Naughty Princess and the Gang
37 The hero of the legends appeared
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Naughty Princess and the Gang
Author :laidbackprincess
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37 The hero of the legends appeared

When they arrive inside the campus she was utterly shock. Although she was living inside the palace she can't explain the elegance of this school. Surely this is build for the wealthy. The school ground is wide, and there are quite few rooms.

They entered a room at the end of the hall.

Lou Ren bow down as formality which she followed.

The old woman whom welcome them was called Zang. She was this school director.

"I have order from the crown Prince with regard of milady's enrollment. I have quite some conditions when she'll be studying here"

Bai Shin Lin is only listening to their conversation. Lou Ren was the one making the talking .

" If I'd be in line with our school rules I'd like to hear it. Please do go on" the old woman replied to him.

" His highness order that milady's identity should be kept. Anyone might harm her when they know if she's the crown princess. His highness was just making countermeasure and making sure harm won't come to milady. "

Actually. Bai Shin Lin is okay with it. She doesn't really want people to know that she was to be we'd to a crown Prince. People would expect great from her and that would be a hassle. It's not really that she'll marry him.

"... I see. With our utmost sincerity we promise to conceal her identity. We will make sure to offer her with best education this institution can offer"

The director courteously went over to her direction. She felt anxious for a while. She is no good with a stranger.

" Welcome to this academy miss Lin. We are looking forward to your stay here."

"....hmm nice meeting you also" she stutter from her last sentence. Damn that was embarrassing!

When she can't contain her nervousness inside the room, he whisper to Lou Ren to go out. She told him she needs to go to the ladies room.

Lou Ren shot her with a worried look. But then she gave him a reassuring smile that shell be back after she finish her business.

When she go out it's as if a thorn has been pulled from her heart. At least now she's feeling back to normal. She use this chance to stroll around the campus. The ground is massive wide. They were also a beautiful garden along with fountain at the center. It was as if the place is calling her. So she went there and look at the beautiful flowers blooming in broad daylight. She was about to touch the red blooming roses but then a voice startle her.

" Who gives you permission to touch those thing!" someone said in a fussy voice.

She look up to see a cute girl in pink fluffy gown glaring at her.

From her looks she could tell that she's picking a fight with her. A typical snotty spoil brat princess. However, she doesn't want to deal with the likes of her.

After showing her fake delightful smile she bid her goodbye however this princess servant extended her left foot which is the reason why she stumble. She flatly went down the ground.

Seriously, she haven't done anything but she's being bullied?!

Tch. You really wanna mess with me huh?

Slowly she pulled her body up and look at the culprit of her fall. Then turn her face to it's master. Showing her most evil smile. She took a pair of her slippers then without any thinking throw it in front of this princess where it flatly hit her face leaving mark.

"Eikkk!" The girl shriek at the horrible hit she receive.

Bai Shin Lin dash of after retrieving her slippers .

"Why!!! You!!!" Mingxi was so furious that her face started to melt from anger. Who dare to do that act to her. In her entire life she has never been humiliated before.

Meanwhile, Bai Shin Lin was gasping her breath when she stumble Lou Ren. He, on the other hand upon seeing her disorderly get up and ragged breathing begun to massage his temple. He look at her dissapointedly "Surely Milady, where have you been again?"



"We are returning now, I have already came to a conclusion about your schooling here and I will discussed it to you while on carriage"

"So I am free now. Can you drop me off to the capital? Now that I'm here I want to see someone"

"Please refrain from doing that. Our sole purpose of our trip today has already been fulfilled we should head back now."







Inside the carriage, returning home.

Lou Ren is discussing the terms of her institution in her years of schooling in that academy. While he was discussing Bai Shin Lin's yawning can't help. How many times did she do it. She lazily look up outside when the carriage stop. Right now there were in the middle of the road. There were no civilization and only the tall and big trees are on the way.They were attack by group of thieves. The group comprises of big mustache man with his subordinates who wield rusty swords accompanied by wolves. And with their current people in their carriage there's no way that they'll gonna win with them. The group started to rummage inside the carriage and one of them drag her down but Lou Ren was quick to drag her back pulling her outside behind him. It's three against to one. While her other bodyguards are busy dealing with the other thieves, she pick up a long sturdy stick for her self defense. Lou Ren is on par against the three. Like Xiao, he is also well verse in using his swords he pulled out of nowhere. If only they were against men, they would still stood a chance however, when the leader wolf howl for back up they begun to panicked as more packs of beasts are coming their way.


This time they were surrounded. Not a single chance of victory on their side.

As the wolf's are beginning to move someone as slick and tender jump out in front. She has this attractive body any man would desire with the tight black ninja clothes she's wearing. Her appearance was elegant that everyone was in awe. Even Bai Shin Lin's mouth gape with open. The lady started to charge toward the hungry beast and in one swift all of them was thrown far away.

Just who is this girl?

The hungry wolves has been taken cared of. Now their only enemy is this beasts master.It wasn't just that. But also back up from the imperial palace underwent their way. Headed by none other than the crown Prince.

Bai Shin Lin sighs a relief.

And sneakily went back inside the carriage.
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    《Naughty Princess and the Gang》