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Naughty Princess and the Gang
Author :laidbackprincess
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36 The Academy

The Humbeldon Queen Academy is a prestigious all girls school that holds all elite women in the society. It is a school where it teaches severe mannerism and etiquette a woman should possess before entering her so called age of becoming a woman. This is a stage in every daughter of a noble upon entering their marriage. It is given that before marriage and become a partner of a powerful leader, a woman should possess beyond skills that would help her spouse. The academy was founded solely for that purpose. Nobilities enroll their daughters who are engage while some others enroll their child in order to find a suitable person match with their child. It is given that graduating in this school improves social standing as well as boost the high chance of finding a rich husband. Others who are enrolled ended up being pick by either a nobility and much lucky if it is a royalty.

It has been a few weeks since Bai Shin Lin received the letter and there's no way that she'd gonna enroll at that school. There are lot of disadvantages going to that she manage to list a few: 1 Going to that academy means hassle. She will need to wake up early, more preparations, so tiring. 2 Going to that academy means meeting more people. She was never been an extrovert in her past life that it drains her energy near people. 3. Being a student means more assignments paperworks and presentation . 4 studying there means graduating and after, she'll gonna marry the prince and will live her whole life under him. She doesn't want that. 5 And lastly, she will have no time recruiting member of her boyband!!!!

She really don't wanna enroll. But what should she do?

It was what her parents that compelled her to do.

She was organizing her own taught that an attendant came into her room and announces that a carriages is waiting for her outside. Later than that Lou Ren came into her room bearing an high government official aura. He was dressed more formally than the ordinary days that one could tell that he'll be going somewhere.

Bai Shin Lin who haven't still got up on bed ponder. " What's up? Where are you going"

Lou Ren upon hearing her pause for a moment. Did his lady forgot again today? She was suppose to enroll today inside the academy and surely his highness sent her the letter in advance. Did she read it? "Milady, today's your enrollment I am here to accompany you to your school"

Was it today? Man! This world doesn't even have calendar that they depend on the shape and position of the moon as their time. Who would gonna know that!

Hehehe. She made a awkward smile infront of him. "Was it today? ...." Trying to find an excuse not to attend, she rummages her brain for possible idea. But since it's early in the morning and she haven't had breakfast her minds not working at all.

"..." She still haven't taught of something and Lou Ren is waiting for her answer. haist! " I give up!!! Might as well true to myself! She decided! Going back to her bed then pulling her blanket to her head.

" I'm not going!!!"

Her final decision.

Lou Ren signs. His ladyships stubbornness is growing wilder and wilder. That is why it is really befitting for her to enroll in this academy.

"Really, I know this would happen so I was prepare in advance." After saying that a tall young woman enters the room. She was wearing a first class attendant outfit while in her hand holds a bucket of water. although she was wearing a woman's outfit but her voice is low that there'd be no way that she's a she. It's pretty evident that she is a he. A man in woman's attire. Lou Ren had heard that Bai Shin Lin personally requested this guy to be her attendant, it seems that he was the one who takes care of her when she disappeared.

And it seems that this man has no objection to be her attendant at all.

The attendant went all the way to her bed then pour the bucket water down where she lay. When he saw it, he stood up in astonishment!

Bai Shin Lin was all soak when the water was splash unto her. Damn! Who has the nerve to do this to her. ! When she pulled her blanket abruptly she notice a familiar face in front of her.

Damn Xia!!!

After all the trouble of bringing him with her...

She can't afford to loose her only power source of her phone if he would be separated from her so she beg her mother to assign him to be in her care. Although her mother didn't know that he was a he, she didn't brought that trouble because she knew she will reject it.

"Quit being so spoil and get up already" like a mother nagging her lazy child, Xia went on her.

"Damn you Xia! Do you really need to do that!"

"If I didn't do it, would you wake up?!"

Well he has a point. Now that she's soak, there's no ways she's still sleepy.

Lou Ren came unto him bringing towel. "Milady, might take a bath as well or you'll catch a cold"

"Hurry up. After you'll bath I'll prepared your so called fast-food meal"

That was the magic word. As fast as a thunder lighting, she went running towards the bath. It's not really about preparing her meal but the only thing he does is to summon it. He didn't really do anything.

His lips curve into a smile. This girl really is so simple.

Lou Ren turn to him.

" Am grateful for taking care of her .It's assuring that someone is genuinely taking care of her in times right now where the world is becoming dark. It's hard to find someone like you" Lou Ren came approaching him. And bow his head down.

" Really it's nothing. She's also someone that is rare to find"

"No, I;m! Really grateful"

Xia is bashful with the applause his receiving.

"She is my ever first friend and I promise that I will do my best to protect her at all cost. Aren't you the same? You say that it's rare to find genuine actions nowadays but what I see you are one of them."

Bai Shin Lin is somewhat naive and simpleton in her nature and when she decided to achieve something ,she will get it no matter how hard it is. Although her being a spoiled brat resurfaces sometimes but it was something that can be taught. She was never arrogant and her ideals lies with the poor people.

Ah... Xia thought that if it was this person it's alright.

It alright to follow her.

It's okay if it's this person who will become their empress.

Lou was dumbfounded by what he said. It was the first time he ponders on it.

He was lost in taught when Bai Shin Lin went out from the bath. Although she's fully clothed her hair not dried up. She just went straight to her bed then crossed her both legs. Looking straight into Lou Ren's eyes. "Now then, what's the name of the school again?"

"Humbeldon Queen academy"

" Huh? Hamburger academy?" without reservation Bai Shin Lin blurted out. her stomach growl upon mentioning about food.

Xia went up straight and flip her forehead "Tch. Really. This is the reason why you really need to enroll into that academy" upon hearing him say that she pouted her lips. In her inner self, she's dying not to attend but their leaving her no choice.
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    《Naughty Princess and the Gang》