Shaman king a new yoh asakura
10 Hospital and training
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Shaman king a new yoh asakura
Author :melody17995
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10 Hospital and training

Kimo waited for yoh to wake up, he was sitting next to him in the hospital room.

His face was showing a worried expression, what did happend to him and who did that yoh. Maybe it was that Hao, I never liked him a second that he is that close to Yoh.

A young girl with medium length blonde hair, with a red bandana on her head.

She was wearing a short blue mini dress, she wore on her neck a necklace.

She stood before the house of Yoh but nobody was home.

" come forth spirit" the girl said.

A ghost appeared before her,

" track him for me" the girl said to the ghost, she handed him yohs his shirt.

The ghost smelled the human scent. The ghost floated to the air making his way to the hospital. The girl was walking behind him.

" huhmm a hospital. He is still too weak. I really do have to train him otherwise my dream to becoming shaman queen will be gone" the young girl said.

Yoh became to wake up in the room of the hospital.

He saw Kimo sitting next to him.

" hey Kimo, got a hell of a ride didn't I" yoh said amused.

" I been worried about you yoh, you are not alone going for a walk, we will go together" Kimo said worried how yoh was responding to this.

" A next time will not be happening, because my dear Yoh will train by my rules" the young girl said. She come in the room following behind the ghost.

" Anna what are you doing here, didn't you wait for the second round to come to me" Yoh said to the young girl with the name Anna.

" if I waited till then, than you would not even make it till the second round, you slack to much yoh, I will put you under my training, so that you will filfull your promise to me and become the shaman king" Anna said.

" ooo wait a minute who the hell do you think you are speaking to my brother Yoh like that" Kimo asked.

" I am his fiance and you will also train with yoh, to make you both stronger and your teamwork" Anna answered.

" Anna, I am a little hurt and my legs need a day of rest maybe tommorow, we do your training" yoh said.

" No, you are fine most of your wounds already healed, you will begin right this moment by getting your lazy ass of that bed" anna said angry, she walked to yoh and graped him by the arm. She made him sitting with a pained expression on his face.

" You witch be a little carefull you can kill yoh with that, are you really his fiance or the witch of the north" Kimo screamed.

" Anna could you please be a little nicer, my body still hurts, and Kimo she is really my fiance her name is Anna kyoyama" yoh said.

" That's right and soon to be Anna Asakura" Anna said to Kimo

" Yoh why don't we leave her here alone, I don't like her" Kimo said.

" I can seal you away spirit away, I am a itako, I can seal and summon spirits, so don't you make me angry at you" Anna said, she pointed with her fingers to Kimo.

Who was looking not happy at her.

" Enough both of you" Yoh said.

" Alright Yoh, I will try to stop if she does that too" Kimo said.

" You both listen up, we are going back to the house you live here in Tokyo, and than you both will be trained" Anna said.

" what makes you think that I will listen to you, yoh why don't you choice another fiance" Kimo said.

Anna looked at Kimo with a angry expression.

" please stop both, Kimo we will listen to Anna she just want to help us, isn't that right Anna" Yoh asked.

Anna nodded looking at Yoh, with her amber eyes.

The nurse checked Yoh and advice to get a lot of rest the following days to do.

After that they left the hospital, Kimo and Anna were both talking bad of each other.

Yoh walked in the middle smiling at the disscus of the two people that meant much to him.

Back Yoh's home:

Anna orded both yoh and Kimo to started with there training tommorow.

Horroro also came by, and Anna used him to make dinner for all of them.

" Yohhh help meee, Kimmooo help I don't have any energy left" hororro said crying, he had cooked, washed the dishes, cleaned the kitchen.

" I want you to stop complaining and take the garbage outside in the trash can, and than you can clean the living room, and bathroom" Anna orded horrorr.

" YOH, KIMO" horroro screamed.

Yoh was upstairs he was laying on the bed.

He trained his seeing eyes, he breathed in and out. The color of his eye change in a white color. He could see his own energy.

It succed he could control it and it did not go out.

He smiled. He trained the five elements in his mind. He was trying to picture the water appearing in his hand, and controlling it futher and futher.

Water appeared in his hand, he tried to make it bigger and bigger. His whole room was in water.

He could breath in this water, he breathed in and out.

He focused on breaking thougth to the next stage of the five elements.

He focussed and breakthougth to water master.

His aura became stronger and the water in his room was handeled by him much easier than before.

Yoh had a smile on his face, I am happy Anna is here, I know she will help me, yoh thougth.

Yoh closed his eyes and he did go to the world of dreams.

Next day:

On six a clock at yoh's home, Anna shaked up Yoh, she was ordering him to get up and prepare for the training.

She waked up Kimo and Horroro also, both of them had a tired face, they were yawning.

Yoh had on his body weigth of thirty ponds, he was running outside, he was sweating a lot, but in his mind he keep on pushing to run.

Kimo was back home with Anna, she was cutting the vegatbles with Kimo's help in sprit sword. She was already two hours busy, Kimo cursed here the whole time in his self.

She orded him also to transform as a vacuum cleaner and asked him to transform in a dishcleaner.

Kimo didn't understand the meaning of Anna.

What is she training me for, she is just making use of me for the household, Kimo thougth.

Anna smiled at Kimo, she was done cutting the vegatbles, she did know that Kimo was talking bad about here but she didn't care.

This was important for Yoh, she was training the stamina of Kimo to transfrom and look how long he could keep it up.

She saw that Kimo could keep his transform for two hours than he would be tired and transformed back in spirit or human form.

She was happy for yoh, that he had a strong spirit and she could see that Kimo cared a lot about Yoh.

" I am done outside Anna, the garden is clean of weeds" Horroro said, he came back in the kitchen.

" Good, you and Kimo can bring Yoh back of running than we will eat" Anna said.

They nodded at her and flet the house looking for Yoh.

Yoh was still running outside, he couldn't felt his muscles anymore, he hoped that Anna would pick him up soon.

The weights were too much, is Anna really human, she can possibly think I can do this everyday, it is a torture, Yoh thougth.

" Yoh, Yohh" Horroro screamed, he was running to Yoh, Kimo was in spirit form floating behind him.

" Guys, did Anna send you?" Yoh asked.

" Yes the witch ordered us to get you" Kimo said.

"Yoh when will she leaves, my sister isn't even that harsh" Horroro said, with a scared voice, he thougth that living at Yohs place was heavens but with Anna it felt like hell.

" She will not leave Horroro, she is my fiance and will support me till the end of the tournament, that means she will stay at my side, and will train me" Yoh said.

" Noo you can't mean that Yoh" Horroro screamed afraid.

" He is right, we have to deal with her" Kimo said, they walked back to Yoh's home.

Anna was done with the lunch, the guys looked hungry at all the food, they were eating like hungry animals.

" You all shouldn't eat too much, because I have more training for you all today" Anna said, looking at the guys.

" WHAT!! MORE TRAININGG!! DO YOU WANT US DEAD!! " Yoh, Horroro and Kimo screamed at Anna.

Byebye. :)

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