Simulation 3ND
3 Training Field
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Simulation 3ND
Author :Red_Cerberus
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3 Training Field

Everything that is happening in this world has similar attributes for a video game. For example, I can see my 'Status' with my different attributes. My HP, Mana and Stamina are crappy as hell. The Golden Castle of Alexandros is basically a 'Safe Zone', if you will. Some days ago, I decided to test this world more closer. Through the woods, I could see several wild animals near by. Using myself as bait, they tracked me and their 'name tags' turned red, meaning that they were enemies. They chased me up the hill through the castle gates, and after entering the castle gates, the wild animals stopped while standing three feet away. It was a close call, but now I know that the castle is basically safe from enemy outsiders. More over, the 'Safe Zone' guards me from 'Players'.

It's been 2 days since I arrived in this world. Alexandros gave me free reign to explore and do whatever I want inside the castle, so I decided to journey myself in search for knowledge. The castle library was an extensive site of logs and books, related to this strange world: Casthynia. Overall, in order to progress, experience points must be gathered to level up. Obviously. According to a certain book from a peculiar author named 'Mr. Attribute Guru', the monsters in this world can be slapped to gain EXP. Experience Points are the essence of their souls, and one can level up by gaining a certain amount of EXP. Just like in any kind of role-playing games.

The librarian, a sweet woman with elegant clothes, gave me more books to digest, ordered by the king. None of these books can tell me about Class Resetter or even the history of the War of the Crown. But, another book of the same author gave me a clear mind of the attributes of a Player. It is divided as follows:

HP: Hit Points. That is my health, the essence of life. You'll know what will happen if you go to 0.

Mana: That is my magic. Although I doubt I will use it much because I'm no Mage Class.

Stamina: Well, the name said it clearly. If it goes down, I will get tired and gain fatigue.

Wisdom: That is the core representation of magic. If i have it super high, I can cast powerful spells and deal huge damage.

Luck: For those players who like to have luck on loot. Especially gold and cool equipment weapons. Never used it when I was playing role-playing games.

Endurance: This stat boosts my defenses, and can calculate and lower the damages I will receive from an opponent. If i want to survive in this world, this will help me.

Faith: Unfortunately I'm no Cleric Class, which means I won't be using Miracles to heal people. If you got it high, you can cast powerful Miracles which will help greatly to a powerful teammate.

Strength: Finally, this stat increases my strength in battle. If I focus more on this, I can wield cool swords and shields, wear good armor and deal a whopping damage to my enemies. I'll keep that in mind.

Reading through these books drained me and I decided to return back to the main hall of the castle, where Alexandros was waiting for me at the evening time. He forced me to get changed into his golden breastplate and pants, ready for battle. We were going to train for the first time.

"So, are you ready to train, Alister?" He said enthusiastically.

I remained there, looking at him for three seconds, then I nodded. "Yeah...I'm ready."

"May I remind you that time is of the essence? Let us be off to the Dark Forest. There, I will teach you some skills for survival." Alexandros waved a few guards to escort us outside and a golden chariot was outside with two dazzling horses in golden armor. Jeez, how much gold do you need to have for me to know you are a powerful king?

"My lord, please be careful." Agatha yelled at the castle entrance, waving at us. Alexandros waved back. She smiled and retreated back with a dazzling dance. I wonder what kind of history Agatha and Alexandros have with each other?

The chariot rides deep into the woods. The forest was vast with greenish fields and tall trees. Sunlight pierced through the beautiful leaves. Amazingly, this world was pretty and relaxing.

"So, where are we going?" I asked.

"In a place where there will be peace for us to train. Trust me, it will be worth it."

While the chariot ride into the center of the forest, i was surprised how peaceful it was. Setting on the boundaries of the 'Safe Zone', the chariot rode through the thick grass. A giant waterfall fell gracefully into the clear lake. Birds were singing lullaby tunes. The green grass was peaceful. It was a fine place to relax.

We dismounted. Alexandros walked into the center of the grass field and took out his sword. His eyes studied me. There's one particular problem. I don't have a sword to defend myself. And his expression knew exactly what I was thinking.

"Well then, are you ready now?" Alexandros said as he flexes his arms and legs.

"Do you have a sword to spare?" I said nervously.

He smirked. "You do not need one, right now. You yourself are the weapon. You just have to find it."

"But-" But he lunged at me and I screamed. His fancy sword almost cut me. My body reacted to run away from the forest from him, the maniac. He's trying to kill me. I thought this was for training exercises.

But I heard loud footing coming from behind me, and I knew he was running to get me.I felt his sword clawing at my back. I turned my head and he was like a wolf, pouncing to get his prey. Then, with fear on my throat i said: "Wait!" but it was too late or he didn't care. He plunged his sword to my chest so fiercely that i felt the most agonizing pain ever. But as I fell to the floor, I blinked my eyes and saw him again, on the center of the forest flexing his arms and legs. Again, I felt that I have seen it.

"Well then, are you ready?" He repeated again his sentence.

Just as he was about to lunge at me, I concluded that in order to beat him, my abilities must be put to the test. And so, as I dodged him, I took out my courage and punched him in his face. His expression changed to cocky.

"Not bad. But not good enough." And the sword was plunged into my heart again. The cycle continues as Alexandros lunged at me and using my instinct, I dodged him. I punched him again and, as I predicted he will, slashed his sword on me. But knowing these moves, I knew how his moves will develop each time I 'reset'. Each time i fail, I renew myself and act accordingly on the situation.

Alexandros continue fighting, and eventually I will fail to stop him. Looking at my Status, i learned that in the Magic panel, there is a single spell that i could use from my abilities. 'Slow Time'. It was a cheap spell, but it was useful in this situation. If I think about it, then...

Alexandros yelled with confidence. "It's over!" And then, his body slowed down. I breathed out as I saw the incredible feel of me being in control of the battle. I smirked as I gleefully took his sword and posed the point of the sword into his throat as the spell waned. He stopped in his tracks as he smirked at me, submitting to defeat.

"Congratulations, Alister. You win."

"You were testing me, didn't you? Wanted me to use my ability." I said as I breathed in.

"Correct. Alister, you are not the first on this war that holds a special ability like that. There were many before you, and many learned their powers forcefully. I wanted you to see that, so that you can practice it and gain full confidence on the battles to come."

Alexandros sheaths his sword. "But, you must gain EXP to learn more of your powers. It's the only way you could survive in this world. I will see to it that you hunt monsters on the Dark Forest."

How can i do that? How can I be like him? After all, I'm just a guy trapped in a world without any knowledge of battles. Only in video games can I conquer the world. But this, this is real.

"Alexandros, why do you desire the crown? What's so special about it? Have you seen it before? What will happen if you place the crown on your head?"

His face darkened a little. "That's none of your concern..." And he bolted away from the forest into the chariot. "You shall continue gaining EXP tomorrow. Soon, the war will begin. You must be ready."

His attitude suddenly changed. More like an angry man who wants results quick. Why so hesitant? Does Alexander the Great the most powerful conqueror in the world? Why do you need me in this war? That question...I kept it on myself while the chariot bolted into the deep forest, back to the lonely golden castle.
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    《Simulation 3ND》