Naughty Princess and the Gang
46 Preparation for the Academy Even
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Naughty Princess and the Gang
Author :laidbackprincess
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46 Preparation for the Academy Even

"Director, who is she? Why are you treating her like that?" Wei Lan protested when it was the two of them left inside the room.

Zhang pause for a moment then turn her head towards her junior while clasping her two hands at the back" You don't need to know. Her guardian request a sole secrecy of her identity. If I can't make that simple instruction how will this school proceed in taking more students."

"So there is really something to her..." Wei Lan thought for a seconds.

He better watch out for his actions in the future towards her. He doesn't know whom he will be clashing with. Upon thinking that Wei Lan felt an uneasiness. That's when the Director patted his left shoulder " do not worry, her guardian is an up wright person with regards to his decision. If he knows it can bring out her inner capabilities, he will not hinder. Be just who you are and do things that you felt right."

"Director Zhang...."Wei Lan teared a little with her preaching.

"However..." Zhang become serious this time " I don't want to encounter things like this in the future."

"Yes Ma'am!"








It's okay.

Even though Bai Shin Lin started late. It won't make a hindrance for her. She's been waiting for this opportunity to rise and she won let it waste. It's the last day of preparation of the upcoming event and she's doing her best to make an outfit. There was no dress that caught her attention inside the academy so she decided to make on her own. She could even think of her own style and design in accordance with the clothes she have. Her classmates were kind to her that they offer various jewels and accessories for her dress. They weren't that bad, the only one who she's having difficulty in dealing with is Mingxi.

As she step out for a minute and when she gets back her almost finish self made dress was torn to shred.

Bai Shin Lin felt outrage!

This girl will not stop until she fail. She pinch the temple of her forehead. While trying to subside the anger that was about to explode inside, one student tap her shoulder.

" You can use my dress Miss. I have a spare one. You will not finish it until tomorrow, now that your dress was torn" the girl smile purely to her.

Who was she again? Bai Shin Lin felt guilty not knowing her name.

"Thank--" as she was about to accept this girl's offer, the culprit of the scenario enters.

"Omo! Looks like you really are poor. Why don't I lend you some of my luxury dresses. They are personally tailed for myself by a famous seamstress. It will look good on an ordinary person like you"

The girl whom handed to her a dress felt dejected and runaway.

" You really are craving for attention huh?"

Bai Shin Lin couldn't take the insult she was having and decided to stand on her.

"What!" She glared at her.

Bai Shin Lin walk slowly towards Mingxi, maybe she wasn't anticipating that she would retaliate. Her expressions are quiet shock.

Bai Shin Lin walk past her, but she stop just when she's a few steps near her. " I'll let you off this time, remember you'll pay after the event."

Saying that in an emotionless manner, Bai Shin Lin continue to walk past her.

Mingxi felt frozen from her standing. The moment she said those words, that girls expression turn to that of a fierce tiger. She wasn't able to budge.

It took few seconds for her to digest all that happened.

(You think you can scare me! hmp)

Having a lot of confidence huh? Let's see you performance tomorrow.

She went out of the classroom. She was the representative of the beauty pageant of their school so there a lots of stuff for her to prepared.




Bai Shin Lin decided to skip class. Well it doesn't really sound skipping classes because the whole academy is busy in preparation and no one would notice her disappearance.

She secretly got outside the academy and headed alone in the market.

She decided to visit Leng for a while. LengLeng was a theatrical actress that she had met and she could learn a lot from her. Putting a red cloak she walk the way through the bustling street of the busy market.

Upon reaching her destination, she knock three times in front of the door.

It was a young girl who open the door.

"Long time no see Mei"

Mei was utterly shock seeing a familiar face in front of her. She felt ecstatic upon seeing her for a long time.

Unexpectedly, she shut the door close and run shouting to Leng. "Sister! Sister we have a visitor!"

Leng snap out from what she is doing and catch the grasp of her jumping little sister."You are excited Mei, tell me who is it?"

Mei Puff and huff her chubby cheeks and proudly inform her. " It was the dumb little missy"

Leng's eyebrow twitch and question came through her mind. Who's this dumb little missy?

Mei, upon seeing the late reaction of her sister she pouted her tiny lips ," it's Miss Bai Shin Lin!"

As quick as it is, Leng stood up and hurriedly open the door and there she saw an elegant person standing in front of her house. Out of her excitement, she immediately hugged her. The girl return the hug also.

Upon remembering her action. Leng withdraw herself and led her inside.

"It's nice to see you Leng, your becoming even more charming these days" Leng was about to spilled the tea she's pouring. Right thing she was very careful.

"I should return that compliment. The miss now that I can see is more refine and pleasant. Although I prefer the energetic one though"

"Is that so?..." BAI Shin Lin pulled up the tip of her dress then seated in a cross-legged manner "How about this?"

"That's quite a bit ..."

" Hehe, it's good to act freely once in a while. "

Leng smile at her.

Mei was just intently starting and listening to their conversation.

"By the way, Mei you grown taller haven't you? Last time I saw your just so small but now I can see that you have reach my shoulder level"

Mei giggle showing her two frontal teeth. " It's cause I've been drinking milk all day"

"I'm glad to hear that"

Bai Shin Lin learn from the siblings that they no longer perform in that theater group. Leng decided to resign when they return. Right now Leng is focusing of dressmaking. Upon knowing, Bai Shin Lin felt happy hearing this. There's no good thing to happen if she continue working on that fellows. Aside from that, everything would smoothly go according to her plan.

She started to tackle her intention of visit in these two. " Leng, I want you perform again in front of many people" she said it straight to point.

Leng was taken aback by what she said.

" I don't have any confidence with my acting now, it's been a year since I stop working and.."

Bai Shin Lin grasp her hand and look at her with brimming eyes.

" Your not gonna act but your gonna dance with me .You see my academy will have a presentation and I want you to be part of my group."

"I love dancing!!!" Mei playfully declared infront of them.

Leng heartbeat begun to race, guess the blood of being a performer runs through their blood

" When will we be performing?"

Bai Shin Lin became even more aggressive now that Leng is showing a positive response.



"Isn't that a little early? With the preparation and practice..." Mei went into their conversation.

"That is why we don't have any time to idle. Follow me, were going to my place"


Leng wasn't able to protest. Bai Shin Lin already pulled her hand and dragged her outside. Mei follow them.

"Let's go. We need to practice this night"
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    《Naughty Princess and the Gang》