Naughty Princess and the Gang
49 Amidst the storm
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Naughty Princess and the Gang
Author :laidbackprincess
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49 Amidst the storm

Bai Shin Lin's mission in securing Han Wu was a success. Now her next endeavor was Lou Ren.

However, faith really seems like to play with her that she couldn't find a trace of him.

Just where on Earth did he go? When she don't need him he popped up in front of her face. Now that she needs him, he's nowhere to be found.

He's not on his usual working place either.

Lou Ren! Just where are you?!

Her last resort, the place she went was Xiao's Room. Of course she will not disclose to him the part of their performance. She wants it be surprise.

Xiao was busy still burying his head over a pile of document. Somehow she felt guilty disturbing him. But he really needed to ask him where might Lou Ren be. In the end, her feet led her inside. This treacherous feet of her...

" Uhmm your quite busy your highness?"

(That's stupid of her to ask that! Of course his busy. Looking at the pile of papers on his table. Don't you have any more important questions to ask!)

Stupid Bai Shin Lin!

Xiao turn his head towards the door and was quiet stunned to see his visitor. He pretend that's hes super busy that somehow he meagerly acknowlegde the person in front of him. But deep inside he somewhat felt happy that she took her time visiting him. "There are lot of reports here, so I need to take care of it.."

"Ahh so your super busy your highness, maybe I should visit next time" as she said that she was ready to leave his room.

Xiao is a pretty concentrated person and just be an annoyance to him.

But Xiao abruptly stood from his sit and extended his hand as if he's in a hurry. "Wait!" Hes posture as a prince seems to dwindle at that moment when he's in a hurry inviting her. She doesn't even seem that she'll stay any longer.

"Your highness?" Bai Shin Lin turn her head towards him. Curiousity was plastered on her face.

"Now that you went your way over here, it'd be rude if I didn't offer anything" Xiao casually tone down his anticipation that she'll accept her offer.

"Your highness, but your busy. I'll be just a hindrance to your work"

"I decided to take a break. By the way you came all way here, do you have to something to talk to?"

Bai Shin Lin was in delimma. Would it be alright asking direct to the point where Lou Ren is? That seems to be out of character. What if he ask what he's business to Lou Ren? She can't just say that she'll recruit him because that will ruin the occasion.

" Your highness, if your this busy why don't I try to help you? "

(What are you talking Bai Shin Lin! You don't have enough time to waste your time like this. Tomorrow your performance already!) Her inner self exposes her true conscience.

(Just decline her offer prince Xiao!)

" I gladly like to accept your offer however these documents needs to be carefully address..." Xiao suddenly pause for a moment. He remembered what Lou Ren said that time when he saw her mind. She seems to have some knowledge about it. "... on the contrary, maybe you could help"

Even tough she didn't let him notice it but she was disappointed. Shit, now her precious time would be reduce.

He just want to find Lou Ren...

" By the your highness, I didn't saw Lou Ren today. He's usually the one in charge of these documents"

"Lou Ren went to some village. The village was quite poor and ask for assistance. He's giving aid to the poor there."

"That's where he was"

Whatttttt! Hes in a village!

"Your highness, when will he come back?"

"He'll be there for the next three days"

She's doom. Bai Shin Lin's main actor would be Lou Ren. How can she now create her band!

Before she could think anything Xiao handed her a few bunch of papers. He instructed her that those documents are needed to be stamp. Those documents are already been taken care of and thus needing an imperial seal only.

She was left stamping of those papers.

After finishing her task she look over his way, he was knitting his eyebrow while tendering a certain document. Slowly she went over the piles of documents thats been scattered and sorted those papers based on it's use. The floor became clean after all scatter papers has been organized.

After that she tap Xiao's shoulders to bade her goodbye since she already finishes her work.

So how would she address her problem now? How can she reach Lou Ren?


She went back to her room and slam her back against the soft cussion of the bed. Leng and Mei was eating on the table.

"Hey!" Maru popped out of nowhere.

"What's up kid... I'm sort of tired now, we can talk later."

"Your phone is black again. Whenever I tried to open nothing shows."

" It's low battery then. It needs to be replace."

Maru didn't stop pestering her fatique body. This kid. She has a problem that needed to be solve and she can't think straight when he's being nosy around. If only he could help him with that---


On the other hand, Maru can really help her! Why didn't she realized it sooner.

Her energy was drastically restored upon this realization and she happily faces the kid.

" Maru! Your my savior! Why I haven't realized sooner your ever magestic presence" hehe

Maru felt shivers all over " are you going crazy now?"

"Yes! I might be crazy if I haven't met you. Now then help me with my predicament and I'll give you 2 sets of battery?how's that?"

Maru upon hearing her, leapt in excitement.

This kid is just simple. Lucky she knows his weakness.

Together, Maru transported him to where Lou Ren is.
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    《Naughty Princess and the Gang》