Shaman king a new yoh asakura
3 High school and we meet again
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Shaman king a new yoh asakura
Author :melody17995
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3 High school and we meet again

Yoh was clothed with a high school uniform, today it will his first day on a school.

He always got home school, but because it was strange for a twelve year kid not to go to school, that why he did it do blend in.

" yoh what is the meaning of this""

Kimo said walking to yoh with his own uniform.

" we are going to school togehter, you have already make yourself look like a human, and that way non shamans can see you, I don't want otheters shamans to know that I am also a shamam, you did see for the past month there have been a lot of shamams killed, if you floated above my head we will also be a prey"

Yoh said to kimo.

" what yoh.... NOOO !!!! You can't be serious, I am GOD KIMO, I lived when you were not even born, yoh I don't accept this, I will stay at home, I can make my appearance older and look like what humans called a father to you, but I will not be a scholar, that is a dicrease for me"

Kimo said to yoh, if you still want him to go with him, than he will hide in the river across the streat.

" Kimo do you know on a high school you can learn more about our culture, and they have a break when you can eat human food, doesn't it sound like a new thing for you" yoh said he did tried to make kimo enthustiatic to join him with high school.

He didn't trust kimo alone at the house, he will make a mess and a lot of shamans will know that I am also here in Japan for the tournament.

A few shamans would fight with the weaker shamans already, and the stronger shamans will fight with also strong shamans to test there skills.

He was a lot stronger with kimo at his side, but he want to be carefull to not stand out from the others shamans.

He and kimo mastered already the oversoul, kimo will become a blue sword in his hand. They also mastered moves like teleleport, making a strong water attack, they call it " de l'eau" attack.

Kimo came up with the name, he told that a lot of people at the river will call it that.

They also had sword attacks for the fights, but they still had to do a lot of training.

Yoh will always get early out of the bed. He would run the neighborhood for a few hours, after that he will make breakfast for himself and kimo.

He would than wake kimo up, kimo didn't need to sleep but because he was trainig with yoh, his powers would be emptied, he had to rest to fill it up.

" okay I will join you at school but if I don't like it than I will leave to go home"

Kimo said, he will see what young humans would do and learn.

" Reallyy Kimooo!!!!! That' s great come get your unform on and than we will go, we mustn't be late for the first day" yod said, he helped with clothing kimo with the uniform.

Old home of yoh asakura

At the mountian was the old home of yoh asakura. His parents and grandfather were having breakfast with eachother.

" Have you already heard news about yoh" Yohmei asked his daughter Keiko the mother of yoh.

" yes I heard of him that he will join a high school today, he say his guardian ghost will join him at school" Keiko said.

" That boy is smart for his age, don't understimate him too much, maybe he will suprise us' Kino said the grandmother of yoh.

' I believe in yoh, he will find his way" Mikisha the father of yoh said to the others.

' I hope that he will not wait to long to become stronger, he has a difficult enemy to face in the tournament, even I can't win of that enemy, I hope he doesn't do anything reckless, to be seen by that enemy' Yohmei said, he was worried about yoh, his own grandchild facing with such hardship.

' Yoh will make it, believe in him father' Keiko said, she understand her father, she also was worried about yoh.

They became to a end with the breakfast, yoh his parents already stood up to leave thr table, but a force pushed them back to there orginal position.

' I see, that in my absent nothing really have changed here' a voice said from the distant.

'HAAOOO!!! Show yourself" Yohmei screamed, the others looked scared around where the sound had come from.

A young boy with a white poncho named Hao appeared in the living room of the asakura' s.

He was sitting on the shoulder of the big red appearance.

' I see that the important person is not here, but I know already, that Tokyo is where he lives now, I see the rest is here, we meet again after twelve years' Hao said in a a superior way, the young boy looked like a young child, but the way he was talking was liked, he lived for longer than everyone in the room.

' you willn't get to him, he will defeat you Hao, like the one asakura in the past, who killed you, now you want to participatie in the tournament for the third time, but you always will be stoped Hao, mark my words' Yohmei said in a angry way to Hao.

Hao smirker looking to Yohmei, his eyes burnt with fire.

' Don't you know dead when you see it old man, this is my power, SPIRIT OF FIRE!'

Hao orded the red appearance named spirit of fire to attack yohmei.

The spirit of fire attacked yohmei, he was burned to ashes only his soul was left behind. The spirit tried to devour yohmei soul but Keiko used her power.

' guard the whiter of this lonely soul' keiko said, she proteced her father soul before to be devoured by the spirit of fire.

Keiko looked at her father soul, she guided it to the spirit world. She had tears in her eyes falling on her face.

' Yohmei!!! Father in law!!! ' Kino and Mikisha both shouted, they were running where Keiko was standing. Keiko couldn't move her heart was in pain,sad and she was mad at Hao, how dare he kill my father, he has no right, I brought a monster on this planet. Keiko thought.

Keiko saw that Hao still was standing on the same spot.

'Don't you have done enough damage to the family already, leave it, we have to prepare funeral, what you have created, you monster!!! ' mikisha shouted angry to Hao.

Hao looked to mikisha, he wasn't bothered but he was amusing himself, he ordered te spirit of fire to attack mikisha for talking badly about him.

The spirit of fire attacked mikisha, but Keiko ran to stand between them, she wouldn't see anymore dead people, that she loved be killed.

Mikisha saw his wife standing between him and the attack, his wife was looking at him with her back facing the spirit of fire.

Mikisha thought that there where the last moments of here live.

But the spirit of fire didn't attack Keiko, because Hao ordered it to stop it.

' huhmm... I see, this is enough for today, I don't want to hurt the person who give me a third live, I think that the important person would that be really sad, and willn't join my cause in the tournament' Hao said, he teleport himself behind Keiko.

Keiko was hurt by her back by standing between the attack and mikisha, Hao had stopped his spirit from attacking but the flames had touched the back of keiko.

Keiko clothes had burnt on it and her flesh also.

Hao was standing behind Keiko, his hand touched her burnt back, he was healing it with his power.

Keiko couldn't keep her eyes open any longer, she blacked out and fell to the ground the moment Hao was done healing here back.

Hao stood above a laying Keiko at his feet.

' I will leave, I have more important matters to attend to' Hao said and dissapeared from the house of the asakura's.

Mikisha and Kino were firt in shock looking, after hao was gone the ran to the laying Keiko.

' she has used to much of her power, she will be fine with a lot of rest' Kino said, mikisha had his wife in his arms carring here to there bedroom.


'You may tell your name to the rest' the teacher of the high school said to Yoh and Kimo.

' Hello, my name is yoh asakura, I live recently here in Tokyo, I hope I will have herd a great time, and make a lot of friends'Yoh said in the classroom to his new classstudents.

'My name is Kumi God, I am the master of this human next to me, he ordered me to attend this meeting or school what you humans called it, I make myself very cleary, if one of you angry my than I will be your greatest nightmare, but I am happy to spend the time with your humans eating food' Kimo said with a smirk.

Yoh became pale, 'hahah my brother Kimo has brain damage, everthing he say is crap, he is in his own world, you don't have to beliefe it' yoh said with a fake smile.

'Yoh??? What do you mean by the word brain damage??' Kimo asked yoh.

' nothing kimo it means that you are really smart' yoh lied to Kimo.

' alright, that is over, sit on the free places, we will start the lesson with history' the teacher became.

The first day of yoh and kimo on school was fun for the both of them. Kimo still had his remarks about humans and his god appearance. The classmates who heared yoh telling about kimo having brain damage, where just laughing about the jokes kimo was telling them.

Yoh made his first human friend with a little guy named Manta Oyamade.

They had a lot to talk about, and had fun with bullying Kimo.


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