Shaman king a new yoh asakura
1 The new beginning
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Shaman king a new yoh asakura
Author :melody17995
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1 The new beginning

Little different from the shaman king.

Yoh Asakura: A friendy twelve years old boy.

He is a shaman, he can talk to spirit and ghost because he is a medium between the word of the living and the dead.

Appearance: he has neck length dark brown hair, and he loves to wears his orange earphones behind his ears.

Yoh was trained by his grandfather yohmei Asakura for the shaman tournament.

The winner would be chrowned shaman king and will rule for 500 years.

His grandfather thought he was weak because yoh never did succeed in his training.

But he wasn't weak he just hide everthing of power that he know.

He will play the weak guy because than they will not force him to participate in the shaman tournament.

He want to makes on choices, if he want to participate than he will, but not because his family was ordering him.

Yoh was a smart kid for his age, his brains were more of wisdom than even his grandfather Yohmei Asakura.

When his grandfather taught him to contact to the spirits, he would act like he couldn't do it.

His grandfather would than always say " you are to weak, how are going to win the tournament with this strength. You are just hopeless. Something I wonder if you are really my grandchild".

Than his grandfather would leave him for two hours to make the connecting, but yoh would tell him that he always failed.

But yoh lied he did make a connecting.

There was Kimo the water spirit, who would talk to yoh when the old man was gone.

They became friends and told each other many things.


Name: Kimo

Live/ born: From another planet

in the universium.

Type: Water spirit.

Class: Kami

Like: Peace, Noodles, Yoh asakura.

When Yoh was twelve years old they know each other for seven years.

Yoh told Kimo that he did go to Tokyo.

His parents and grandparents did know about this ,they thaught it would be a good journey for him to know the world outside.

When Kimo heard of this he bacame sad.

He jumped back in the water, and cry because his friend would leave him.

Yoh seen his friend back in the water became guilty.

" KIMO!!!"

Yoh shouted but kimo did not answer. Yoh sat close to the water of the river. He became sleeping from waiting for hours and fell asleep in a sitting poistion.

When Kimo came back out of the river, he saw yoh in a deep sleep.

" I can't force him to stay here, we are friends but what would I do if he is gone. For the last thousand years his live was in sadness. He hated everything and if a living creature would step in the river. Than he would kill them. But why what made Yoh than so different".

Kimo thought.


A five years old Yoh asakura was walking in the forest.

He had a fight with his grandfather about is training to becoming a shaman.

But he didn't like it the training what is grandfather did was too boring he did know what he would say about the nature and making a shikigami. It was like he did that already a hunderd times before.

He would say to his grandfather " this is too boring and I am too lazy to care about that trainig"

His grandfather became angry and used force on yoh. Yoh dashed far in the forest against a three.

His head hurt because of it, " aahhhhh , I don' t care about your training bacause I know it already, everthing you say is not something new" but he could not tell that to is grandfather, what would he say.

He walk to the forest to is home.

On the journey he saw a river, nobody was there no human, he even saw not a fish in the water.

He found it strange why was a not a living thing here, curious he walked to the river.

He saw the reflection of himself on his forehead a big red hump was seen.

" when I am old enough and leave that old man will pay for this" yoh speaks.

A blue angry appearance was seen hoping out of the river.

Yoh busy looking at the reflection hadn't seen it.

The blue appearance did fly with a high speed to yoh.

Yoh who was standing no looking at the whole rive saw the blue appearance.

He felt a killing intent, he made a protecting barrier with his hands.

" protecting of the two elements earth and water" yoh shout.

The blue appearance float before yoh. " what is your matter here, didnt you see this land is ruled by a power you can't even understand" the appearance first wan't to kill the intruder, but when he saw the barrier he look to the person, it was a little child. Maybe it was lost he tought, he talk for the firt time to a human of this planet.

" Hella blue my name is Yoh Asakura, I came a lot to this forest to train with my grandfather, but he became angry and dumped me here alone, I saw this river and was curious, I am really sorry if a intrupted you with something"

Yos said.

The blue appearance looked at Yoh it could feel the human thought and felt what the child was saying was the truth. But what did he call me BLUE!!!

What is that for name I am the god Kimo feared in the universium.

" You human named Yoh how dare you call me that sort of name, my name is GOD Kimo, you should fear me I could kill you in the blink of the eye, but I see your powers and you are too young, but I never give seconde chances, so leave now and never come back" Kimo said.

Yoh listed to kimo a god?? Is this spirit drunk of something, he is angry maybe if a gave him something than he will calm down.

Yoh had a little backpack with food in it, huhmm chocolate I have and cold noodles.

He tooked it out of his backpack, "You say your name is Kimo maybe we have start the wrong way, I have her human food chocolate it's called and noodles but maybe that's too cold" yoh said.

Kimo floated to Yoh, he captured the choclate and the noodles both of Yohs hands.

" What is this strange supstance" Kimo said.

Kimo took a bite of the chocolate, but his face clouded.

He spit the chocolate out of his mouth. " This is awfull, do you want to poision me to kill me!!! "Kimo said angry to Yoh.

" No the taste is different what everyone like, but maybe you like the noodles, I will ate also a little bit so than you can see that there is no poision in the food" Yoh said, he walk to Kimo and took a little from the noodles and put it in his mouth.

Kimo saw what yoh did he also took a little from the noodles.

" This.....this.... is wonderfull food, what was the name of it noodles, strange name but it taste is very good" Kimo said happy, he ate everthing from the noodles and left nothing for yoh behind.

Yoh looked with a hungry face but was happy that the blue one was happy.

With this the friendship of Kimo and Yoh started. If yoh came to him he always brougth noodles.


Kimo was so in thought that he didn't noticed that yoh already was awake.

"Kimo I see that you are sad, but I will promise that I will come every year to see you ones" yoh said to him.

" but what if I want to go On your adventure" Kimo said, he was thinking about it rivers where every where on this planet, but you was one person. He didn't want to leave him but go with him.

" I didn't think about that Kimo but that is a great idea, if we partcipate in the tournament, would you like to be my guardian ghost?? Than we will become a team" yoh said.

" your guardian ghost, what must I do than watch you fight and me myself eating noodles next to you??? " Kimo said confused, he didn' t know what yoh meant with that.

" no you will help me fight, we fight together in spirit form, but first we have to train together, I will move to Tokyo will you come with me Kimo" yoh said to him, his hand pulled out.

GO With yoh to Tokyo and fight together, eating noodles with yoh.

" YES I will come with you Yoh we will win it, because I am god Kimo too easy for me" Kimo said to yoh.

Kimo floated to yoh and grabed yoh by the back.

Yoh walked out of the forest with Kimo on his back, with a new journey beginning making friends and finding enemies.

So this is the first chapter.

Byebye, .


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