Naughty Princess and the Gang
47 Midnight Stroll
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Naughty Princess and the Gang
Author :laidbackprincess
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47 Midnight Stroll

It was night when they reach the Imperial Palace.

Lengleng was dumbfounded with what she saw. Certainly she knew that Bai Shin Lin was a nobility but never did she imagine that she's living inside the palace. With the way she act, she taught that she's some daughter of a somewhat clean noble in the outskirt of town.

"Come on" when she look at her she was extending her hands. She took her hand and went down the carriage. They already enter the main gate and walking towards her residence.

Earlier, when they reach the academy a carriage was already waiting for her. A beautiful woman went down the carriage. Lengleng, as a courtesy bow down to her head towards the lady. Bai Shin Lin smile awkwardly to her. Later she knew that girl is just an attendant. She's more beautiful than a princess and her way is more elegant than anyone plus he's a man!

While on their way, she could feel an ominous glare being throw by that attendant towards Princess Lin, however the other party seems not to mind it and continue talking to her. She doesn't want the Princess to be scolded because of her so apologized at their unannounced visit at first.

"I'm sorry for the convenience me and my sister brought" Leng was talking to Xia and sincerely giving her apology.

The woman just smile at her but she could feel the dark clouds hanging at her back. She then transfer her sinister smile to Princess Lin and gives her a shivering sense.

"If there's someone whose fault it is, I do surely know who it is…Right?" She said while her attention to the Princess.

Princess Lin answer her sarcasm with a laughter "hahaha, who knows I don't really know. Why don't we just let this slide for a moment since neither of the party will be at the disadvantage? If you continue being grumpy, your face will become wrinkly and will old twice as your age."

"I wonder whose face will suffer a wrath afterwards" Xia

It's like a battle between a hyena and a tigress.

Leng was confused were to head her stare. Both has strong personality that will not back down any moment.

"Do you feel, inconvenience Leng that I brought you here?" Bai Shin Lin turning towards her.

"ahh, no Milady. It's the contrast. I feel lucky that you invited me in your magnificent palace"

Bai Shin Lin turns her head again to Xia

"See, she was happy. So no regrets right?"

She could see the woman's eyebrow, perk upward.

Leng lean towards Bai Shin Lin's ear and whisper, "maybe we should consider revisiting sometime. It seems your attendant in against it. After all were talking about the palace here"

Bai Shin Lin shakes her head. It should be today.

She was just advice not to mind her attendant. He's always like that.

Now that she was inside the palace, Bai Shin Lin led them to her room. The attendant that was with them was nowhere to be found.

A young maidservant enters their room. Bringing snacks to their party.

Leng turn around to inspect the surrounding and she was mesmerized. What kind of room is this? The decorations, up to the things inside are somewhat strange to her. Even though she's familiar with high class standard of living, but this ambiance exudes a weirdly sense.

Bai Shin Lin's room exudes a room similar to her world. A fluffy bed. A simple working table with bookstand and pencil holder. A battery type-rice cooker, oven and electric fan. Since there is no electricity she can't still afford to have electric base appliances. All of these were the things Xia summoned for her.

Leng was served with a strange snack.

A crystalline glass of black water was serve to her. Along with a wrapped circly thing.

She took it, looking suspicious at Bai Shin Lin.

However, upon putting the foods on the table, Bai Shin Lin immediately gobbled up her portion. Like a hungry leopard that haven't eaten for a month.

Mei followed Bai Shin Lin and gobbled the food.

"!" Mei expressions sky-rocked.

"Sister! This is so good!"

Leng followed Mei and started to eat her share.

This is different from the foods that she had eaten in her entire life. Plus the bubbly effect on her mouth of the liquid that she drank leaves an oozing feeling inside.

"What is this?!"

"Taste fantastic right? It's my favourite. Burger and coke after a long journey!!!"


"Oh, that thing you ate is called Jollibee burger. I kinda prefer their burger over other brands."

"Where did you buy this?! I want to buy like this also!"

"Oops, it's a trade secret. But don't worry I plan to sell this on the market. But not just now. I am still searching on the process of this…." I can't always have Xia, summoned this for me.

"I will be your first customer if you sell this! I will buy a lot of this!"


Bai Shin Lin found her first ever customer.

"Sister, can I have some more?" Mei is a growing child so her appetite is quite large. Leng tried to stop her sister of having seconds since they are just their visitor and it seems rude.

But Bai Shin Lin, order her maidservant to get some more and serve to them.

She felt happy inside. Truthfully Leng also wants more of the black juice. She just can't voice it out.

They started to eat their second batch of those burger and coke.

Bai Shin Lin was the happiest for the moment. Simply for her, food taste better when share to someone.

After when their all full. Bai Shin Lin decided to tour them inside the castle.

"uhm to the left is the training ground for the soldier. To the north is the residence of the emperor as well as the imperial family. If you go over that portion you can see a beautiful garden of red roses as well as a fountain. "

They all decided to go to that place.

The moon shines brighter today.

The three people under the lustrous moon explore the serenity of the bright night. Laughter can be heard over the garden. They started to talk a lot of things over the fountain that offers clear water. They were so happy for the moment, and somehow Bai Shin Lin forgot the purpose of their visit.




Yui was walking on that night. She came from the prison that held her brother. She wasn't able to tame him. He's still cooping inside his cell and didn't want anyone to approach him. Atleast these time, he doesn't attack her randomly. He just let her on his side caressing him.

Right now she was walking towards his highness chamber. She wants to report about her advancement towards his brother. The prince chamber was slightly open. She peek to take a look inside. Prince Xiao was still working on some papers. It was already late at night. She taught her visit would be in vain since she taught he would be sleeping already. She caught him, sighing a few times while pinching his forehead.

She immediately dash the opposite direction of his room. She headed towards the kitchen to prepare some revitalizing tea for him. On her return, she pass a noisy brats giggling while playing under the moon. They were so noisy that maybe their noise could be heard over his room. She step forward over the group of three people and slowly bow her head for courtesy. The three people saw her and their attention was completely stolen by her.

"I suggest that please, tone down your noise. There might be someone who are working over their duty tonight. And I will appreciate if you fully head my words." Her smile was alluring and seducing that they all went into silent.

Bai Shin Lin bow to her. As response. "I apologize. Rest assured that we fully receive your suggestion"

At their response Yui leaves the place and enters his chambers.

"Highness, please have this tonic. You are working towards a mountain of papers and I suggest that you take a break for a while"

Xiao pause for a moment but didn't stop what his doing. "Lou Ren came here also with the same intention with yours. I will take a break when I know it's the time"

"I see" Yui

"You didn't walk towards this room just to deliver your tea right?" Xiao, stop for a moment and sip the cup in front of him.

"Ah, yes that is. It seems that he is opening a little to me. Just a little more time and he will eventually open up" She said referring to the man in prison

Xiao, finishes the cup and went back to his work.

"You're the only one who patiently working over him, I hope your effort will not be in vain in the future. Is there something you want to add?"

Yui shakes her head. " Nothing to add your highness"

"Then, you may go now"
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    《Naughty Princess and the Gang》