Simulation 3ND
2 Casthynia
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Simulation 3ND
Author :Red_Cerberus
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2 Casthynia

My eyes flickered open to a blurry image before me. I was on a cold floor, dazzled with golden colors. I was in a giant castle, it seems. The castle walls were painted gold and shimmered with the sunlight outside. It was grand and marvelous that I was amazed by the intricate details of the castle. But suddenly, I hear a strong voice behind me.

"You are finally awake, Player." I looked behind me and saw the tallest man in the world. He was seven foot high. He has golden hair with icy hazel eyes, and a pointy nose. His body was muscular like a bodybuilder. His golden armor glimmered on the sunlight. His features were like of a god, and a beacon to attract women.

"Who the hell are you?" I asked with a croaked voice.

There was a lady beside him toward the throne room. She was wearing a classic maid uniform. She appears to be slightly mad at me. "Show some respect to His Highness, boy." Her red eyes burned with fury.

"He's our guest, Agatha. Please, remain calm." the golden man said. His eyes turned on me. "Rise, Alister. And approach."

I gulped. I was confused. Where am I? How did I end up here? How the hell does he know my name? And where is Joan? And everybody? I approached the man as he requested to hear him out.

"Welcome, Player, to Casthynia. I have been waiting for you." the golden man smiled at me. I blinked with confusion.

He chuckled. "I understand your confusion, Alister. My name is Alexandros, and I am king of this castle. Although, I ruled and conquer most of the world, I have become a mere shell of my former self."

"Wait...Alexandros? Like Alexander the Great?" I asked curiously.

"Is that what they called me? Interesting." He felt amused after saying that. "Yes. I am indeed Alexander. The one who defeated the Persian empire and spread my glory throughout the Middle East. But those days are long lost in the history of mankind."

I looked up to his head and indeed his name was Alexandros. His age is unknown. His occupation was: Conqueror/King and his level was a jaw dropping 8000. It was clear that I shouldn't mess with him at all or he will smash me on the spot.

I approached him. "How did I get here? I...was with my friend on school and...something happened. I don't remember much."

"You were summoned to the War of the Crown. A battle royale to claim the Crown of Infinity. You were summoned to take part of this war. I will be your 'Master' during the course of the battle."

"My Master?" I raised an eyebrow.

"Yes. I can see that you are new to this world. And that you are not a soldier. I intend to train you, to help you gain experience so that you can battle others who are summoned in this plane. As a Master, I am inclined to give you certain abilities for you to use, however," He scratches his head. "You are a rookie in the arts of war. Thus, I will train you most efficiently as possible so that we may win the war."

I got nervous now. "Wait. Sorry, but I don't want to kill nobody. I'm not a soldier. And I do not have abilities to use on the battlefield. All I want is to get out of here and return home."

Alexandros shook his head. "I'm afraid that isn't an option. You are here, you cannot return home unless the war ends. That is the rules of this battle royale. The War of the Crown has occurred thousands of years and no one can escape it. Only a winner can end the battle royale. Only the one who gain access to the Heaven's Castle can claim victory."

I clicked my tongue. "...Fine. So, what should I do? I do not have the experience on the battlefield."

He got up from his throne. "Alister, you might think that you don't have any abilities on your own, but you are mistaken. You see, there were outsiders from different realms who have come to participate the battle royale and they didn't exhibit any gifts t be used. And yet, they discovered it a few minutes after they came here." He stood closer to me and gazed at me. "I will show you how. I will show you your true nature."

Alexandros instructed me to hold my hand in the air and focus. As i breathed out from the nervousness and this sudden rush, I let it out from my lungs. After that, I detected something floating in the air. There was a word on it: STATUS. Alexandros knew that i saw it and encouraged me to tap it. The STATUS showed me a brief information of me.

Alister Maximus

Age 17

Class type: Resetter

Level 1

HP 500/500

Mana: 150/150

Stamina 200/200

"What is a Resetter?" I asked Alexandros. But Agatha, the maid, answered.

"A Resetter is a special type of class. It can have the ability to reset time or manipulate certain amount of time. It's a rare type of class but very powerful. Not many players that have visited Casthynia has ever gained this type of class."

So that means...that back then I accidentally used that power to reset time? After that monster almost killed me? This do i use it?

"You have a very powerful ability, Alister, who you can use to your advantage in battle. This war will be perilous but I'm sure that you will prevail and win us that crown." Alexandros said with a glinting smile as Agatha bowed.

"So, what is this Crown anyway? What's so special about it?" I asked.

Alexandros sat on his golden throne. "I'm glad you asked, Alister. The Crown of Infinity can be used to grant the wearer the power to create or destroy the world. You see, Casthynia is a plain based on different types of scenarios. Ruins of lost history. A world between worlds. There might be people like me who are participating on this game. The goal is to win the crown and create a new world where I can renew my dream of becoming the king of the world. A most ambitious one, if you ask me. But I desire to rule for the rest of my life as i failed one time. That is the power of the monarch. And I intend to seek it."

Somehow, I saw a lie within him. I was silent for a moment but I asked him. "So, when this war will begin? And how many players will participate?"

Agatha walked to the right side of the king. Her face was expressionless. "In this war, there will be twelve participants. Each with their own Masters, they will seek out their opponents and used their abilities to crush them. Each participant has a type of class, given when the summoning started. Unfortunately, we do not have details of what type of classes will be present on the war. But, there is no doubt that new classes will appear unexpectedly, and you must be prepared."

She continued. "The Player's role is to be the sword on the battlefield and protect the Master. If the 'Player' loses the battle, the Master will be disqualified. In other words, the Master will disappear from this world. If the Master is defeated, the Player will be disqualified too."

I turned my head to the grand window of the throne room. "So, do i have any choice to resign?"

Then he stared at me. Agatha started to get annoyed. "No. You and I, we are partners in this war. There is no alternative. You have to accept the fact that if you don't accept this, there will be no way out. You can't go back to your world. Unless you help me win the crown."

I didn't have no choice to accept. It was clear that I was the one on the losing side. A wretched puppet to be used for his cause. If i refuse, then there was nothing. No path for me to find clues to leave this world. If I die, then I die. nothing to be gained. The question is: why me? Can he do it for himself? I mean, he has far more power than me. I am nothing. A noobie. A nobody. But i decided to play his game. I will survive in this world and when i do, I will find Joan and get out of this world and wake up.

"Agreed, Alexandros. I will be your warrior, then."

Then he smiled. "Good. Then, it's time to begin."
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    《Simulation 3ND》