Naughty Princess and the Gang
42 Causing Havoc in the Palace
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Naughty Princess and the Gang
Author :laidbackprincess
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42 Causing Havoc in the Palace

"She has already left, Milord"

Lou Ren's statement made Xiao flinch. It's not that he really intended to pretend sleeping. Circumstances made him that way.

He just let a small cough, then continue what he was doing in the paper works while Lou Ren was intently having the leisure of watching him.

"If you have time slacking off, you should help me addressing these topics."

"I believe milady has the solution to that. A while ago, I saw something on her mind. You should ask for help"

As being part of the royal family he shoulders some of common problems of his people. A lot of problems are arising up to this point that somehow he was beginning to lose his own rest hour. Bai Shin Lin has been a sheltered princess since they were young so how would she know the resolutions to this country's problem.

" I understand you disposition, Milord. However, haven't you realize lately the massive change in her lady's self. I thought it thoroughly and even I can't compare herself to a princess who grew up on the four walls of the castle"

Xiao was lost in deep thinking.

The Bai Shin Lin she knew was delicate and caring like a flower. When they were young, he remember that she's always the first to come to him whenever he was feeling low. Her parent fills the gap which his parents, His majesty couldn't do.

But lately, ever since the incident of the memory changing curse and her drowning unto the river, sets the start of her eccentricity. That's the time when also he become almost a jerk to her. Within that short span she totally became a different person. Like somebody was living inside her.


Bai Shin Lin was threading the corridor, when all of a sudden she lost her way.

Damn! Why does the whole palace looks like a city? She was murmuring while going in and fro. She ended up on the fountain by the garden.

Mesmerized by the beautiful night she take a seat over the fountain. While picking a few wrappers of chocolate candy on her pocket, she devour the whole thing in one go.

She was fully occupied at that moment when a hand took some of her chocolates. When she turn around she saw a rugged looking man dressed in a servant.

However, that presence was not strong enough to get her attention but still lovingly gazes over the wide horizon. The rugged looking man became more indulge with what he is eating that he comfortably sit beside her.

" Do you like it?" Unintentionally she spoke to him.

"Hmm" he only nodded

" Unfortunately I have been banned to eat this and it's the last piece of I can have. Tsk. What's wrong with eating these...not giving me any snacks , he's really a cheap stake." she blurted out to a stranger whom she's not acquainted. When she realized what she had done it was all to late. However, the man sitting beside him doesn't bothered at all.

When her last wrapper of candy was consumed, she immediately stood up and walk towards her way.

However, on her ways she felt like that someone is following her. And without a doubt it was the rugged looking man whom she shared her chocolates.

She intentionally stop on her accord and face the man.

" Why are you following me?"

He didn't answer.

She started to pace but the man started to moved following her.

She dash her ways trying to escape him and found a small abandoned room to hide herself. She locked the door inside just to make sure he can't enter in.

[And what's with his problem anyway? Why is he following her?]

With that taught going on on her mind, she heard a loud bang on the door and what da--

the man just barge in , he split the door open with his bare hands then proceed to approach her.

Shit! Things is so chaotic now that she didn't know what to do... What if this man will gonna kill her right in this instant! Just when everything is smoothly going on.

"Why! Why! Why I didn't do anything mister?! Why do want to kill me?"

She was pleading while his hand is reaching to her.

My goodness! He's gonna choke her!

Slowly, Bai Shin Lin closes her eyes, as if waiting for her heavy judgement .....she is in quite state where she believe he"ll do something on her....

He reaches her hand, to her face. Touch and feel her cheeks then he slowly inch his face down to hers and rubbed it against her left cheeks!


What is he doing?

He rubbed his face against her, like a puppy wriggling unto its owner. He then curled beside her and eventually faded into his own sleep. Rendering her speechless for some time.

Just what is he?

She pinch his cheeks to test whether his sleeping or just pretending and he wasn't just putting up front .He really is sleeping right now!

She look at the broken door he ransack awhile ago. It will probably take more that a day to fix that,

Bai Shin Lin stood, he doesn't know where the man came from and he'll find his way home when he woke up.

She step up outside the room but before that she left her scarlet colored scarf placing unto him like a blanket.

[This night is cold, I'll give you the privilege of having this scarf, sweet dreams...]

Outside, her servant was frantically looking for her. When they couldn't find her in her chamber they search for her and it wasn't that long when they found her.




Yui came in search of the missing man. When she went to see the thief, he was missing in his room. She frantically went to look for him and when her feet brought to seems like damage room her instinct taught her that he's inside. She felt a relief, seeing him cuddle in way like a baby. [cute] Her taught run like that to him. [ Don't worry, I'll protect you brother] Yui decided to take responsibility of this man. She is definitely sure he's part of their family. Although she doesn't know where is his lineage exactly but no matter where he came from, this man has undergone severe childhood hardships because of his fate. He will help him to fit in this society.

She was about to pull his scarf to fully cover his body however, her grip was caught buy a strong hands and she was thrown away.

Shit! She was caught off guard.

It seems that she wake him and from the looks of it he definitely has a hang over.

"Wait, I'm not your enemy!" she pleaded to him. She doesn't want to fight with him. And she's fighting the urge to fight him also.

He step forward and choke her with all his might.

Damn! If it goes on, she needs to teach him a lesson. She doesn't want to reach that point.

She was fighting her urge not to fight him, when someone jabbed him on the neck. His gripped loosen and it was her chance. [I'm sorry brother, but your becoming wild. I need to do this] She swiftly run towards him then as fast as she could lifted her right hand forming like a chopping board then hit his vitals on his back. The man loose his consciousness.

"As expected of the hero!" Lou Ren came praising her great deed.

"I wouldn't be able to do that if his Highness didn't show up on time"

then glancing over to Xiao, Yuri made a slight bow.

"No need to concern. Be sure to lock him surely this time that he won't be able to escape."

"Your highness, he's nature is not bad. However, due to his view on people he seems to distrust them. Please allow me to teach him the way of people"

Xiao, took a few seconds to respond. " We will definitely get to that point, however for now as it is, he is a ferocious man threat to the society. When he's sane and normal I will give that responsibility to you"

"Glory and praise to the Kingdom. I will definitely fulfill this role"

Xiao, was about to turn when the bright scarf caught his attention.

It seems familiar? Where did he see it?
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    《Naughty Princess and the Gang》