charges them with speed as she flips her knife on her hand. The mage raised his hand and summoned a shield, preventing her from slicing the mage. And suffering a blow by the lancer from behind, rocketing toward the ground.

Jason became furious and launches himself with his sword and shield toward his opponents. Alexandros studied Jason carefully on the battlefield and as I touched his shoulder, he smirked at me and said: "An uneasy alliance it is."

While Alexandros charged toward his enemies, I used my 'Scan' ability to get to know more about the enemy.

Player: Don

Level: 40

Class: Mage

According to the info, Don specializes in defensive spells. He will usually use 'Aegis shield' to protect their allies from anomalies, physical and magic attacks. To counterattack his enemies, he will use lightning spells to paralyze them.

Player: Kamilia

Level 40

Class: Lancer

With her threatening lance, she can pulverize any enemy that steps in her way. She uses 'Earth shatter' to knock down the enemy that she charges at. She has high HP and Stamina and will be difficult to beat down with just one rival fighting her.

I still don't understand my powers well, as I can't see very well their movements. But perhaps facing death itself will benefit the party. Nevertheless, I grabbed my sword and charged the enemy as I tried to formulate a plan.

"Lightning Split!" The mage Don shout as sparks of lightning carved the floor, dispersing us from the field of battle. The crackling electricity zapped a small percentage of my HP.

"Is that all?" Kamilia cackled as she charged toward Alexandros. Fortunately, he counterattacked and damaged her, inflicting pain on her HP. I shouted with cheers which he smiled for once. Jason on the other hand, helped Nightshade as she recovered.

Don prepared another round of lightning spells which Jason used a special ability of his shield that protected us from the spells. One by one, they zapped him over and over again, until Don stopped. Then, I scanned the area for Kamilia until it was too late and shouted 'Earth shatter'. The tremor was intense and we split apart from the ground as the whole castle trembled with tremendous power. Alexandros quickly took my hand and flew together the upper garden of the castle.

We were really in bad shape. Their powers were incredible agains't us. what's worse is that they don't falter when Alexandros and Jason double team up and attack. Something strange is editing on them, i can feel it.

Both Players warped toward our position with a wicked smile, mocking us from our useless attacks. I whispered Alexandros to use his special ability but he ignored me. Perhaps it was not the right time. Jason looked fatigued and I doubt he could even do something to this situation.

"Looks like we are just playing with little children. Amateurs." Kamilia swiped her sweat from her forehead.

"How dare you mock me! I am Alexandros the Great, and you will kneel before me when I bleed your guts out."

"A pity. What makes you think you have any power to defeat us? Surely you think that fighting two Masters at the same time will even make us bleed. Look at yourself. You don't have much mana to compete with us." Don smirked as he floated up as he prepared another magic.

I saw Alexandros fury growing more and more. "I am a Master. I can swipe any enemy in my way. That is the truth of the matter. You are nothing but players who are lucky holding out on our attacks."

"And how is that, Alexandros? Aren't you a man of greatness? Why don't you use your special power? Use it on us and see what happens."

My body froze as they mocked even Alexandros special power. There's no way players will even resist such holy power. I have seen it over and over. It almost defeated Jason. But still, they don't look surprised at all. they are nothing but lower level players compared to a Master. I watched a glimpse of Jason and he somehow knew something was terribly wrong about these two players.

"Alexandros," I whispered. "There's something wrong about them. I saw their abilities and there was nothing strange that will set alarms. But, they still feel confident on their own."

"These peons are nothing to me. They are weak and selfish agains't my presence. They should feel my judgement." He replied with an angry tone.

"No. Don't even think about it. We can't risk any more mistakes."

"To hell with mistakes" He shouted now, not to me. But to them. His aura power was increasing as the flow of mana crossed like a river through his body. It's too late. Stubborn fool.

I saw their faces, getting delighted at the opportunity to see their powers. Why are they so happy about it? Don't they understand that each Master has a special ability attack that could change the game's table? Are they so naive that they are going to allow that? No, they are fools to even think of that. So why? Why do they stand ceremoniously as they witness the great power of Alexandros the Great?

"Final Judgement!!!" Alexandros roared as his sword glimpsed with holy light. And as he swiped his sword like butter on the ground, the light wrapped around the castle like a supernova.

There was nothing, only the blackness of my eyes as I was recovering my vision. The wind stopped. But As I lifted my head to see, Alexandros stood on the ground, crouching and fatigued. Jason on the other hand was nowhere to be seen. Then, in front of me, was Don flowing with incredible power, like the wind flowing through his body like a mist.

"Impressive. It's just like Lord Jack said. Masters are incompetent weaklings. They do not hold much power to begin with."

"Yes. To be honest, I was scared for a moment. Thinking that perhaps these Masters hold so much mana to hold in this realm, it's a shame that their powers are sham. Lord Jack was right all along. They are like us, but overpowered and weak." Kamilia walked toward us.

I quickly blocked her with my sword, ready to fight any moment. But she laughed.

"You will still defend him, after telling you this? Let me remind you. Masters do not belong in this war. Only Players are. They are in control of this game. Masters are fake, portraying their levels at maximum to display their everlasting mana. But the truth is, they are poor vessels who want to change the world simply by gaining a crown that doesn't belong to them."

I looked at Alexandros, frustrated at the point of thinking: Did Alexandros really changed his attribute and level to portrayed something else in him? Is he really not powerful like a thought in the first place?

"I can't allow you to hurt him." I stood my ground. I'm still weak and I want to get stronger. Even though he's arrogant and selfish, I still want to grow stronger with him. Because I got no here. I'm alone in here.

"My my, I guess this kid really don't understand. Well, either way, your death will count for us, as we step even deeper to our goals. Don't worry, it will be quick."

I gritted my teeth, knowing that I was going to die again. I saw her move as the lance slowly came to my chest as my sword was ripped out apart by Don's lightning attack. The pain was excruciating as hell. It felt squeezing my breath away as Kamilia smiled at me with evil. As I fell to the ground, I was waiting to see death again and grab me back before I reset. Somehow, deep in my soul, I was angry at myself. Of being weak. Of being just a mockery. I always relied on Alexandros, of his power and grace. Because he was the Master. He held absolute power over this realm. But now, I refuse to lose. I refuse to die. I refuse to reset.

"Code Error: 20098 Reset program stopped." Those words popped anatomy head, like a maiden speaking to me in a monotone voice. But I refuse to listen to her. I refuse to reset because I'm the weak.

"Code Error" It repeated again and again and again as I grabbed my own soul tightly. I refuse to reset because the world sees me as the weak.

"Reset program stopped." The sentences continued. As the pain held me down like a pressure, I still held on. Because I refuse to reset. I refuse to let Joan get away. I refuse here and now as I shouted back into the world.

My whole body exploded into something I cannot describe. I was glowing with a strange aura power. My HP was at 1 percent. And as I looked at my hands, I knew I discovered something new within me. Kamilia was stunned as she back away from me. Alexandros was still crouched, holding his holy sword. Then, as I grabbed his hand, he looked at me with a weakened state. "Agatha...?"

"Rest, Alexandros. I'll defeat our enemies." And I grabbed his holy sword which maybe I was overthinking, because this is a holy relic. But still I held it on my hand, light as a feather. It held so much power, enough to rip the world apart.

Don waved his hand and formed a powerful electric spell. "Dynamo Blast!" My body froze in place as I moved my sword toward the spell. It instantly vanished from space. Don was shocked as I was. Kamilia reformed her stance and attacked me with her lance. My body was instructed instantly of her movements and I did, like a ballet dance dodging the numerous lunges of her attacks. Then, I slashed her lance in half and stick the pointy sword toward her durable armor as she gasped for air. Her HP was quickly zapped.

"Bastard! I'll show you my true power!" And the mage summoned numerous magic circles around me. As expected, I was going to be bombarded with numerous magic missiles. But I sprinted toward him as the circles rotated toward my position. Running into a field of mines, the garden was bombarded each time, as my body sideway each time a magic missile landed on the ground. Don, desperate to kill me, focus his entire mana on one magic circle with multiple missiles. Calculating the field, I was at 10 % of survival as there was no way of dodging, and to harness so much mana could take a while to execute. So, I stopped at my tracks and scanned Don's position. Then I let my breath away as I flip the sword toward my hand and threw it like dart. Sticking out on his chest, he spat blood from his mouth as he fell down from the sky to the green field. Since he was focusing his entire magic on one spell, he couldn't use his Aegis shield to defend himself nonetheless.

The battle was over. After killing the players, I felt something inside of me. I felt...good. It felt exciting killing them.

In front of my eyes, a display box appeared with descriptions of two items. The Soul of Kamilia and Don. The keys for the Crown of Infinity.

After smirking myself alone on the dark fields of death, I heard the groaning sound of Alexandros as I snapped completely from my stance. After retrieving his sword, I crouched toward him as he lay down on the ground. His blue eyes stared at me, waiting for me to say something stupid. But the only thing I did was to hand his sword back to him and smile.

"I did it." And he closed his eyes with a smirking smile. "Not bad, kid."
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    《Simulation 3ND》