Reborn in the Shinobi World as a Sarutobi
50 ch50 after the war time skip edited
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Reborn in the Shinobi World as a Sarutobi
Author :IntactReincarnator
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50 ch50 after the war time skip edited

(These are events that happened after the war)

Minato Namikaze was named the 4th Hokage of Konoha as Orochimaru decline the position in favor of his research which was advancing allot. Kakashi Hatake after the trauma of losing 2 teammates (one presume dead and the other one well no longer the same, becoming a secluded and joining as a assistant to Orochimaru also changing her name to Shiro as Rin now was dead at least in name and added on the Fallen Hero's monument) made him go into the darker path and join Anbu also involving himself on the Sharingan project.

Mito Gal, Ko Hyuga, and Asuma Sarutobi were promoted to Jounnin. While Anko Mitarashi, Gekko Hayate , Raido and Genma were promoted to chunnin. Also Raido and Genma join the personal Anbu of the 4th Hokage.

Anko Mitarashi and Ibiki joined Konoha's interrogation squad unit.

Project Sword (where they train, SwordGod,WaterGod,NorthGod style), as bring good candidates enough to be graduated as sword specialist and taijutsu users under the program letting civilian ninjas without chakra to graduate and become official Gennins no longer being  Gennin corps. The program even had some with enough potential to be officially naming Special Chunnins since they are involved in the sword and taijutsu specialization. Creating for the first time a specialize unit for taijutsu and kenjutsu program.

Gekko Hayate becomes one of the main instructors of the Sword Project, along with Mito Gal and Mito Duy now known as the Taijutsu instructor and Senior members that had advance to the Saint Rank and capable of creating Sonic Blade attacks. With sometimes with special lessons given by Lord Danzo himself since he drops by once in a while looking for talents to join his Root program.

Gekko Hayate also been going with some medical treatments given by Orochimaru as they have finished curing him from his congenital disease.  Gekko no longer is sick but because of his long years with his disease he still had his dark eye lid looks as if he hadn't had sleep, he no longer coughs either but he does it sometimes out of habit.

(All of this happened within 1 year after the war)

(Within the 2nd year after the war)

Po Hyuga challenge for the Patriach position winning and defeating the current head, and reforming the Clan by first removing the current law of having the Branch Family branded with the cage bird seal. This was seeing with opposition from the older generation as a clan war ensued. Not lasting but more than 2 days as Po faction suppressed and eliminated the opposition. This was done swiftly as it didn't interrupted or weakened Konoha at all since Po Hyuga and his right hand man Ko Hyuga had support from the other clans like the Uchiha, Shimura, Yamanaka and the Sarutobi clan. Which help contain the chaos of their civil war within the clan. The second reform by Po Hyuga was that members could marry outside the clan as long they were still citizens of Konoha.

Thanks to this reforms it also allowed freedom to the branch members on not only serving the main clan but also to serve Konoha, several Hyuga's joined the branches of Konoha's military police, some to Root and some under the Anbu of the Hokage. As some became teachers in the Ninja Academy while some still felt to stay and work for the main clan. Hyuga Hizashi became one of the leaders of Konoha's Military police alongside Fugaku Uchiha removing past grudges as competitors of the strongest eye Gekkei Kekkai users.

The previous head Hiashi Hyuga step down and started working under Po Hyuga as an advisor for the clan also calming the older generation that gave in to the changes.

Kakashi joined Root for their more specialize training under the "King's techniques" as also having his own team with, Yugao known as "Cat" and Popo who join root with his code name "9 Fingers"  doing Risky missions for Root.

Asuma Sarutobi leaves Konoha taking along her wife as he joins the fire temples 12 shinobi guardians being under the Fire Daimyo direct command. Asuma also starts practicing and learning the "Welcoming Approach:Thousand Armed-Murder" (this is the golden Buddha/Ashura representation armor similar to Susanno but human size armor) from the Fire Temple along Chiriku who he becomes acquaintance with at the fire temple.

Asuma also still keeps in contact with Orochimaru via telecommunication scroll to keep updated on the research projects while also working on the beginning stages of Monkey: Sage mode or imperfect sage mode as he now daily drinks from a gourd some peach nature chakra wine given by Uloong himself to refine his body slowly to get him accustomed to sage chakra/sage mode.

(Within the 3rd year after the war)

Minato Namikaze marries Kushina Uzumaki as a few attended his wedding keeping it a secret only to some clan members like, Hiruzen and Byakko Sarutobi, Lord Danzo Shimura, Hiashi Hyuga, Fugaku and Mikoto Uchiha and Jiraiya.

Lluvia Sarutobi returns from the fire temple as she is pregnant with child. Making Byakko and Hiruzen happy but at same time dissatisfied that Asuma didn't return with her to see his daughter birth which ended named Mirai Sarutobi by the wishes of Asuma as he already plan her name before birth. Mirai was born with beautiful black navy blue curly/wavy hair with sky blue eyes.

Mikoto Uchiha also had a pregnancy and birthed Sasuke Uchiha, becoming Fugaku's second son.

Orochimaru's success on creating a procedure for the Artificial Sharingan Project happened this year. This Sharingan is mostly only given to the top Medic Ninjas who don't have Sharingan. Compared to the Uchiha's Sharingan this one is actually accustom to the users DNA also the color for this Artificial Sharingan [AS] are color yellow and are much better than regular 3 tomoe sharingan since it also as the ability of x-ray and long distance of a Byakkugan! At the moment the only users are Orochimaru, Shiro(previously known as Rin), Kabuto Kabushi (new personal assistant of Orochimaru), Lord Danzo and the top 12 Medic ninjas on Konoha at the moment. As plans to expand it to other is on hold till prove trust worthy for the procedure.

Another thing was that the Artificial Gekkei Kekkai project, manage to get some results creating the wood elemental bloodline from the first Hokage! The volunteer was a kid with a rare "disease" were they could turn their body to smoke but if strong winds hit him he would disperse and die if such thing occurred. To fix this Orochimaru tried to modify his disease or bloodline, this was a lucky shot since he succeeded on him as previous attempt had failed on the experimental subjects that were convicts. At the same time we had a wood release user again since the first Hokage, to keep his past a secret he was renamed Yamato and now works as an Anbu in Root learning to use his Wood release jutsus under Lord Danzo.

Thanks to this success Orochimaru managed to replicate the Hashirama cells to create artificial limbs that could be compatible with anyone.

The first to step up to this project was Lord Danzo himself as he was missing his right arm. Implanting him with a Hashirama cells arm also allowing him to do Wood Release jutsu's with that arm.(This is top secret and only Orochimaru,Hiruzen, Fugaku and the current Hokage knows about this.)

Project "Living Swords" as started to produce results as Konoha research department along with Danzo and Orochimaru have succeeded on creating 2 swords with the similar abilities to Samehada, this swords are not sentient but have the same abilities of chakra absorption and enhancing the user chakra with it. These pair of swords were named Shiroryu (white dragon) and Kuroryu (Black Dragon) and had become 2 relics made by Konoha as of now they are in storage and seal in a secure place since this weapons are being considered S-rank items.

From all the 7 Legendary Swords, Kirikagure only manage to bargain for Samehada, Himerakarei (chakramoldingsword) and Kubikiribocho(Zabuza's future sword). And it took them 3 years to repay us with compensation for them so Orochimaru had enough time to research them before given back to Kirikagure.

Raido, Genma and Iwashi the 4th Hokage personal guards learn the Hirashin(ThunderGod) from Minato Namikaze himself, giving success to previous learning with seals Raido is the only one from the 3, proficient enough to used it by himself, as for the other 2 need to work together to use it along Raido.

(Within the 4th year after the war)

Kushina Uzumaki gives birth to Naruto Uzumaki, alongside they get attack by a stranger who releases the Kyuubi within Konoha. The 4th Hokage sacrifices himself as he seals half of the Kyubi inside his son Naruto and the other one to himself. Thanks to Orochimaru, Kushina Uzumaki survives the ordeal after being dead for about 3hrs as thanks to the advances of medicine he manages to bring her back. Nothing could be done for the 4th Hokage since he used the shikigami(reaper seal) and no soul was left.

For weird reason Kushina's hair also lost her color as now she wears pale pink almost white hair. Took her 1 week of recovery as she couldn't believe her husband was dead. It was decided that the revelation of the Jinchuriki was to not be disclosed.

This was ordered by Hiruzen as he retook the seat of Hokage as Orochimaru decline the position again, as Danzo back up Hiruzen as he was also put in charge of being a teacher to Naruto alongside with Kushina who still had allot of chakra as a previous Jinchuriki and being a seal master herself. Naruto also took her mother's last name since Minato Namikaze had allot of enemies after the war. It was also decided that Naruto's father origin was not going to be disclose till he became chunnin so all pictures of Minato were remove from the residence, Kushina was mad at this but complied in the end.

The blame this time was not aim straight at the Uchiha since Lord Danzo himself also was on the field when the Kyubi attacked as they considered it was a rouge Uchiha that had a grudge against Konoha. So this was considered a isolated case. None the less a bounty was put for this Unknown Uchiha with the spiral mask.

Byakko Sarutobi,( Asuma's mother) among others older generation ninja's died fighting and protecting Konoha from the Kyubi, one being the father of Kusei and the parents of Iruka and Mizuki who died in the incident.

Asuma returns briefly for her mother's funeral staying about 3 months before getting back on duty as one of the Fire Daimyo's guard.

(2 years after the kyubi attack)

Two years after the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox's Attack, six of the Guardian Ninja – led by Kazuma – let their single goal of protecting the Land of Fire consume them into become radicals, believing that the status quo of the world was to delicate and the military resources of their country was wasted on Konohagakure with their more passive approach. Believing they had to "unite" the country under one leadership, the Fire Daimyō, they became determined to overthrow the Hokage and destroy the ninja village. At the same time, to ensure their country's continued safety and prosperity, they began making plans to invade and conquer the rest of the world under their country's authority. When the daimyō found out about this, he rejected the proposal and ordered the six loyal Guardian Ninja (Asuma Sarutobi, Chiriku, Kitane, Nauma, Tōu, and Seito) to stop the six conspirators. Of the twelve, only Asuma and Chiriku were known to survive the battle.

Even though the Guardian Ninja disbanded, its former members are still famed in criminal circles, earning them bounties on the black market: Chiriku has a bounty of 30 million ryō and Asuma has a bounty of 35 million ryō.

At the end of the year he returns into the service of Konoha again, now returning with the habit of carrying a wine gourd and a smoking a pack of medical cigarrates. Along a more prominent beard with side burns.

(8 years after Kyubi attack)

A faction of the Uchiha was still displeased with how they were. Fugaku reported this to the Hokage as he set it up for his son Itachi alongside his best friend Shisui to take the fall for the massacre of the rebels and conspirators. (Now working as double agents for the Hokage as they were assigned to infiltrate a organization called Akatsuki).

Asuma within these 8 years been training his daughter Mirai Sarutobi along her mother as they discovered Mirai had a Gekkei Kekkai similar to both her mother and father. Capable of turning to water and also ice at will and even reforming back. After testing her chakra affinity she had Absolute affinity to water,wind, and high affinity to Earth,Fire and mid-level affinity to Lighting.(she resemble allot to Hiruzen having all 5 elements)

Project "Living Swords" as produce new results as Asuma and Orochimaru created Kyuryu (9 dragons) a sword capable of multiplying the users attack with each consecutive hit as long it is not disrupted. And Hachiryu(8th Dragon) a sword capable of releasing chakra tentacles to attack from different directions with the ability to also seal the opponents chakra as long you succeed on enveloping  your target with all eight tentacles of chakra.

Project "Foreign Sharingan" as finally succeeded at integrating the Sharingan to Kakashi to full efficiency. No longer needing a weird pose to activate and the chakra drain was completely removed, making it his own from now on.(none the less he now has the habit of posing every time he activates his sharingan, saying that it adds coolness to his persona.)

(By: Author I just wanted to get to the main series so that's why the time skip, I know I am missing some stuff but I will add it later.)


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