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Naughty Princess and the Gang
Author :laidbackprincess
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48 Recruitmen

The next morning Bai Shin Lin woke up late. Today she decided not to attend class. They were all exhausted with the practice they had last night. If she could remember, they only slept in the morning with all the practise they had. She also included Xia in her group, although at first he was reluctant but when he knew what they are performing he jump in to her recruitment. Plus, his mood has become lighter ever since, he really like this stuff huh?

It's like killing two birds in one stone.

Xia, Lengleng and Mei are still asleep when she leave them.

Her performance doesn't end with them. She needs to recruit the main actors of this event. Kekeke. The taught makes her even more motivated.

She went to the training ground. Her first recruit would be in there.

The training ground for the soldiers was as usual. Pack with masculine half-naked men. When she take a look over those shining body cause by too much exercise, drool leaves her mouth.

Those six packed abs!

She's being side-track again.

Awhile latter, she spotted her main objective on the ground.

Now then…How she would approach him? Without acting conspicuous?

She went there dress in a servants clothes. Going there bearing the title of a princess would be quiet inappropriate to a princess. She doesn't want to disgrace her father with that.

She was holding a few cups and a light snacks. She delivers their food and watch over a chance to privately capture Han Wu.

She stood there for about a minute then she saw Han Wu walks away from the group. She runs as fast as she can and hide in the bushes. When he walks past her, that's the time she will ambush him.

Bai Shin Lin waited in a bushes and there she spotted him. A distance away from him. Good.

Just a little more steps.

Bai Shin Lin was so eager at that she wasn't realized earlier that he was heading towards her way!

Did he saw her when she hide!

If that's the case then it will lessen her trouble of ambushing him.

She patiently waited for him to approach her ….

However few seconds past but she didn't feel any sign of Han Wu.

What she heard next was somewhat a gush of seems like running water nearby!

Is there a faucet here?

When she turn to look back it was too late to realized!!!


Truth to be told, she caught a glimpse of it!!!

The sun was brightly shining. Today was somewhat hotter than compared to the days they were in.

Being a soldier means not neglecting your body fitness and agility. Anytime everyone will be pulled out to battled and need a strength and agility when battling. That is why, every day the soldiers are in training. They can't afford to rust while waiting to be pulled out.

When the servants came, they stop for a while and eat their portion of snacks. After awhile, Han Wu felt that he drank lots of water and felt the nature calling. The men's urinal pit seems to be under reconstruction.

That's when he decided to find the most secluded and private area.

Upon finding a thick bushes, he decided to do his business there. He unleash his underpants and aim for the bushes. While saving time there, he can contribute to the nourishment of the weeds since he knows that what he waters the plant will become a fertilizer for its growth. He felt satisfaction on his part!

That's when he heard someone squeal, and afterwards he saw someone… His fair and tanned complexion becomes pale and felt that his blood has been drained to his body. He felt he saw a ghost … no it's more than that a ghost, he saw his death before him.

Han Wu immediately closes his pants and face the cause if his demise.

If words come out, he will be beheaded.

The Prince's fiancée was curling herself beside the tree while her hands are fully covered in her face. Yet he could definitely know her even though she was wearing a servants clothes.

"Mi-milady…." Han Wu doesn't know how to approach her. "D-did y-you saw something?" even if it is awkward and inappropriate he needs to know. His life depends on the information that he could get from her.

"Bai Shin Lin who was feeling embarrass with the incident don't know how to face him. The situation is outrageous that somehow she doesn't want to see him in his entire life.

Truth to be told, she really didn't see the full thing. It's just that her eyes immediately went blur that moment it laid on it. She felt lucky for that. She owe that to her super sharp instinct.

After a minute, she tried to clasp her hands. Han Wu would be in trouble if her mouth will spout misleading words. She just need speak fewer words not to embarrass him.

"D-did y-you saw something?" she heard him spoke.

"… Nnn-o, my brain shutdown immediately upon sensing the impending calamity" upon hearing, she heard him sigh. As if a whole mountain has been lifted on his chest

They were rendered speechless for a moment.

"Let's forget about that!!!"

"yes" he chimed in.

Han Wu go with her suggestion and their topic changes with her recruitment on him.

Upon hearing, he was reluctant. He was never been on stage and he will just shame her performance. However, she was still insisting. She said that she will take care of it. Whatever the result.

"I can't afford to take an absent. The general will grill me if he can't find me here." Bai Shin Lin fully know. That the general that he was speaking was his father.

"I'll take care of that also" She said in full confidence.

Han Wu pause and thinks for a while.

"I just really need you to say yes, please…?"Bai Shin Lin offer her most sincerely sparkling eyes.

eehhhh. Han Wu was taken aback. If the commander saw this, he knows he will immediately be targeted on the spot.

{Princess, I really like to live long…please don't do that please?}

This princess would take almost half of his life if he continues to be with her.
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    《Naughty Princess and the Gang》