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Shaman king a new yoh asakura
Author :melody17995
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9 Who are you?

Yoh and Kimo returned back in the evening to Yoh's home.

" I had a great time again with my river, and Yoh did you also had a good time with your family?" Kimo asked Yoh, who was already making his way upstairs.

" yeah I did Kimo, but they had so much too talk about, that's why I am now a little tired" yoh lied to Kimo, he wanted to read the book further, but he didn't want Kimo to know about it.

" Alright yoh, sleep well" Kimo said goodnight to Yoh, and was making his way to the living room.

Yoh was already in his room, he took the book outside of his clothes, he had hided away when he readed the note.

He opened the book with the name chō-Senjiryakketsu,

" For all my followers and descendants  I  Hao asakura wrote this book,

this book has me experients with the skills I have used, and some I didn't fully mastered yet"

Yoh stopped with reading, Hao Asakura, was that the same name he used in this life, but why do we look alike.

Yoh had already find out when the shikigamies told the name, he know that the same Hao had already reincarnated, they met and he joined there high school, a men who was already thousand years old, and with so much wisedom.

He could when he did a quick look at the book, he saw that Hao was a genisius.

He knew that Hao had joined because of him, and he told Hao already so much, but I have to be carefull, I still will talk with him, I have to find out his real strength.

Yoh decided, he saw in the book two skills that were of use to him:

SKILL: Seener eyes:

let you see the opponent power energy, has six fases,

White: see the energy on yourself

yellow: see the energy on yourself and the animals.

blue: see the enery yourself, animals and the nature.

Red: see the energy yourself, animals, nature and humans.

Brown: see the energy yourself, animals,  nature, humans and shamans.

Black: see the enerygy of every living and dead being.

But be carefull when using this skill on a opponent who also mastered this skill, the opponent will sense the skill be used of him, so he can protect it self of it.

SKILL: Five elements of creation

Make you in control of the five elements of creation has nineteen fases:

1. Water apprentice

2. Water controlling

3. Water master

4. Earth and water apprentice

5. Earth and water controlling

6. Earth and water master

7. Wind, earth and water apprentice

8. Wind, earth and water controlling

9. Wind, earth and water master

10. Fire, wind, earth and water appprentice

11. Fire, wind, earth and water controlling

12. Fire, wind, earth and water master

13. Thunder, fire, wind, earth and water apprentice

14. Thunder, fire, wind, earth and water contolling

15. Thunder, fire, wind, earth and water master

16. Five elements fusing apprentice

17. Five elements fusing controlling

18. Five elements fusing master

19. Five elements fusing grandmaster

He closed the book, it was already night, got to have some sleep yoh thougth.

His eyes closed and he was leaving to the world of dreams and nightmares.

Next day:

The morning arrived it was already the seventh day of the shaman tournament.

The patch had already seen all the first fight of the second round, the time came for the second fight.

" make your preparations for the second fight of all the shamans" Goldva said to the other patch.

" But Goldva do we also let that devil Hao ruin the shaman tournament again, we can't let him match with a other shaman, it will be like giving a death sentence to that shaman" Silva said to Goldva.

" it is the will of the great spirits, we don't question it Silva, do what has been told, and all of you let the second fights begin" Goldva orded.

The path kneeled and next were one by one leaving.

At yoh's home:

Yoh awoke early in the morning, he trained his seener eyes,

He sighed deeply and focussed on his on body. He was looking at it but no energy apppeared.

But he didn't give up, he sighed in and out, his eyes were beginning to change to a white color, his view ons his body changed, he saw little bit of energys on his body.

He tried harder to see more of his energy. But the connected stopped, his eyes changed back, and sweat was on his face.

That was harder than I first thougth, but enough for this morning have to go run outside, yoh thougth.

Yoh hide the book in his clothes, he wasn't leaving it behind.

Yoh ran outside, he saw the sun already up.

He ran and ran, when he saw the shop, he did get in he brougth food and thrinks for him and Kimo.

He was running back to his home, but he stopped suddenly.

He felt been watched, he looked around but saw not a person.

Did I imagine it, yoh thougth.

" Bang" somebody attacked him in the back, yoh floated on landed on his face at the ground.

" you really are weak, and I thougth it will be a fight" a young boy said, he had a spike on his dark purple hair, it added up his length, he was a bit shorter than yoh. He wore a kungfu outfit, and was holding a spear.

Yoh tried to stood up, but he had still pain from the shikigamies from yesterday attacking him and now a back attack.

" who are you, we aren't opponent in the second fight, why would you attack me" yoh shoated at the young boy, but talking was also painfull.

" that doesn't matter, today I Ren Tao have come to claime your life, beg all you want" the young boy with the name Ren Tao told yoh with a smirk on his face.

" Bason, attack" Ren Tao shouted, he attacked Yoh with his spear.

He came very fast Yoh didn't had enough time to summons his shikigaimes, he tried his new skill five elements creation, he had already mastered till the water controlling.

" Water controlling" Yoh screamed, a wall of water blocked the attack of Ren, but he was making another attack.

" Bason, two golden spear attack" Ren screamed, the water couldn't stop this attack, and Yoh got the full hit.

He was breathing heavly, he was wounded and blood was dripping on it.

Yoh couldn't keep on standing, he felt unconscious on the ground.

Ren was orded to uterly defeat Yoh, but he wanted to kill him.

He orded his guardian ghost to attack for the kill.

" Bason again golden spear attack" Ren screamed, he hated that his master was always looking and talking about Yoh, that is why he came to kill him.

Ren met his master four years ago, he was always training for the tournament.

He wanted to show his family that he was strong enough.

He also thougth he was strong no shamans could defeat him.

When he defeated the shaman, than he would kill them.

Before his master came, he had killed a shaman and wanted to leave for his home again untill.

" your dreams is to participate in the shaman tournament, but with this strength only you will lose" a young men said, with long brown hair and a white poncho.

Ren turned around, a shaman disrespecting him, that shaman was dead.

Ren orded his guardian ghost Bason to attack the young boy.

" I am strong enough to beat you, Bason bronze spear attack" Ren screamed, his spear was closing by on the young boy, it almost hit the young boy but his white poncho flew.

Ren his spear was destroyed, nothing was left behind.

Ren looked at his hands, did that boy summoned his guardian ghost I didn't see a thing of it, Ren thougth.

" I can help you get stronger Ren Tao, I have heard a lot about you, killing the weaker shamans, that's exactly a kind of person I have been looking for, join me Ren, I am beginning to form mine own group for the shaman tournament " the young boy said to Ren.

" me get stronger, it was only pure luck that you destroyed my spear, but that luck you don't have now" Ren screamed, he was making a fast attack with his guardian ghost Bason.

His fist coming at the young boy.

" You are persisted Ren, but that is fine, I will show you my power then you will kneel and swear your loyalty to me, SPIRIT OF FIRE " the young boy shouted to Ren.

Ren looked up, he saw the big red appearance of the spirit of fire, his attack was blocked by it.

But Ren was too stubborn he ordered his guardian ghost for a new attack, the spirit of fire was faster, he knocked them in the stomach. Ren lost his oversoul and came with his back on the ground.

The young boy walked to Ren, " and giving up" the boy said with a smiling face to Ren.

Ren cursed, he stood of the ground and was making his attack on the young boy.

The young boy blocked it, but he grapped his hand.

" too stubborn Ren, now kneel and swear loyalty to your master " the young boy said, he burned Ren hand, and the spirit of fire knocked him again in his stomach.

Ren was screaming laying in pain on the ground, he couldn't get up, his left hand was burned and in a lot of pain.

" so little boy did you understand your own power, so Ren what is your choice" the young boy said to the laying Ren.

" You said I would became stronger if I followed you" Ren asked to the young boy.

" Yes your will" the young boy answered.

" Than I will follow you master" Ren said, he was trying to kneel but he had so much pain, he blacked out.

He awoke on the spirit on fire, he learned his master name was Hao Asakura, he was creating a world for only shamans, and needed to win the shaman tournament.

Ren listened to him, and agreed to follow him.

He became a lot stronger in the four years, he spend with his master.

He had a harsh and diffucilt training , but he always stood up.

Now Ren was envious of this Yoh Asakura, his master puth too much attention to a weak shaman.

He was already making his kill attack, he was close to Yoh to kill him.

But he was forced back on his steps, his master was behind him holding his hand.

" Did I order you to kill him" Hao said behind Ren in his ear.

" Hao-sama he is too weak, he doesn't have any profit" Ren said envious of Yoh.

" He is a lot more important than you will every know" Hao said to Ren.

Hao walked to Yoh, who had his eyes closed and layed on the ground.

He healed Yoh his broking ribs, and wounds.

He was done , when he felt something under Yoh his clothes.

He shoved the clothes up and saw a blue book lying in a secret pocket of the jacket.

" Hmmm so Yoh has already had my chō-Senjiryakketsu, I think he had it for a little time, that's why your fight with him was easy, he was already hurt by my shikigamies attack from opening my book" Hao said to Ren.

" Hao-sama is that book powerfull, why would you let him have it, why not take it back" Ren asked his master.

" Because by reading my book and eventually mastering the teaching, he will become a lot stronger" Hao said,he put the book back, and walked awayfrom yoh. He orded Ren to follow him.

At yoh's home

Kimo woke up a hour ago, he shouted in the house to Yoh but couldn't find him.

" yoh, yoh, where are you, not hiding here also not here, where is that boy" kimo screamed in the house.

Kimo walked outside, he looked at the river, the shop, he thougth maybe Yoh had gone home already.

He was walking the path home, he saw a boy laying on the ground.

What has happened to that boy kimo thougth, he walked to see the face of the boy.

That face belonged to Yoh, " What Yoh, can you hear me, wake up, noo what do I have to do, what do humans called it a hospital, yeah thst is where he had to take Yoh, Kimo thougth.

He pulled Yoh in his arms, and ran with him to the hospital. He asked a few humans for direction and eventually arriving at the hospital.

The nurse took yoh from him and checked his health.

Kimo stood next to him worried about his friend and brother.

Soo till next chapter.

Will yoh wake up.

What will happen.

Your comment, review or power stone.

Are mine motivition :)


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