Shaman king a new yoh asakura
7 Nightmare, meeting
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Shaman king a new yoh asakura
Author :melody17995
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7 Nightmare, meeting

Yoh was walking in Tokyo, everbody was staring at him.

The look angry, " what is a monster doing here" one human said.

" he want to kill us, we must kill them before, they will kill us" one other human said.

Yoh looked around what was happening was he dreaming is this real, noo I have to get home.

Yoh ran home he saw Kimo at the frontdoor. " Kimo do you know what is happening, they people are acting really strange" yoh asked kimo.

" Do you think I want still anything to do with you, you took everthing of me Yoh, you bastard, just leave I don't want to see your face again" Kimo said angry at yoh.

Yoh became confused, did I do something wrong, why don't I remember it, " Kimo I don't understand you we are brothers aren't we" yoh asked.

" Brothers with a weakling like you, don't make me laugh, I have nothing to see to you get out of me eyes" Kimo said angry, he attacked Yoh.

Yoh was flying in a wall, his back hurt from it,

He saw a person standing before him, it were is parents.

" mom, dad why are you guys here" yoh said happy to see his parents again.

" Do I know you little child?" Said his father to him, " maybe the boy has lost his way" his mother told to his father.

What was happening, why does his heart hurt so much.

Yoh ran away, he was running to high school, manta will sure know who I am, he thougth.

Yoh arrived at high school, he saw the little guy sitting under a three reading a book.

" Manta I have to tell you something, you don't believe what is happening" manta looked up confused.

" I am sorry, but do I know you, and how do you know my name" manta asked the strange boy that he doesn't know about.

Yoh looked hurt, why, why why, this is a dream it is gotta be.

" Do you think that is all dream" a voice said.

Yoh tryed to find where te voice was coming from, but he saw only manta sitting staring at him.

Yoh ran away of the high school, and talked back, " who are you, why are you showing me all this" yoh said angry at the voice, looking around but nobody was there.

" I am you yoh, just like when you were a child, don't you remember, what we have done together" the voice said.

" what do you mean, what have we done" Yoh was confused what was the voice telling him.

The voice was laughing, " The village that we burned down, don't you remember the scream of mercy from those pathetich humans " the voice said.

" what the village, noo, did I do that, why don't I remember doing that, it wasn't me, it was you, I had nothing to do with it" yoh screamed to the voice.

"Me, but yoh I am you, in the deeper part of your soul I live, we are one yoh, you said I did it, but you realise it yourself, you wished the humans to be burned, you were screaming for help, you were in despear and so much pain, why don't they accept me, I only want to play " the voice said.

" Noo, did I truly wish that" yoh howled, why my heart so much pain, sadness, loneliness.

" you will understand it soon enough" the voice said.

At yoh's home

Yoh woked up, he was sweating so much, is heart was going very fast.

That wasn't real just a dream, I have nothing to fear, he tried to comforted himself with words, that dream will never happen, the future was going to be a great one.

Yoh clothed himself and ran outside, like every morning he was running, to keep his condition the best for the tournament.

He tried to keep his tears in check, but they were going down on his face.

He stopped at a bench, and seated himself.

His hands were before his head, he sighed in deeply and out.

" Yoh, Yoh you are crying, tell me what is the matter" a voice said standing before him.

Yoh looked up, he saw Hao looking concerned about the tears on his face.

Hao sat next to yoh on the bench, hao looked to yoh " you can trust me yoh tell me, has something bad happened to you" Hao asked to yoh.

" I don't really know, I just had a strange dream, no it was more like a nightmare to me" yoh said with a sad face to Hao.

" What did you dream about Yoh, will you tell me? " Hao asked to Yoh.

" I.....II don't think, I can say it, I don't know you that long" yoh said.

" That doesn't matter yoh, do you trust me, than you can tell me, I will keep it a secret for you, if you don't want anyone else to know" Hao said, he looked at yoh waiting for him to tell the dream.

" ofcourse I trust you" yoh said, but Kimo said that I have to be carefull of you, but I feel I can tell you and you will keep it secret, do I tell him or not, I can tell him he also has a little sisster this guy is not bad, he believe he has a good heart.

" alright, but you have to promise me to tell nobody else about it" Yoh looked at Hao with a series expression.

" you can tell me Yoh, I promise" Hao said.

" I dreamed that I was waking up, but it was strange, the humans called me a monster and said they want to kill me, there were many angry faces, I ran back home to my guardian ghost, but he was angry, he told me that he will never forgive me and that we were never brothers, he told me I was a weakling, next my parents and a human friend I made here they didn't know, who I was, it felt painfull " yoh said, Hao was looking at yoh hearing the dream.

" I believe your guardian ghost willn't betray you Yoh, and your parents must love you very much and your human friend also, maybe it was just a bad dream,

Was that al you dreamed about yoh??" Hao asked.

" no there was more there was a voice talking to me" yoh said to Hao.

" A voice?? What do you mean , what did the voice tell you" Hao asked.

" it told me if I really think it just a dream, and he was talking about my past, when I was a child, he told me I did something, I.....I....the village, burned them...and also childeren...." Yoh howled, he felt like a killer, what did I do, why did I do it.

Hao embraced yoh, he comforted him, " Take it easy yoh, and tell me the whole story about it" hao said, yoh in hao's arms was speaking about the village, what the humans told him, the monster and demon child, he felt despair, a voice telling him to help him, waking up on bed and hearing from his family the villaged was burned.

" I thougth I didn't do it, but that voice told me I was the killer, a whole village with men,wife and childeren I burned it down and killed them, I feel like a killer" Yoh howled, his eyes were rood, tears dripping from his eyes.

Hao listened to him, and comforted him, "You aren't a killer yoh, what those humans said must really hurt you, yoh you weren't wrong, telling a three years old child so much hatefull words, than everyone would do the same as you, yoh. Hao said.

After he told everthing to Hao, he became tired, hao let him relax with his head on hao's legs, he closed his eyes and felt asleep on Hao.

Hao saw that yoh was fast asleep, his hand were in yoh's hair stroking it.

He saw a teardrop still in yoh's eyes with his other hand, he wiped the teardrop away.

At Yoh's home

" yoh is taking to long, we have to go to school, where the hell is that guy" Kimo asked.

" I didn't see him, does he always make a run that early in the morning" horohoro asked Kimo.

" yeah, but now is time that he would already be at home, or he had gone straigth to high school" Kimo said.

" good luck, I will sleep more, I am too tired" horohor said, he was walking back to the room he was sleeping.

Kimo formed is human form, and walked to high school.

He saw that his classmates were already there, manta waved at him when he saw Kimo.

" Kimo, where is Yoh, don't you two always come together" manta asked.

" I thougth he already had come here, he didn't come back after hismorning run" Kimo answered.

At Hao's home

The other shamans at hao's home saw their master holding a boy in his hand.

He was walking to his own room.

The little girl saw Hao returning " Hao-sama, opacho is wondering why are you holding yoh-sama in your hands, is he sick, or have the X-laws attacked him??" Opacho asked.

" noo opacho they didn' t, yoh is just tired I let him sleep on the bed for a little while" hao said to the little girl opacho.

He walked in the room, he put yoh on the bed and the blankets around him.

He sat himself in the chair next to the bed.

Hao put his hands on yoh's head, he was talking to someone.

The talk was in silence, when hao put his hands away, he was looking to yoh with a smirk on his face.

One hour later

Yoh opened his eyes, he saw he was laying on a bed with blankets on him.

Huuh, who did this, where am I. Yoh looked around in the room, he saw Hao sitting in the chair with his eyes closed.

" Hao , where am I? " yoh asked, hao opened his eyes when he heard yoh talking.

" I thougth you needed a good rest, so I brougth you to my home" hao answered.

Yoh stood from the bed, his stomach growled, he didn't had breakfast, he was so hungry.

Yoh looked ashamed at hao, hao laughed because of yoh's actions.

" come we can have breakfast" Hao said, they walked to the living room.

Yoh saw a tall men and a little girl, they were playing a game together.

" Big brother-sama when are we going to school, opacho want to go to school" opacho said, when she saw hao and yoh, she came running to Hao.

" Little sis we have a guest, first we are going to eat and than we will go to school" Hao said smiling at opacho.

" My name is opacho" opacha said looking at yoh.

" Nice to meet you opacho, my name is Yoh" yoh answered.

Hao walked to the kitchen, yoh looked at the tall man still on the table sitting.

" ohh I am sorry, my name is Luchist, I am the father of Hao and Opacho" Luchist lied to yoh, he had strict orders to play the father of Hao-sama, and not letting yoh suspect something.

" nice to meet you" yoh said.

" Opacho come we will let your brother and his friends some time alone, you have enough time to be with them at school" Luchist said, he took opacho with him.

Hao came back, he had two bowl of rice, he put them on the table together with the vegetbales. He walked back to the kitchen and returned with curry in his hand. He put it on the table and sat next on the chair.

" it is ready yoh, come sit have something" Hao said when he saw that yoh was still standing.

" alright" yoh said , he took the chair before hao.

Yoh was eating the rice and vegetables, he also put the curry in, that was his favorite. He heard that it was Hao's favorite too.

" woww Hao you make great food are you a masterchef, I have never taste it so wonderfull" yoh said, he ate his bowl empty the flavors were perfect.

" Thank you yoh, I cook now and then" hao answered.

" Hao we have to leave for high school, we are already late" yoh said, he assist hao with washing the dishes.

" You are right, I will call my little sister, Opacho come we are going" Hao screamed in the house.

" Big brother-sama, opacho is coming" opacho said and came running to Hao and Yoh.

Together they walk to high school, when Kimo saw yoh, he asked where he had been, yoh told him that he stayed at Hao's house.

" Everyone we have a new student his name is Hao" the teacher introduced Hao, he let Hao sit in a chair next to yoh.

Opacho wasn't in the same class as Hao, but in a lower class because her age.

" And like the lessons a bit, Hao?" Yoh asked by there last lesson.

" huhhmm, it is fine" Hao lied, he was boring himself with so many clueless humans.

" haha you are lying you are bored aren't you" yoh said smiling to Hao.

" maybe you can read me beter than I thougth yoh" hao said.

The school was over, opacho and hao said goodbye and were going home.

Yoh walked with Kimo to their home.

" yoh didn't I tell you to be carefull of that guy" Kimo said to yoh, angry that yoh hadn't listen to him.

" He is fine Kimo you don't have to worry, I have met his father and you did see his little sister" yoh said.

" alright maybe it is nothing" Kimo said.

So ending of this chapter,



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