Shaman king a new yoh asakura
2 Living in Tokyo
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Shaman king a new yoh asakura
Author :melody17995
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2 Living in Tokyo

" Kimo!!! What did you do to the food !!! All the noodles are gone " Yoh screamed in the new house in Tokyo.

Yoh and kimo lived for two months in Tokyo, there yoh showed kimo the human world the food and the culture.

Kimo was fascinated about it especial the noodles became his favorite, if yoh buyed it than a few hours after it will despair in the stomach of kumi.

Kimo appeared in the kitchen besides yoh in his blue appareance had a sad face.

" I am sorry yoh I think there was a thief, who stole all the food, human thief stole the food here, we must captured it yoh" Kimo lied he did eat it all but it was to fun to make a story up to yoh.

" a thief who stole the food, kimo do you think I am still a child, a thief will not steal food they will steal money, if you make a story up make a good one, you will go to the shop and will buy new food " yoh said angry, and trew money to kimo his face, next he walked away to his bedroom to meditate.

Did I make yoh angry, huhhmm that never happend before what is wrong with him, I think something is bothering him, Kimo thougth when looking to yoh.

Kimo made his appareance looking like a human, this was a power from kimo he could transform his appareance what he did seem fit.

His human form adapted the blue appearance by making the human form of kimo with blue hair and eyes.

It was the only thing he couldn't change his blue form would show in every form he maked.

Kimo walked out of the house to the shop buying new food for yoh and him.

In house the bedroom yoh was meditating, he did this sometimes to think about what he will do, does he want to join the shaman fight, what will he wish for and what were those strange dreams about so many humans death lost there lives.

Was the great spirit telling him something if he didn' t join the fights than that will be the future of this world.

But which shaman wants to destroy the humans, he didn' t shares his visions with kimo because in one he saw kimo being killed.

Yoh was scared that he wasn't strong enough with kimo next to his side, he thought that he could do it, but that dream of his dead made him afraid that because of him kimo died.

Yoh had tears on his face, he was always alone before he met kimo, he felt alone, the people saw him than as a monster.


Yoh his past before kimo

Yoh was three old when he walked to the village that was close to his home.

He saw childeren playing with a ball there where throwing it in the air to eachother, yoh was fascinated by it and want to join.

Yoh walked to the five childeren playing and ask to join with the game.

" I don't know you, which village have you come from"  one of the child ask yoh.

" I came up from that mountain there is were a live with my family" yoh said to the childeren.

When yoh told it the childeren were shocked they backed away from him.

Yoh was confused he didn' t do anything wrong did he?

" you... youu are one of those MONSTTERS!!!, monster leave us alone go back to you mountain, we don' t want your kind here" the childeren shouting one by one.

They other villagers heared what the childeren were talking about, they also cursed yoh.

" demon child, monster stay away from the childeren, he may look like us but he isn't" the villagers shouted to yoh.

The villager trew rock against yoh, yoh who didn't understand it felt pain from the rocks and the words of the humans.

Yoh was crying out " nooo.. I am not a monster or demon child, I am a human like all of you" yoh said helpess.

The villages people didn't listen to yoh, they wanting him gone, they made fire and threw it to yoh.

Yoh felt his clothing burning up and he felt pain of the burning flesh.

" please.... I only want to make friends" yoh said with despair in his voice.

" who want to friends with you, just die no one will be crying for you, go back to hell where you came from" the villages shouting.

Something changed in yoh his eyes became cold his hairs looks to be growing, the air became colder.

The villagers who were wachting the fires burn yoh alive were confused.

The flames were dancing on yoh's body, he did tame the flames it didn't hurt his flesh anymore.

It looked like yoh was a different person, he looked not liked the three year old child anymore, he was looking to the villagers with a cold smirk on his face and his eyes burning with flames.

' so tiny humans' yoh said with a cold voice, the flames from his body burnt the humans and the village was burn to ash in a single night.

Yoh with his eyes closed was siting from a distant of the village.

The village was on flames, no one was spared.

The askura family had thought that it was the enemy who did it, they didn't suspect there grandchild yoh to have done this.

Even yoh couldn't tell them it was him, because after the villagers set him in flames. There was a voice calling to him, do you want the pain to end, I can help you, I am apart of you call me and I will save you.

Yoh accepted the voice, that's when he blacked out.

He woked up on his bed only feeling the pain of the words of the humans in his mind caling him monster.

End flashback.

Yoh walked to the window, he was looking outside.

The sky was already dark with shining stars, he heard kimo was already home making dinner for them both.

Yoh sighed and wiped the tears of his eyes.

I have to do it, maybe it is a good idea to go to a high school, he would blend in and train for the tournament what will happen after four months.

Kimo shouted from the kitchen to yoh that dinner was ready. Yoh joined kimo downstairs.

From a place in Japan.

A young boy with long brown hair, clothed with a white poncho, wearing star earings was looking in a campfire.

Behind him there where standing shamans with strong power, there was only one little girl with brown skin, large black afro with a orange headband she was clothed with a orange ponco, and she was  looking innocent.

" Have you seen it Hao-sama, when will we leaving opacho want to see more of Japan" the little girl said to the young boy.

" Soon opacho, first I want to see my old family and after that we will go to Tokyo, to look for a important person" the young boy named Hao said.

A red appareance appeared after that the shamans disappeared.


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