Naughty Princess and the Gang
41 A little More You
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Naughty Princess and the Gang
Author :laidbackprincess
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41 A little More You

When they return to the palace Xiao put the unconscious man into prison. He makes sure that he is fully hand-capped, knowing his strength who knows he might escape. Tomorrow he will personally interrogate this man. He needs to make his intention clear or where his side lies. Lou Ren follows him inside and stood next to him.

"Tomorrow I'd like you to look at his memories. I want to know something about him" Xiao made his statement.

"As you wish your highness. By the way some other documents regarding your signature, I put them on your room. They are ready for your stamp "

"I will just review them tomorrow. I just want to rest for now...."

Xiao was interrupted by Lou Ren's inquisitive tone over the dried blood on his clothes.

He just shrugged the matter by giving a passive answer.

"I guess it was my fault" All this time Yui has been listening to their conversation and couldn't make herself known. She explain everything that happen.

" that's indeed intriguing. So this man seems to be extra ordinary base on your story, and who might you be young lady?"

Xiao was the one who introduces Yui to Lou Ren "She's the famous hero they are talking about"

Lou Ren was quite astonish then he made tiny bow as an honor to her. " I didn't think that the hero would be this beautiful. I only taught she'd be a lady who only knows fighting. I guess she knows how to take care of herself also."

"that's a little bit exaggerated, it's because of the people surrounding me that I'm this healthy. Its thanks to them that I've manage to come this far"

"you are very lucky miss"

"you can call me Yui."

They were now exiting the room and Xiao got ahead of them.

"Yui then, I'm Lou Ren"

Upon remembering something Xiao look back and said "please take her to her room and send stomach medicines there. Our guest might still be not feeling well now.

Yui smile at him awkwardly.

"Milord, let me bandage your wound -"

"It's okay. I will handle it" Xiao throwing him off. " instead make sure you treat our guest to the fullest"

With one last look Xiao took a rapid steps and headed on his own room.







Meanwhile in Bai Shin Lin's room

"Maru please hold the camera firmly or you'll drop it. " She is having her solo pictorial on this night and her cameraman is non other than Maru.

She pauses copying the signature moves of a professional models she saw on t.v. She's overdoing it with the traditional clothing she's wearing tonight. She also put on a little make up on her face so that it will look like a professional picture taken.

After sometime of taking pictures Maru walks near her. Did the kid get tired? Bai Shin Lin was about to get the phone to him but he grab it further than her. "I want to take a picture together?" Maru declared. Ohhhh,this kid... So, cute. Bai Shin Lin's heart would easily melt to this kid's cuteness. "okay" she answered positively. "I want you to close your eyes and assume like your are crawling the bed." Bai Shin Lin follow the kid. Even though he seems suspicious she still did it. "Now open your eyes and look at the phone and smile" she then open her eyes and look at the camera then click! The camera flashes at her very own eyes. The kid just got immediately out of her back and show her the photo. "You brat, you really intend me to make your dog! delete that photo!"

"hahahah, it's really good! I like it! " then he disappear out of thin air. Leaving her speechless.

"you brat!!!"

"milady, are you awake? can I go inside" She then heard Lou Ren outside of the door.

Bai Shin Lin was quite shock by his sudden visit and as fast as she could she swiftly pulled out her clothes on the floor and stash it to somewhere that can't be easily seen. Then went jump out on her bed.

She was in hasty that she forgot that she wasn't wearing her proper sleeping dress.

Lou Ren came and saw her sleeping silhouette.

"You're using the wrong dress"

Bai Shin Lin wretchedly sat up-straight due to the effect of his blunt sentence.

"I must be sleep-walking again, jeez this habit of mine. I should change then."

What she heard was a soft laugh at the back.

"Milady, if your this energetic at night I would advice you to please tend to his highness for a while. he sustain light wound and would not want anyone to take care of it. If milady would go there, things might be different"

Leaving the box of medicine kit on her bedside Lou Ren storm his way out of her room.

Before she know it, Bai Shin Lin was threading her way into his room. Sometimes this Prince of them could be really stubborn. He should know how to take care of himself since his next to the thrown. This is the second time she would go inside. Her first experience going inside wasn't that memorable. Hope things would be normal this time.

Accompanied by her maidservant MaoMao, she knock on the door.

But no one answer.

HolyCow, why does she sense a De Javu.

Being curious if there's no one inside she peek in. The door wasn't locked either.

She saw Xiao on the table with his head tilted down. He must be pretty exhausted that he has slept in.

On closer look, she could see the dried blood on his clothes.

[Geez, he hasn't even change his clothes!] that's what she taught. [guess, he's busy nowadays]

This is it, it doesn't hurt to perform small deed at a time right?

So, she gonna let it go this time.

Slowly, he pulled his hand, the part where it bleeds. On one time he saw him flinch but he didn't wake up. She cleanse the part where the blood dried then sterilized the would to avoid infection. She point some oitment and betadine to make the would heals fast then wrap with bandages. Pulling the chair and sitting in front of him while deeply gazing at his sleeping face. It was quite amusing. It's like watching a sleeping puppy on his sleep. It makes her want to touch and feel it. Before she knew her hands was gently caressing his hair.

What is wrong with her now?

She suddenly pulled out her hand causing a pile of papers falling out of the table. Out of curiosity, she peek on those bundle of documents.

It was about various reports disputes on land, crops, and unfruitful harvest. The economy of agriculture is declining.

"I'll take charge if this now...." Lou Ren came into view.

"d-did you come just now?!"

He shake his head and grin. "I was following you from the beginning"


So that means he saw her right?!

Gathering all the papers she handed it to him and was about to leave but then her hand was caught up with him. Lou Ren came straight into his eyes for a few seconds.


"Have a good night, milady" accompanied by a light bow, he put those papers on his desk and organize his table while she took this chance to ran away from that room.


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