Naughty Princess and the Gang
40 The Hero named Yui Yan
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Naughty Princess and the Gang
Author :laidbackprincess
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40 The Hero named Yui Yan

An old man enter a small room bringing a cup of drinks to a young lady inside. The young woman was focused on the documents on her table the she didn't feel the entrance on an old man.

" young lady, please beware of your health. For your people, you are their hopes and future and wish for you to have a good life"

The woman slightly turn her head towards the person who entered. " do not worry, I am fully aware of my position..." handling the tea to the woman, the old man reach over and scan the documents. "Should you hire someone doing this so that your attention would only focus on the field? I will personally hire people to do it?"

"nah, these documents are important, if there was someone whose capable of doing so, it should be me. However, I am grateful for your concern." She smile sweetly to the old man.

The old man didn't respond to what this girl had said. With her reasoning, she was set to finish all the documents on this night.

"if young lady needs anything, I will just be outside."

"thanks old man!"

The old man look at her at the last minute.

"I am called Mushen. Please bear that in mind young lady Yui."

After the door was closed. Yui stretch her hands and slowly closes her two eyes.

She vividly imagined the first royalty she ever met. On her point of view he wasn't what was her grandmother told her when she was young.

"Royalties are full of themselves and will not yield even when they committed a sin. Yui, remember this. never let a royalty see you. History is repeating, what happen to me will eventually happen you. We are from the proud descendant of heroes and they want our kin. Do not let them get on you! I beg you child, hide whenever you saw someone like them. " her grandmother's last wish on her deathbed when she was a child,

Her grandmother was pursued by the previous emperor that's why she live in hiding. Her life had become miserable just because of a royalty who goes after her and her clan.

But now that she met a royalty, she wonders what will happen next? ...

Her thoughts are slowly fading into the abyss when she heard a strong knock on her door. And after a second a young house boy enters.

"young lady! someone has sneak in into the mansion and it seems the royal knights are pursuing him and they are outside the gate asking for a search of the whole house!"

Yui abruptly stood up and went to see the outside.

The whole house is upside down!

"Just who in the world...."

The old man walks towards her. "It's a thief. he went inside and ransack all the furniture's he could see. While turning his head over the gate. It seems that he's angry of his prosecutors.

Yui looks toward the man they mention. He's wearing a servants clothing and have a chain on his feet as well as his neck. This thief might have escape from his employers and was caught by the royal guards.

Yui walks towards the man but before she could even reach he stomp his two bare hands creating the whole floor to damage and a tremor was felt. The ground shake enormously.

Everyone was afraid of him.

This man is no ordinary.

"Young lady please be careful!" everyone in the house send their warnings to her but those words never printed on her mind. She still walks nearer to him. The man became aggressive upon seeing her and directly charge into her, ready to slam her to the wall.

Everyone gasp in fear.

But before she reach the wall someone had already caught and he ended up the one on the wall. When she look to see who it was, it was the man who saw her earlier.

Royal guards immediately went on his side and assume a defense position over the enemy.

Old man Mushen come to her aid. " Are you okay young lady?"


She look over the direction of the man who save him.

He was bleeding profusely,

As the thief would charge again to him, the knights went onto the thief but they were all thrown away.

His strength was none other compared to the others.

And when he was about to charge to the crown prince, a big thunder struck out of nowhere leaving everyone in fright.

Some looses their consciousness over the strong impact.

The thief they were after looses his consciousness and laid harmless on the ground.

His body was brought by his men.

Yui run towards them as the man was about to leave.

"wait a minute!"

The prince, looked his direction towards her

"what will you gonna do to him?" Reffering to the one they have captured.

"he will be put into prison for some time while we investigate his background. From the looks of it, it seems that he's not an ordinary man"

"I see..."

With one last look, Yui stare at at unconscious man. And he remembered the rumors about the secret men hired by the palace in obliterating members of the secret families.

What if this man was part of that families?

Then that would explain his enormous strength?

Without any taught she decided to protect this man from them. Who knows what they would do to him inside.

Yui touch her stomach and move as if it is hurting. Old man Mushen rush towards her and assisted her but she tap the shoulders of this old man signaling she was faking it.

When he saw her in pain, Xiao got down from his horse and ask whats the matter.

"Your highness, it seems that this man's punch was a little stronger than what I have imagine. My stomach hurts as if my insides had been twist...." she said that while she was in agony.

"milord...our medicine is out of stock here and now that this is quite a night I doubt that there will be an open medicine stores...." Mushen added

"I'll prepare a carriage then, the palace has enough doctors as well as the medicines are abundant there. Just look at this as a compensation in the damages made it here."

" It will be a great honor on us.." Mushen

"It'll be a shame on the palace if I will leave a hero like that after all"




The night was deep. Bright stars illuminates their way to the capital. Yui look from the window of carriage she was in and whispers.

Grandmother...please stay watch over me...
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    《Naughty Princess and the Gang》