Naughty Princess and the Gang
38 In His Own Way
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Naughty Princess and the Gang
Author :laidbackprincess
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38 In His Own Way

Xiao made his grand entrance on his horseback riding. Seeing that more back ups are coming the thieves withdraw themselves and escape on their own.

Bai Shin Lin, inside the carriage watch the next events to happen as if she was leisurely watching a movie. The only thing missing at that time would be the combination of popcorn and cola and that her historical life cine experience would be perfect.

In her mind she envision a scenario where the protagonist of the script first met the heroine and the background would be the romantic cherry blossoms falling underneath where the two stood.

Ready! Take! Action!

The first one to act was Xiao.

" We Finally met, hero. "

He was coldly welcome.

The hero didn't even pick a glance at the royalty in front of her. In fact she doesn't care who he really was. She walk towards the injured people and treated them one by one with her spared liquid medicine.

(What would you do Prince? Your being neglected...) Bai Shin Lin made her side comment.

Xiao didn't mind her cold actions toward him.

"Instead of being a no name hero, why don't you come to palace and become a legitimate hero of your people. The palace will acknowledge you and provide you proper compensation and the guaranty of your safety when your in pinch."

(Now that's the spirit! Go for your girl!) -Bai Shin Lin

"I don't need to associate myself to a royalty. I have my own things of doing. " Rude as if she was not talking to a prince. This girl's gut is beyond. Bai Shin Lin taught that this hero is no ordinary girl.

"I see..." She can see Xiao's disappointment. "However, if you ever change your mind you are always welcome to the palace. Know that."

"hmp! The moment I lean on a royalty it'll be the end of the world" she' never failed to show her despise of him. In her eyes rages the fury of loathe towards, Bai Shin Lin could clearly see that this girl hates royalty.

"i don't know what made you that, but I will say this once.... I am not your enemy. You are barking at the wrong tree"

And the stage was closed off.


That's it?!

This prince didn't pursue her?! Bai Shin Lin's enjoyment got cut off in the middle. She really was enjoying the flow of events.

With that short form of their conversation Xiao was about to leave when Lou Ren greeted him. That's the time when he realizes his existence. As if realizing something, he frantically went in front of the carriage door.

Xiao, has no idea that the carriage being attack was his fiancee. He was pretty focused on the fact of getting the location of the hero.

He take a few steps and open the carriage.

"Hello hello!" A young lady is sitting inside with elbows on the window. She wave her hands and greeted him.

Seeing that she has no injuries he felt at ease.

"Are you going home now your highness? " her lips was overly curve into a weird smile.

" It is indeed. This path is quite dangerous. Come, I'll drop you off to the palace"

" Uhmm, eh, no your highness. I'll just be a burden if I ride your horse" Bai Shin Lin didn't hesitate to turn him down. There's no way that she'll breathe the same air with him and go with him.

He was stern and final from his words but yet she's more stubborn than him.

She was arguing with him of not riding with his horse when the hero shows in front of them. From the door of her carriage she could see and hear their hole conversation.

"Hmmm...there's one thing I want to say that I wasn't able to speak earlier " As if it was when the hero caught her presence and turn her head towards her,then turn to him again without minding her.

"There are injured here. I want you to find them a place were they could fully recuperate. Your a royalty and it seems that you have a strong influence" she was demanding to Xiao with her tone of voice.

Lou Ren was about to correct this girls tone when Xiao's hands signal not to mind her.

"Was that your only request?"

"No, that's all there is to it and I hope that we never met again".

Bai Shin Lin remain silent on the sideline. This time she was part of the mob, these two is the main character.

"..."Xiao nodded in an uninterested tone.

With the conversation going on an end Bai Shin Lin decided to introduce herself. She was mesmerized earlier by this hero's ninja move and maybe she could make to teach her.

However as she was about to step her right foot lost it's balance and she slowly flail down on hard ground. She was expecting a hard fall but nevertheless when she fall down it wasn't hard. Rather it was all mussy and squishy. She landed on a soft spot. Hahaha! So she was lucky after all. Upon looking at the soft spot she landed she froze . From her hands she was squishing something that shouldn't have! Below her was the hero and it seems that she was touching her c-cup breast. The two enormous pearls that this hero has !

She wasn't still able to grasp her current situation when her hands squish again her bosom. The girl moan from the sudden sensation it feels. Curse this hands.! She was having the ecstasy of feeling her large chest when Xiao abruptly pulled her by the neck. Dragging her far from her.

"What do you think your doing" he was making a pretty complicated expression.

Bai Shin Lin turn her head not meeting her gaze. Nah, that was an accident. She didn't commit any crime. Her hands are innocent. This was brought by fate. She was convincing herself.

"Where going back to the palace now. Who knows what would you do again this time" Xiao declared while putting her on his horse. At one last look he look upon the embarrass girl who this stupid lady harass.

"Please do not take this incident to the heart. It was just an accident" He shouted as they are nearing their ride.

"Wait, I'm going to ride my carriage" Bai Shin Lin argued but she was already on his horse. She was lying with her stomach flat at the back of the horse. She can't even resist because if she make any small move she'll fall onto the ground.

Curse you!!! She's bad mouthing him at the back of her mind while the horse started galloping and started running at a speed of light.


Heavens knows how scared she was!

They stop in an large field which she couldn't fathom what wild flowers are blooming. Xiao lead her down from the horse. Question simmers through her mind and she shot him a questioning look.

However, Xiao's head is only directed upfront. It is as if he was reminiscing from the field. The place exudes a tranquil atmosphere that one could feel inner peace .

"How you like the place" Xiao offering his utmost angelic smile towards her.


That smile! The smile that could bring down any women's skirt.

Calm down Bai Shin. Lin. She convince herself not to drown with his glamour

" Hmmm...quite l-lovely place?" Teehee

" I have discover these place while out on hunting.Guess the rarity of this place preserves this place from destruction. That's why it's still refreshing and calming"


" I should have make this place as a private property soon"

" Well good luck to you" Bai Shin Lin and her lethargic response to the prince. She's uncomfortable for the moment and it seems that she's the only one feeling the awkwardness. The refreshing ambiance was now replace by a romantic aura that surrounds the prince. He should show this to his wife not her? and what's the purpose of bringing her in this place?

He mention that he will make this as his private property, does that mean that he will hire her a this place keeper?


That must be it!

Upon realizing that taught her mood lifts up. As if her worries had been crash and now she's feeling light. She could feel that any moment she could sing in full voice while dancing in the middle of flower field. By the way, she didn't know what flowers are these?

" Ahem, Prince Xiao..... " She tried peeking to his face and he's still in good mood. " What kind of flowers are these"

Xiao walks a few walks away. Then bent down and pulled a handful of flowers in stem. Then he slowly walk back to her. Showing the freshly picked flower.

Then with a full smile on his face he said " bucket flowers"

He pulled her two hands and offer to her while trying to stuck some to her hair making it as a decoration on her head. After securing that the flower is carefully tuck on her hair Xiao lifted her face in a way that it would align on his sight. He look straight unto her eyes and whispers...

" Buckwheat flower.... in the language of flowers it means a lover"


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