Shocking Venomous Consort: Frivolous Miss
189 The Fifth Princess who Rolled Over
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Shocking Venomous Consort: Frivolous Miss
Author :White Day
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189 The Fifth Princess who Rolled Over

"Quickly move aside! It's Fifth Princess."

"What's wrong with Fifth Princess today? Hasn't it been a long while since she stopped galloping through the streets like this?"

"Who knows? Quickly, move aside. If you want to keep your life, then move."

Eh? Ling Chuxi heard these words and slowly turned around. She found herself looking at the fifth princess on a horse, galloping towards her at full speed. Ling Chuxi felt her teeth hurt just by watching the fifth princess' aggressive stance.

Without bothering to dodge nor avoid the fifth princess, Ling Chuxi remained standing in the middle of the road. Some people called out to her in surprise.

"Lady, be careful!"

Some people even thought that they should save the damsel in distress in the middle of the road and got ready to go and save Ling Chuxi. After all, nobody was willing to let such a beautiful young maiden die beneath the hooves of a horse. However, what happened next left them all shell-shocked.

The young maiden stood calmly in the middle of the road as the fifth princess galloped over on her horse. But the moment the fifth princess saw the young maiden, she yelped and desperately pulled on the reigns before rolling off her horse.

Everyone on site had the same thought—this was the end of it all! That young maiden had just caused the fifth princess to roll off her horse. The fifth princess would definitely not let it go just like that! What were they to do?

However, nobody could ever imagine that after the fifth princess crawled back up, she suddenly rushed toward the young maiden and hugged her fiercely without even caring about her own face and hair being covered in dirt and dust. This scene left the crowd staring with widened eyes and mouths hanging agape. What was going on?

"Master, I missed you to death. You finally came. I wanted to look for you, but Imperial Father and Consort Mother refused to let me do so." The fifth princess started crying whilst hugging Ling Chuxi. "Master, you don't even know that I have been waiting at the city gates every day since I heard that you were coming."

"You were riding a horse on the streets just now." Ling Chuxi did not move but stared at the fifth princess coldly as she slowly spat out this sentence. Riding a horse on the streets… If the fifth princess broke things, that was a small matter, but what if she hurt someone?

"Master, I, I—I knew you had arrived, so can't this be counted as me rushing over to see you in a moment of excitement?" justified the fifth princess as she smiled awkwardly. "It's true! If you don't believe me, you can ask others. Ever since I returned from White Stone City, I haven't abused my authority to bully people. Really, really!"

When Ling Chuxi heard what the fifth princess said and recalled what those people were discussing earlier on, she knew that the fifth princess was not lying.

"This is the last time," said Ling Chuxi while pointing at the handsome stallion standing behind the fifth princess. Her voice was very soft, but it carried a solemnness that left one feeling fearful.

"Yes!" chirped the fifth princess. She saw that Ling Chuxi had forgiven her and happily leapt up. "Master, let's go. I'll bring you all over to eat good food. We'll go to Thousand Storey Restaurant."

"Ah, that's right. How did you know that I arrived in the capital today?" asked Ling Chuxi hesitantly.

"Hehehe," chuckled the fifth princess before smiling and announcing proudly, "I bought the news from Feng Yan Union."

"Feng Yan Union?" asked Ling Chuxi, stunned. What kind of organization was this?

"Feng Yan Union is a huge organization that sells information. As long as you are able to pay the price they ask, they are able to sell you any kind of information. And they only sell information," said Fu Chengyu in a serious tone as he walked over to them with a pack of meat jerky.

"Ninth brother? Why are you here?" asked the fifth princess in surprise when she saw Fu Chengyu.

"Why? Are you the only one allowed to be here or is it that I am not allowed to return?" asked Fu Chengyu with a smile, but his smile was distant. In the royal family, there were no siblings who had close relationships with each other. Although Fu Chengyu and the fifth princess had blood relations, they were not close to each other.

The fifth princess laughed and then smiled awkwardly, "That's not the case." She looked at Ling Chuxi and perked up again. "Master, we can attend the same academy again."

Yet, all Ling Chuxi was thinking about was the Feng Yan Union that the fifth princess had mentioned earlier on.


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