Simulation 3ND
7 War
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Simulation 3ND
Author :Red_Cerberus
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7 War

The Golden Castle shined like a beacon as Agatha lifted her hands into the skies and the throne room flashed like a lightning. I have seen this before. It was Divine Magic. When I was in the real world, I was super obsessed with playing the new MMORPG 'World of Magic and Monsters'. I remember playing as a Level 180 Mage and with my friend Joan's Level 177 Cleric, we clash together into dungeons and castles and defeated our opponents. I gained innumerable spells and abilities to burn my enemies, or summon powerful golems, in which Joan used Divine magic to heal me, enchant or expel dark creatures. But, as we traversed into the dungeon boss, the battle was difficult. The monster was a level 200 Demon that used Fire and Dark spells. My own spells dealt enough damage to drag slowly his HP, but the Demon used Blood Magic and zapped our HPs and heal it's own. But, I remember that Joan desperately surged her own Mana into her and used her final gamble: 'Divine Purge'. It was extraordinary to see as the Demon roared with agony as his physical and magic defenses were down and his HP suffered greatly. That is what Agatha used to purge Barry's Shade from the castle.

Alexandros rushed into the throne room, sweating like crazy. His face was dirty and grim from the battle. Agatha, seeing his king coming from the golden gates, she suddenly shakes and faints, but not before Alexandros grabs her gently before.

"You did quite well, Agatha. Rest." Alexandros' deep voice comforted her and she smiled as she closed her eyes from her stress from using the Divine Magic. She truly was amazing. Without her, the Shades will have overrun us.

Alexandros left with her into her room. He told me to stay outside the room until he treated her. And so I did, waiting with my arms crossed, thinking of what happened. These events are running fast like a train. I didn't expect that Barry will be involved in this war. Or rather, in this cruel game that seems all too real. How did Barry gained this so much power? How the hell did he managed to become a 'Hacker'? How does that work in this world?

I shook my head, waving my thoughts away. If Barry will come and strike us again, it will be the end of us. But right now, we have to strategize. Time itself sprinted faster as the day passed by without Alexandros coming out of her room. I wonder what's going on? I stayed there, waiting in silence.

The door groaned open in the morning as Alexandros stepped out with a calm face.

"Is she alright?" I asked.

He nodded. "She's resting. The healers are taking care of her now."

I sighed with relief. "She saved our asses. Never thought that Barry will be here in this world at all."

He raised an eyebrow. "You know this Player?"

I nodded. I explained him everything about Barry.

"So, he's your enemy in the real world?"

I sighed. "More like my nemesis. He's been around tormenting my life."

He crossed his arms. "And why haven't you dueled him? An honorary duel to kill your rival?"

I opened my eyes in shock at the words. "What are you talking about? That's murder! I can't do that. That's human indecency."

He snorted. "To become a conqueror, one must eliminate any threats that will harm your campaign. There will be rivals who will challenge your might and take away everything you have. That is the way of a Conqueror."

He sounded proud of his achievements. I don't doubt his words, but still…The thought gives me goosebumps. I wonder if Joan ever thought of killing Barry and his minions at school? She always looked at them with murderous intentions.

"So, how do we deal with Barry? We need to strategize our next action."

"It's simple," Alexandros smirked as he takes out his sword. "Kill the Master. He or she is the source of his powers. If the Master dies, the Player will be disqualified."

"Right…How?" I said sarcastically.

"I will lead the charge, overwhelming the Master and stab him with my golden sword. All we have to do is to draw him/her out and make our surprise attack."

"That sounds dangerous." I sighed.

He sheathed his sword and balled his fists into the sky. "Danger is nothing to me on the battlefield. You will need to learn how to become a warrior in my army, Alister. Let alone to a grand conqueror such as myself."

I snorted. "Thanks for the advice, Your majesty."

After we have our little briefing, the castle suddenly shook as the sound of a bell tolled. The metallic sound vibrated the halls and Alexandros turned into seriousness. I swallowed as fear gripped my body. It was time.

"Prepare my chariot. It's time we head for war. The Crown awaits." Alexandros ordered his guards with sufficient pride that they obeyed.

The feeling that the game changed into a more dramatic moment quickened my heart. Looking at my Status, I gained a level after killing that Shade back then. I made a panel which displayed my stats.

Alister Maximus

Age 17

Class type: Resetter

Level 4

HP 600/600

Mana: 180/180

Stamina 225/225

Strength[STR]: 20-22

Wisdom[WDM]: 18-21

Luck[LCK]: 2-3

Endurance[END]: 23-25

Faith[FTH]: 0

The only magic I have at my disposal is 'Slow Magic' which is the only thing I can cast. After I read the books on the library, I learned that in order to learn new magic skills or physical skills, one must learn how to read the books depending on your level. If you read them, you automatically learned the skill quickly. Books of these types can only be found in shops, dungeons or libraries with the correspondent level to learn. But, since I'm at a low level, reading these kinds of books will prove fruitless.

Since the bell tolled, the Golden Castle is no longer a Safe Zone. Soon, it could become a battle field in search for Alexandros and his Player. Which is dangerous for me to stay here. Alexandros ordered his fable Golden Knights to protect the castle at any costs. These knights are powered by Alexandros' large mana pool which in turn gives them huge power boosts. As for me, the captain of the barracks gave me an astute golden armor which fitted with my level and weight. The captain gave me a bronze sword, a rather cheap item for my equipment, until I get better in time. Such is the way of the rules of this world.

Before preparations, Alexandros was called by the guards that Agatha woke up from her faint, and he went there silently. Whatever they talked, it was beyond me. So I focused on other duties…like staying at the library until he comes out battle ready.

The Castle courtyard was noisier, with guards patrolling and mounting defenses. But the golden chariot, a magnificent transportation, shined the courtyard with splendor. Most of the female servants were charmed by the chariot and by their handsome king. Which reminds me of Hercules somehow. Finally, after spending a huge amount of time in Agatha's room, he came out much more pumped. His graceful white cape flowed into the wind as he mounted himself. His golden armor shined like the sun. His golden sword, sharp and deadly, glinted with hunger. What's funny about me is that no one looked at me or cheered me or even gave me a kiss. It's just the same when I try to flirt women but rather they focus on handsome jocks rather than me.

As I mounted myself, Alexandros brushed his hair and sighed. "Just before you step into my chariot, I suggest you clean your feet. I don't want it dirtied, understand?"


Then he began to talk more gracefully. "Today is the day I will bring glory to Greece. Glory to my conquest. Today, I will have the Crown. Watch me Gods, as I will smite my sword to the cords of fate and free myself from superstition. Alister, as my comrade and vassal, you and I we will fight and win this war. There is no turning back now. Glory to Greece!" He said as he lifted his arm up and down. Cheers from the crowd lifted their fists into the air, chanting his name and his country. I never thought I will say this, but I'm rather pumped and ready for action.

So I touched his shoulder. "So, where are we going exactly?"

He turned his head on the horizon. "We are heading to Oceana. Agatha informed me that a player has been detected there. It's time we set our way into battle." And he took out his sword. "Charge!!!" And the horses whined and gracefully galloped into the meadow, heading out into a war where I don't know exactly if I'll survive. Joan, wait for me…
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    《Simulation 3ND》