Naughty Princess and the Gang
43 First Day of School
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Naughty Princess and the Gang
Author :laidbackprincess
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43 First Day of School

The morning sun started to rise and signifies the lively and bright start of the day. Everyone inside the castle especially the workers begun their hectic jobs. Bai Shin Lin was the last to woke up. She was even woken by Xia, who never stop to shake her on her bed until she stood up.

"Hurry, today's your first day at the academy! There are lot of things that you need to prepare. We can't afford to be late" feeling lethargic and hangover, she lazily stood up. Xia was frantically rummaging her wardrobe for the best clothes she could wear.

Really, it's her 2nd time attending school. It takes all her effort and hardship just to graduate from her previous life. But then again, she can't refuse not to attend this academy. Her parents are expecting her to abide.

"Quit dillydallying or were gonna be late!"

She threw an ugly face towards him.

It's as if, he was more excited than her.

After 2 hour of preparation. She was on the carriage. Going to the academy requires an hour to reach. But in her calculation, the reason because is, the carriage runs slow. If only she will ride a horse by herself she can guaranty that she will reach the entire academy within 30 minutes.

They have already reach her school and Xia, Xia return inside the carriage. She will be pick again after school.

When she enters the room. Everyone is already seated. Eyes staring at the new comer who just arrive recently. She reach for her chair that was position at the very bottom of the classroom.

Let's see...

Every lively girl is seated at the front. Those who have a strong personality and the intelligent ones are always seated upfront. Those at the back where those who doesn't want much attention and just want to pass. They are the ones who tend to go over their own world whever there's a boring and long class.

Bai Shin Lin is one of it. She tried to observe her fellow classmates at one point. And one person caught her attention. It was the girl whom she met when she enrolled in this school. The one whom she had a bad encounter. Slowly, she sunk down on her chair. Trying not to make any movement and not to get caught.

But it was too late, the flashy girl, wearing a bright combination of pink approach her.

"So, who do we have here? We met again huh" she grin at her and she could sense an inpending calamity from her open smile.

" Nice to meet you? Our meeting was not that great. So I am hoping that we could be still friends despite the circumstances --"

The girl cut her off in her sentence.

Her smile was faded "you bitch! You think you can get away with what you have done! Ive got tones prepared to you. Let me see how many days will you stay in here...I will chase you out in this academy"

Whoa, her tone was off. Is she really aiming to be a true princess.

Setting that aside. Bai Shin Lin could see the dark future she will have in this institution. Things will become more chaotic than ever before.

"Hey, are you listening to me!" With her anger she stomp her feet hard on the ground just to emphasize her anger towards her.

"Just like what I'm saying. I would like us to be friends. I'm sorry for my rude behaviour last time."

"Hmph! I don't want to be friends with you.!!"

Truth, Bai Shin Lin never care about the girl in front of her. Not even her rude treath of her rather, she felt little anxious when all of the attention inside the classroom was on her. It was her weakness.

Trying to hide her anxiousness, she tried to cover her face. Please stop looking at her!!!

"So, what do you want me to do?"

The girl's wicked smile formed.

" Be my slave"

She could hear murmurs all around. If that's what it takes for this commotion to stop there's nothing else she could do right? Beside, she will just tire herself arguing senseless with this girl.

" If that's what you want then I'll abide it"

Few moments, their instructor arrives and everyone get back to their respective seats pretending like nothing has happened.

Their first subject is learning proper etiqquette. Table manners, society mannered as well as how to conduct a proper lady in front of crowds. Everyone is aware of that since all of the students here recieve their early training during their childhood.

When the bell chimes for lunch, everyone gathers inside the cafeteria.

Bai Shin Lin, knowing her impending status run as fast as she could so that she could avoid being this girl's servant.

"Where are you going!?"

The girl whom they called mingxi, shouted from the top of her lungs. There's no ways she'll abide to her. So as fast as she could, she ditch her. Running as fast she could she bump into one of the instructor inside. He was a tall musculine man with a glasses. He was young and from his looks, he's not far from their ages.

He look at her with such contemp in his eyes. " A proper lady doesn't run wild especially inside a corridor" he glared at her then continue " to the office, let's talk"

She knows she will be scolded after this. She obediently followed him to the disciplinary room.

" And you too!" eyeing infront of them, he was looking to mingxi.

"Shouting in the public is not a noble act. Your actions deems inappropriate and hence calls for a disciplinary action"

Mingxi walk closer towards them then glare at her.

(It was your fault bitch) She didn't say it loudly but Bai Shin Lin knew this was what she meant.

The two of them followed him and never utter a single word of protest. They were just like a prey being caught by their predator and was expecting of their demise.


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