Shaman king a new yoh asakura
6 Is that garbage human, second round first figh
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Shaman king a new yoh asakura
Author :melody17995
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6 Is that garbage human, second round first figh

The next day was already, it was the seconde day of the shaman tournament.

The shamans were all tested by their skills, a lot of shamans lost the first round against the patch.

But how much isn't know too many where to count.

Yoh already awake, had his early run. He was just eating breakfast when Kimo sleeping face apppeared in the living room.

" I told you not the watch the cartoon till mid night" yoh said to Kimo, who was getting himself something to eat.

" But yoh it was exciting, I want to know who would won, and the winner was not the one I been expecting such a waste, why will be the one with the weakest power win, those authors are crazy, the stronger have to win why else would you train yourself like that" Kimo said about the cartoon, he watched.

" It is about the heart of that one, and the will to win, it isn't only about how much power you have, Kimo why do I have a feeling like him talking to a little child, who don't know any personal feelings" yoh asked.

" Yoh I don't understand what do you mean with personal feelings, isn't everyone only thinking about themself, if they care about others why are there fights, why not vote who becoming the shaman king, if I had a vote than I would vote for you Yoh" Kimo answered yoh.

" haha thanks for your vote Kimo, that is right kimo, why are we fighting, I believe that all shamans have there on opinion on the winner, that is why there the tournament is still about fighting, we are too stubborn to still follow the old tradition, if I become shaman king than I will change this world, shamans and humans living in peace, no words about monster or demon child, the humans just fear is because they don't know us, and many shamans haven't be kind to humans, so understand there fear, I do a little" yoh said to Kimo.

" I believe that you would be a great shaman king, and I will by your side, someone has to eat together with you, especial noodles we have to bring along" Kimo said, Yoh laughed about Kimo, and smiled his brother did think I am a great shaman king.

He felt his heart grown with a warm feeling after hearing those words of Kimo.

Yoh and Kimo walked out of the home together, they still had to do a lot of training.

They were walking at the streat, a lot of humans were with there childeren.

They walked by a trash can, " yoh, what do humans call a animal, who is living in the garbage?" Kimo asked yoh, he saw a animal with long light turquoise blue hair, tied together with a headband, hair in spikes.

The animal was wearing a white and blue skiingoutfit, and skiing shoes, a strange what humans called it snowboard was attached to the animal

Yoh looked at the animal Kimo was speaking about, " Kimo that is noo animal, that is a human being" yoh answered kimo, he walked to the human in the garbage.

" hello, are you alright, why are you lying in here? " yoh asked to the human.

The human looked up happy somebody has come to save him, " My name is Horokeu Usui but most people call me Horohoro, I had money but I lost it , now I beg you to help me find a eating and sleeping place" the strange animal/ human called horohoro said to Yoh.

" NOO not my food, and making story's up to my dear little brother isn't nice, money doesn't dissapear, and I don't believe you had anything to begin with, come on yoh let leave this animal here, he has already a sleeping place this trash can, and food there is enough in the garbage" Kimo said, he tried to get Yoh with him but that boy had just a pure heart.

" ofcourse you can stay with us, we have enough food and a sleeping place, my name is Yoh Asakura and this is my brother Kimo, I am sorry if he insulted you" yoh said with a smile to horohor, he strected his hand for horohoro to take it.

" Yoh, I refuse to take care of this animal, it stinks, my food he can't tough or else I become maybe sick of him, don't strecht your hand yoh you may get sick' why don't we first put it in a washer, than it and the clothes of it will smell like a normal human" Kimo said angry to yoh, no he doesn't want to the pet to go home with them, I have to hide my food, get the noodles away from the animal.

" I am not a animal" horohoro stood, when he heard Kimo saying names about him.

" what for strange creature are you than a insect?" Kimo said to Horohoro.

" No I am not that also, I am a shaman, who is here for the tournament" horohoro said.

" Yoh it is the enemy shaman, hurry we can't asisst them because we must win, byebye horohoro I hope I see  you never again" Kimo said happy when horhoro also told he was a shaman.

But yoh still stood besided horohoro, " Don't worry come with us, Kimo just like to joke around" Yoh said with a smile to horohoro.

" Thanks Yoh, I will repay you , I promise" horhoro said happy he got a sleeping and eating place to stay.

Only Kimo wasn't amuse about it, nooo noo animal has put a spell on Yoh, yeah that is it, I have to make a cure for him.

The three of them walked back to yoh's home, there horohoro had eat a lot of food because he was so hungry.

" You animal, I know what kind you are a pig animal, they only know eating, sleeping and shitting just like you" Kimo said angry to Horohoro in his still human form.

Kimo and horohoro had a fight with each other, horohoro had ice power, but Kimo was a water spirit, horhoro didn't had a change. Kimo won every fight against horohoro. The loser had to clean the house, and wash the dishes.

That was horohoro his tasks.

Yoh was upstairs in his room, he was reading about the past of the asakura's, he read that is ancestor was a powerfull and talented Onmyōji, he founded the asakura family. But his name that he couldn't find.

Yoh become confused he never heard anything about this person from his family, why is he not a hero for our family.

There is something about him, when I return to my parents than I have to bring books with me, that my parents don't know about. Yoh thought.

Yoh sighed, so many secrets why, that enemy is conected with me, but who could it be.

Yoh his oracle bell sounded, he looked to the screen a name become visible.

Second round

First opponent: Horokeu Usui.

Horokeu isn't that horohoro his name, yoh thougth.

" Kimo come here" yoh shouted, kimo who was looking to a movie, when he heard yoh he formed in a spirit and floated to yoh.

" yoh who is our first opponent" kimo said, he was enthusiastic, he won many times of that animal and never lost boosted his confidence a lot, and he had already so much confidence, was just too easy for him.

" look Kimo, we already know him" yoh said.

" what that animal is our first match, Yoh you don't need me to beat him up, he is too weak, I told you yoh he is a enemy, if we left him there with his trash can, than we could won with our eyes closed." kimo said to yoh, he didn't trust other humans only yoh.

Yoh walked outside and kimo floated behind him, there were waiting for horohoro, he also had got the message of the oracle bell, and he know the name of Yoh.

A minutes passed, two minutes passed, five minutes passed.

" You loser come out to face us, you know already that your first match is Yoh, so let me beat you up again and again" Kimo shouted, he hoped that the animal heard it, at six there will be a new movie and he want to see it, it was only ten minutes before the movie will get started.

Horohoro came with his oversoul ready, He was surfing on his snowboard, making a powerfull and fast attack to suprise yoh and kimo.

" ice walls hydro" horohoro screamed.

Two great walls of ice appeared they came to yoh location with fast speed.

Horohoro his guardian ghost was Kororo, a nature spirit.

The attack came too fast, Yoh summoned his three shikigamis and ordered them to make a protection barrier.

Making a oversoul with Kimo, he didn't had the time to do that.

" three ways protection be before and above" yoh screamed, the shikigamies protected yoh and kimo from the attacks of horohoro, two from before and one shikigami from above.

" now it is my turn horohoro" yoh screamed to horohoro, he and kimo made there oversoul.

" Oversoul sword form" yoh shouted, kimo formed in a blue/ grey sword.

"teleport" yoh said, he disappeared for the eyes of horohoro, but horohoro had great care with the nature, the birds were telling him were yoh was.

Horohoro flew up high to block the attack from behind by yoh.

" you have to do more than that Yoh to beat me, kororo are you ready" horohoro shouted.

" ice spears hydro" horohoro screamed, four long spears of ice were maded, they floated with high speed were yoh was standing.

" huhmm that animal isn't that bad, do you also think that yoh" kimo asked yoh.

" Horhoro is also strong, is will is strong, but Kimo we are also strong, let's win this fight" Yoh said to Kimo.

He and Kimo used there attack "de l ' eau" Yoh screamed.

When yoh said the words, there were creating a tsunami, the ice spears were broken like child dolls, the attack hit horohoro.

Horohoro didn't except the attack would be that powerfull, he lost his oversoul.

This meaning Yoh had won, in a shaman fight the first shaman who lost there oversoul would lost.

" noo I can' t lose , my sister will murder me if she find out" horohoro howled when he lost, no more tournament.

" You have still two fights to go, you must win two of the three, horohoro you still have a change" Yoh said feeling sad for horohoro, he tried to make him motivate that the tournament still had more fights.

" You are right Yoh, I thank you, Your power is too strong for me but I have still two shamans to beat" Horohoro said happy, he walked away of yoh's house to train more and more.

" finally some peace and quiet, Yoh why didn't your oracle bell sounded sooner, than the food will be spared, but I have to watch my movie" Kimo said, and floated back in home to watch the new movie of six a clock.

Yoh stood alone outside, he walked in the neighboorhood, he saw the riverclose by, and was looking at it, so blue and peacefull, yoh thougth.

" Did you lose your shaman fight?" A voice said at the back of yoh.

Yoh turned around, behind him stood Hao looking at him.

" Hello Hao, how are you, Noo I won together with Kimo, my opponent was staying at my home, he had no money and was laying in a trash can, I took care of him with food" yoh said.

" Alright with me Yoh, I am happy to hear that you won, do you like taking care of animals in a trash can?" Hao asked.

" You and Kimo sometimes talk the same, he was just a shaman and not animal, did you have already have your match Hao? " Yoh said.

" yes I had my match and won, tommorow I will join your high school, can you assist me to finding my and my little sister way there" Hao asked to Yoh.

" Ohh noo tommorow it is monday, totally forgot that, great to hear Hao that you also won, ofcourse I can assist you and your little sister , but I don't know everything, I am going to this high school for a short time" Yoh said smiling to Hao.

" That is great to hear yoh, I see you then again tommorow, and if you need help yoh go can always come to me" Hao said with a smiling face, he said goodbye to yoh and walked this his home.

Hao come back in the home the other shamans greeted him " Hao-sama you have returned" a tall and musculair man said.

He had a black short bowl cut hairstyle, a thick black beard around his cheeks and chin, he wore a black bloack, with a large scraf around his neck and a cowboy hat, with a wide shade and a feather in it.

" Luchist did you make the preparations? " Hao asked.

" Yes, Hao-sama they will take care of it, and you will have enough time with Yoh asakura" the tall, musculair man named luchist said to Hao.

" Great to hear, you can leave all" Hao said to the rest of the shamans.

The living room become empty.

Hao had a cold smirk on his face, his eyes were burning with flames.

At yoh's home

Yoh arrived at his home, he saw horohoro outside lying at the front door.

" Horhoro what are you doing here?" Yoh asked confused, he thougth the guy was already training and sleeping somewhere outside.

" Kimo wouldn't let me in , he said this is not a farm" horohoro howled.

Yoh opened the door, and said to horohoro to come with him.

Kimo was watching the new movie when Yoh and horohoro entered.

He sensed that Yoh come home and brougth in the pig.

" Yohh!! don't bring a pet home, I read that the live in a farm" Kimo said when he saw horohoro next to yoh standing.

" I am not a pet!!!" horhoro screamed at Kimo.

Yoh walked upstairs to his bedroom, he layed on his bed and closed his eyes to sleep.

So end of this chapter.



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