Shaman king a new yoh asakura
8 Family home and the Chō-Senjiryakketsu
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Shaman king a new yoh asakura
Author :melody17995
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8 Family home and the Chō-Senjiryakketsu

Yoh was visiting his family, his parents and grandmother they were waiting for him in the lving room.

" Yoh I really missed the river here, you can go talk with your family, and I will join you when you will leave to home" Kimo said, he had missed it here, living with yoh was also great but somehow this river felt special.

"Alright than I will see you later Kimo" Yoh said, he saw Kimo floating away from him.

Yoh walked to the lving room, his parents and grandmother greeted him.

" Yoh you are back, how I missed you, did you take good care of yourself, have you eat enough vegtables" his mother keiko asked, his mother was always worried about him, and looking out of him in his younger years.

" Keiko, let yoh talk for a bit himself, he is already a young men no boy anymore" his father mikischa said to his wife.

" It is mother love to her son" his grandmother Kino said.

" I am fine really, how is everyone here" yoh said to his family.

He was having a great time, he told his family about winning the first round and the first match already, he told them about his high school and about the friends he was making.

" yoh did you make friends with a guy by the name Hao, tell me yoh did that guy looked a lot like you" his grandmother Kino asked him, it couldn't be him could it, than yoh is in danger.

Yoh looked to his grandmother, she was right Hao looked like him a lot, he want to tell her, but something was holding him back. He coildn't say it but lied to his grandmother.

" no grandmother, why would someone look the same as me, I am only child I have no brother" yoh lied to his grandmother, the words were falling from his mouth, he couldn't stop it.

What the hell is happening, why can't I tell them that Hao looked just like him.

"Because it is to early to know the thruth, you will know eventually but not now" a voice said in his mind.

Yoh became scared what was happening, the voice were talking to him when he was talking to his family.

He could control his words, were there more things he could control.

" I am happy to hear that yoh, have much time with your friend" his grandmother smiled at him.

He was happy talking further, but his emotions were masked, he felt afraid.

When yoh was finished, he left the table, he walked to the room he was staying for the night.

He waited and waited, till his parents, grandmother and everyone was sleeping.

It is time to find out what is happening to me, my family know something about Hao, there is something about him Kimo was right.

Yoh walked out of his room, he was walking outside to the forbidden part of his family home.

When he was a young child his grandfather Yohmei would always tell him.

" Yoh the right back side of the home is forbidden for every asakura, there is the dark past of the asakura family, and that is for a young child of you not the right time to know" his grandfather told to a young four years old Yoh.

" but why grandfather" a young yoh asked.

" yoh you are too young, if you are older, than I will take you there and will tell you everthing, alright yoh" his grandfather said to yoh, he wanted that yoh would have a happy childhood not telling this heaving burden.

Yoh I hope you will fullfil your destiny, I am counting on you, you think I hate you because I train you so much, and want you to become stronger, but yoh I do that because I care about you my grandson, yohmei thougth when he was looking at his four years old grandson.

The forbidden part of the home had a old little temple, yoh walked to it, he pushed the gate open. He saw dust everywhere, old books and a picture of a men on the wall. He opened a book,

" He was the most powerfull and talented Onmyōji the world had know,

he was most respected, he was kind and helped with removing demons for the people, he founded the asakura family, but because he was so strong a lot of people became to fear the powerfull men, one day he had a vision.

He told that he will creat a shaman only world,

he told that the humans destroyed nature,

if they were all dead than there will be true peace,

The asakura family that he created eventually defeated him, but

his powers were too great, he had master the five elements,

he could reincarnate again with full awareness of his past life, and 500 years later he was reborned again, the asakura family acted again and defeated him, but the men would return every 500 years to participate in the shaman tournament and taking the great spirits for his one, if he succeed than the world will be lost, the task of the asahura family is to stop him"

Yoh readed the book, a men be stopped in the shaman tournament, that is the old enemy that killed grandfather.

But what is his name, who have I to stop, yoh thougth.

He looked to the books for a name, but he didn't read it.

How can I defeat someone, who I don't know the name from.

Yoh thougth.

He sighed, he looked the room again but saw nothing.

I know already that I have to defeat my ancestor, have to do it with this only.

Yoh wanted to walk out of the old temple, but he triped and fall on the right wall.

Awhh I have a bad day, and now my body hurts too, yoh said, he laid on the ground, he toughed the wall to stand on his feet.

He pressed something, a wall he didn't see before become to appear before his eyes.

A old blue book was showed, he walked to the book, he saw the name of the book Chō-Senjiryakketsu it was named.

Can I open it, I believe here is my answer to all lot of questions I still have, yoh thougth.

He tried to open the book, but a paper was falling out of the book.

" Bang"

Two big shikigames were appearing before him, " Everyone who want to read the secrets of Hao Asakura must be killed" the two shikigames were talking. to Yoh.

Hao asakura ?. Yoh thougth, that means noo it is him.

Noo this can be, that why is grandmother was asking about if he looked like him, but why would he look like me, why was he trying to befriend me and getting my trust.

There is something he is planning.

Yoh was deep in thought, the shikigames weren't waiting for him the attacked him.

He was smashed to the wall, he spat out blood.

I believe something is broken, auwww, have to get up, yoh thougth.

"Teleport" yoh shouted, he appeared behin the shikigames.

He summoned his own three shikigames and orded them to attack.

" water and fire united to three" yoh screamed. The shikigamis fired a water attack and at the same time a fire attack. The attack of the three became one powerfull attack to the shikigamies.

But there were holding long spears and were having great teamwork, they blocked his attacked. The shikigamies trowed there spears to Yoh.

" three ways protection be before and above" yoh screamed, the shikigamies protected yoh from the attacks, two from before and one shikigami from above. The spears were disseapered but appeared again in the hands of the shikigamies.

" three waters way shine above" yoh yelled.

The shikigamis attacked both at the same time and the next attack above the head of the two big shikigamies.

But they blooked it.

Ohh no what do I do, what do I do, yoh thougth, he couldn't call Kimo he was too far gone and his shikigamies were no match for thr two big ones.

" Needs of some assistants?" A voice said in his mind.

Yoh felt happy to hear it, yes please help me, yoh thougth.

"Are you sure maybe you will regret it like the time, when you were young" the voice said back.

The shikigamies were moving to him, yoh felt afraid, I don't care just help me, yoh thougth.

" alright let me" the voice said,

The air became to change, yoh's hair was growing longer, his eyes became different, he complety changed.

The shikigaimes felt that something wasn't right.

" you did good work, now burn" yoh said with a cold voice that wasn't his one.

The shikigaimes were screaming as there were burned alive.

"Noo please master, we followed your commands and we still do" the shikigaimes were begging but eventuallty turned to ashes.

" I have no need for you anymore" the cold voice wishpered back.

Yoh awaked when the sun was already in the sky.

I am back, what happened with those two shikigaimes yoh thougth.

He felt that something was lying beside him, he took his blanket of it.

He saw the book was placed there with a note.

Yoh opened the note:

Read and learn the skills in the book, don't let enyone know that you posses it, maybe than you will be killed.

Killed by who Hao?? , or maybe someone else will kill me, I have to hide it can let it show to kimo eather, yoh thougth.

Somewhere else.

" Hao-sama what are your orders" a young boy asked before Hao bowing.

" Yoh is out of shape, he is too weak right know, help him to get stronger, utterly defeat him and let him feel great pain, you can kill they people he is with, I want to see how he will responed to that, now leave and don't fail me " Hao said to the young boy.

The young boy walked out of Hao's room.

" My dear little brother have you already find out, or have you only got the part of it,

but don't worry Yoh, when you are strong enough we will be united, and the world will belong to me" Hao laughed evil.

Ending of this chapter.


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