Simulation 3ND
14 Bordeaux
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Simulation 3ND
Author :Red_Cerberus
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14 Bordeaux

The sunlight outside hit me on my eyes that blinded me for a second. Hestia was at my side, enjoying the smooth ride of Alexandros' golden chariot and watching a deer jumping around happily in the meadow. My eyes were still groggy, but I felt my body more stronger. I checked my Status condition and my HP was back full and my mana restored. I'm safe to say that I'm no longer tired or hungry.

"Glad you are awake, Alister." Alexandros turned his head and studied me. "You look much stronger now."

I yawned and flexed my arms. "Alexandros, what happened to…?"

"That is no important. What I want to know is how in the world did you know Jason's special equipment? Why didn't you tell me this?" His eyes were filled with anger and disappointment.

I didn't know how to explain it but… "I saw it in a vision…"

He raised an eyebrow. "Vision? You better explain yourself, because I don't feel you are telling the truth."

I raised my eyes and locked with his. I understand his frustration. If it wasn't for me, he will have died and so will I. This strange gift of reverse myself through time, the power to see beyond the barriers of time. There was never a manual for me to read. That is why he feels that way. Because I'm different. I'm no warrior or mage or cleric. I'm just a nobody who gained this gift of never dying. And so I explained him what I know.

He clicked his tongue. "You can see into the future using Foresight? And you return back previously before death? That's impossible."

"It's true!" Hestia yelled. "Alister saved us. He created a plan t stop the monsters from crawling under the tunnel, and he told me that Barry was going to take me hostage. If it wasn't for his quick thinking…"

I blinked. "If you don't believe me, then here's something to prove my point." I looked at Hestia and asked her what type of color she likes. Normally, I will think any kind of color, but that's beside the point. I said. 'Blue', but it was clear it was not. She answered her favorite color as 'Red'. No surprising. The next thing I did is that I asked her to show the contents of her pouch. The items were placed on the carriage: two elixir flasks, twenty gold coins, a small notebook and a pen, five magic amplifier stones and a silver key. I looked at the items carefully and memorized them. Now, I asked Alexandros to use his sword and stab me in the chest. A gamble, but I wanted him to do it

Hestia was against that, saying it was insane and dangerous. I locked eyes on Alexandros and wanted to see if he'll do it. His hands were busy riding the horses, but I know he wanted to take out that sword of his sheath.

"Very well." He blatantly said without hesitation. And he stabbed me right into the chest before I reverse back to the moment he asked me to prove that I have reset powers. Now, I asked Hestia her favorite color. I answered 'Red' and she nodded confirming it. Alexandros wasn't surprised but I quickly asked Hestia that I will mention everything that she has in her pouch. And I said every single item in order.

"I…I never showed you my pouch. You knew this by…" Hestia said with a shocked expression.

I locked eyes on Alexandros and smirked. "It's because of Alexandros. I asked him to use his sword to stab me in the chest. At first, I thought he was going to hesitate, but he didn't. So much for being your Player."

He remained silent for a moment. "I take it your silence proves you hate me for binding a contract with you. You hate me because I wasn't summoned with an adequate class that you will be satisfied. I accept that I am weak. But," I balled my fists. "I still want to prove myself. I want to become better in a fight. I'm starting to understand this gift. And I'm sorry that I couldn't predict Jason's healing golden fleece…but we have to work together if you want that crown."

Hestia asked me. "How did you gain this gift?"

I shook my head. "That's what I'm trying to figure out. When I was back in the real world, I was experiencing strange things In my lifestyle. And when that Shade invaded my school, I felt its sharp claws clawing on my neck as I witnessed first hand how I died."

"Alister," Alexandros finally said. I was bracing myself for any insults or threats. "As a Master, I consider you my partner. All I desire is the crown. I don't want to fail. My biggest mistake was to follow Agatha's advice in training you because she felt something different within you. Don't take this the wrong way. You still are weak and inexperienced. So I will allow you to continue with me on this journey for now."

Hestia smiled at me and nodded. He looked back and said. "I don't trust you as a soldier but I will trust your gift. Make it count." And for that, I breathed out with relief.

After our conversation, I formally decided to call my Class 'Reset Class' to replace the empty name in my Status screen. Both agreed the term to be used, although it is not an actually 'Class' written in this world. But for now, it will suffice.

The sunlight started to fade as I saw on the horizon a city beaming with people. Alexandros and I agreed on something. Whatever threats Barry told us before his phantom disappeared was troubling. Why did he bother to tell us to go to the Frankish Kingdom? What's in there? Is it a trap? Is it something worse? From now on, Barry is my enemy. My first target for elimination. If I have to survive in this war, then he's my target.

"We are arriving to Bordeaux, a city bordering the Frankish realm. Once we arrive, we start by looking information for any anomalies. Once we learn any clues of this hacker's location, then we attack." Alexandros blurted out his plans in the air.

I was biting my fingernails of the uncertainty of Barry's moves. If he does want to kill us, why did he bother using a phantom? He said himself that he gained immense power using hacking skills. But the question is: how did he do it? Thinking back, he said that he gained this ability from his Master. Does that mean his Master is the hacker who gave him infinite resources to level up quickly? Or is it…?

Twenty minutes passed and together we arrived at the infamous city Bordeaux. If my understanding is correct, Bordeaux is a region in France. A french city filled with commerce and trade. Thousands of merchants flocked the trade center, gaining gold and prestige as the economy rises. As I looked to the west, I saw the vast sea with ships flocking to docks and delivering the goods. It's just what Alexandros said: Casthynia is a vast realm of kingdoms. A world between worlds. Even though Casthynia is a land with different flora and fauna, there are things that identifies elements of the real world. Old history.

Bordeaux's structure and style is quite European in Casthynia. It was as if I was transported back in time. The people living here spoke french and english. The houses were styled with medieval structure. The roads were concrete and beaming with carriages. The citizens were dressed fashionably and flamboyant. Hestia jumped out of excitement as she ran and twirled around, watching the clothes on display on the glass window of one of the shops. In the blink of an eye, she went inside and bought a red beret hat. As for Alexandros, he visited one of the blacksmiths and asked to polished his golden sword. Looking around his shop, he made a pretty good job creating weapons and armors. I tapped on my menu to see the type of sword and the physical damage points and damage absorption on the shelves. One particular sword, a fine and medium black sword with white branches on the tip caught my attention. I instantly fell in love with it. But my eyes were more surprised when I saw the 500 gold price tag and I didn't have enough money. So I went to bother Alexandros for it.

"I want this sword, please. Pretty please?" I pleaded to him.

After countless pleading sessions, he sighed. "Fine."

I screamed as Alexandros payed the gold and the cold steel black sword was in my hands. I threw away my disgusting bronze sword and practice with it and felt more comfortable in terms of swing and clashing. I also gained a new black and silver amor with an increase of defense and stamina. I know it sounds weird that Alexandros didn't protest of finding another armor with gold plastered all over it, but he allowed it. Good riddance to that ridiculous armor.

Now, of all places to find information, we decided to head for any tavern we can find. We split out to buy us more time scouting for information. Once we gain a clue that could help us find Barry, we are supposed to head back into the plaza and wait. So I went into the nearby taverns, and each one I asked, they just shook their heads or rather, they don't have any information regarding him. One by one, I patiently asked each and everyone, but nothing. Until I entered into a tavern near the sea and walked in front of the table, where an old man was washing the dishes. He caught my eye as I sat down and waited for him to finish his work.

"How can I help you, Monsieur?" He said with a thick french accent. He knew I wasn't from this town.

I calmly asked. "Have you seen a man with black hair, red eyes, wearing a black monk robes?"

He scratched his chin. "Um…why would you want to know that, Monsieur?"

"Sorry. My name is Alister, and I'm an adventurer. I'm seeking this man because he's a man of interest. You know, heavy gold on his head."

He raised an eyebrow. "A bounty hunter? Interesting. Well, let me tell you something, mon ami?" He lowered his voice. "We don't speak about this in taverns. It's bad for business."

"Is this why the other taverns avoided my questions?"

"Oui. Let me clarify something. A few weeks ago, there has been a surge of murders on the city. Rumor has it that a demon dressed in black monk robes, has been lurking on the streets, killing and kidnapping citizens to God knows where. This outbreak caused our businesses to lower. So we made an agreement not to speak about it."

"I see. So, the police has done an investigation about it?"

He chuckled. "Do you really think the police will investigate a superstition? Non. However, I have seen an increase of chevaliers patrolling the city. It all happened after two days ago when the demon murdered an innocent citizen on the plaza. The chevaliers came and investigated the scene and I heard they captured a suspect."

"Was it the same man I described?"

But he shook his head. "Non. In fact, I thought that it was a man too. But, it was a woman. A woman with red hair and bright blue eyes"

My skin turned pale as he said those words. A woman with red hair and bright blue eyes. Red hair. Blue eyes. It has to be her. There's no doubt about it.

I gulped down my anxiety. "Where did the chevaliers took her?"

He started to think through. His old eyes saw something within me, as if he knew that I was familiar with her. "The Blue Chevaliers who arrived in Bordeaux always takes criminals to the Palace of Justice, where our king Napoleon resides. Monsieur, if you plan to head there, I doubt you will see her. Perhaps it's for the best. At least Bordeaux will rest from the murders…"

And I smashed my hand on the table. "She's not a murderer!" My heart started to slap my chest as I started to visualize what's going to happen to her. I refuse to believe she's a murderer. If this is part of Barry's plan, then he will pay for this. I'll make sure of it.


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