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Return of the young miss : rightfull empress of hell the white phoenix
Author :White_Sky
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1 Return

On a bright and peaceful day in the Luo Mountains in the North Wave Empire a mesmerizing girl is chased by a group of men in black cloaks. She managed to kill a few of them but they were too strong for her to handle even with all the spiritual treasures she had with her. So she decided to run. She ran as fast as she could but eventually she ran out of stamina because her spiritual power was not as strong as her pursuers'. One of the men caught up with her and threw her on the ground. He looked at her, his eyes brimming with lust and desire, his hand ripped her clothes apart and tailed across her body making sure to feel every inch of her body.

[What do you want from me? Why are you doing this to me? Why…mhmhm]

The girl's soft and now exhausted voice was stopped by the man's lips. His tongue forced its way inside her mouth. Then he moved his mouth next to her ear and whispered in low and hoarse voice.

[This is not the time for you to ask "why?" now is the time for you to think of a way to please this master, If you do good this master may keep you as a toy to play with.]

The girl's eyes filled with fear and despair, tears flow down her exquisite face. She struggled to free herself but the man held her tightly under him. He took of his robes of and revealed his manhood to the girl. He forced her to watch as he inserted his member inside of her. She screamed as she felt the pain of having her virginity stolen.

After the man was satisfied he signaled the other men to have a go as well.

After the girl was fully played with and barely clinging to life the men turned around to leave and one of them asked.

[Boss why did we leave her alive.]

[That man wishes it this way, anyway we will get paid and the loot from this girl is not bad either so why bother.]

Answered the first man

[Yes, yes we hit the rich this time, who would think that we will have the chance to play with the number one pampered miss in the empire and she would have so many treasures?]

Another man said.

As they were walking away the exhausted voice of the girl sounded behind them.

[You will pay for this. I will return as a ghost and will make all of you pay.]

Using the last of her strength she pierced the skin of her neck with her nails and tore the blood vessels apart.

Her body fell lifeless on the ground and three wisps of golden light flew in to sky, from her dantian, her heart and her head, fused into one and flew in to sky. After the wisps flew away black clouds gathered, the sky darkened, thunder roared and a ray of purple light, one meter wide, descended from the sky and slammed into the corpse of the young lady.

Her long black hair and already pale skin turned pure white. Her deep black eyes became bright purple. The wound on her neck closed as if it was never there.

The grass and the trees around her withered. The animals and beasts in the mountains ran away as fast as they could, they sensed death descending from the sky.

Before the men could even realize what happened. Oppressive aura forced them to retreat a few steps back. When they turned to see what is going on they saw the young lady they left on the verge of death staying proudly amidst purple flames. A wide smile formed on her face and white razor sharp teeth were revealed.

She slowly raised her hand and the flames around her danced at the movements of her hand. They concentrated in her palm and formed a scythe. The appearance of the scythe forced the black clocked men out of their daze.

[I Luo Lin Yue have come back to make you pay.]

Her soft and childlike voice made the men to cower in fear, because it was the same voice that pleaded for mercy just a minute ago. The voice was the same but the tone and demeanor were completely different. This was not the innocent and bright young miss of the general's estate, this was a monster that crawled out of the pits of hell in the skin of a little girl.

The men turned around and ran as fast as they could. Lin Yue tapped her leg on the ground and disappeared from her place and reappeared right before the fleeing men. With a single swing of the scythe the men became eunuchs. They fell on the ground from the pain and looked at the girl with eyes filled with fear and despair, the same way she looked at them before.

{Earth and water, nature's might: "Entangle"} (Entangle in English)

As she said those words the earth opened and roots came out coiling themselves around the men immobilizing them completely.

Lin Yue slowly walked next to the leader, grabbed his neck with her left and whispered in his ear:

[Who sent you?]

[Th…the second prince.]

The man answered.

'As if I would tell you, now go and eliminate the last threat to the third prince, you monster.'

The man sneered in his mind.

Lin Yue's aura exploded, she looked in his eyes with her demonic eyes and asked with voice filled with anger:


[Because if you marry the third prince he will definitely become the emperor. You are the pampered granddaughter of "Immortal Ye"]

'The third prince does not want to be a henpecked man.'

He had a plan in case of failure to shift the blame to the second prince and his family will be supported by the third prince even if he failed. Unfortunately, his plan failed miserably.

[So he doesn't want to be henpecked. HAAHHAHA]

Lin Yue laughed maniacally as the pressure she radiated increased causing the men to bleed from their eyes and noses.


'Did she read my mind?'

[Yes, I did.]

As Lin Yue said the last word, needles grew on right her hand and she inserted them into his head.

He shivered and then his body stopped moving.

[[[[Brother Han]]]]

At this moment the other men, who were petrified out of fear, snapped out of their daze.

She smiled at them with cute and innocent smile and said with childish voice:

[Don't worry he is not dead he is just seeing his biggest nightmare again and again. Do you want a taste of my bone needles?]

Before they could even beg for mercy, she had already stabbed their brains with needles.


The roots that held the men disappeared into the ground and the soil mended together.

She put her hand in front of her mouth and five little centipedes crawled out. Then she put the centipedes into each of the men's mouths.

[Eat and grow my little ones.]

She smiled and vomited mouthful of blood.

'Fuck, breaking through time broke my core, I'm losing power.'

She staggered and almost fell on the ground. Steadying herself Lin Yue set forth to her home. As she walked everything around her turned to dust, but the area that got destroyed shrank as time passed until only her steps destroyed.

When she saw a group of soldiers her body surrendered to the fatigue and collapsed. Just before she lost consciousness she turned her eyes and half of her hair back to black.

As the soldiers saw a girl walking alone under the summer sun in the middle of the day they thought that it was strange furthermore she was dragging a giant weapon and had no clothes on. When the commander saw her collapsing ordered his men to go and help.

'Something is not right. Why is the trail like this?'

As the commander was pondering one of his subordinates yelled.

[Commander Cho it is the young miss of the Luo clan and her condition is not good.]

Ass commander Cho heard those words his face paled. He had to do perfect investigation.

[Bring the young miss to the general's home and tell them what happened I will investigate.]

As he commanded he gathered his spiritual power and dashed to follow the death trail Lin Yue left.

[Storms will shake the capital]

Commander Chou murmured.


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