Naughty Princess and the Gang
35 A letter of trouble
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Naughty Princess and the Gang
Author :laidbackprincess
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35 A letter of trouble

The way back to the imperial palace was long and bumpy.

When the culprit has been caught, his subordinate follows. The kidnapped children will be left to care under the temple for the meanwhile while searching for their Foster family. Bai Shin Lin was so tired that when she went back to the palace the first thing she search is her previous room. And it's still there, the same when she left. It's as if someone has been maintaining her room.

Xia and Maru went on their designated rooms prepared.

Home sweet home!!!

She immediately jump off to the fluffy bed and take a soft pillow to cuddle.

Then burying her face onto the pillow she heard a familiar voice called her. "Milady!!!!!!" The voice was excited and energetic. The owner of the voice went onto her and hug her. " I am so worried about you! We haven't heard anything from you for almost a year!!!" Maomao her previous servant.

This girl. How can she act like that after all that happen. She can't forget how she ditch her when she was chase from the palace.

And wasn't she serving Lou Feng and not her????

Facing the girl upfront and eyebrows gradually level up, she commented. "Shouldn't you serve Lou Feng right now?"

The servant's face became gloomy and tears rolled from her round eyes.

"Milady, I said that because I was under spell. Of course, I won't forsake you milady if I am on my right mind. Milady, is the one who I will be serving forever"


"You should put your words into action"

The servant still holding her face look up to her. " Yes milady. This servant will never again do it to you. "

She doesn't really care whether who's master this girl will serve. Even without servants she could do pretty fine. However, when she was offering herself to serve her, who is she to reject it. She let it have her way.

"Please I want to rest. Can't you leave me for a while" while lying unto the bed with face buryng her pillow she gesture her to go out.

Maomao grasp what her ladyship wants. She want to rest for a while. Without question she withdraw herself and went out of the room only to bump with the Crown Prince. She lower her head and pay him respect while smiling.

Hihihihi. What would his highness want to her ladyship so late at night. A naughty taught form from this servant lips and merrily headed on her way.

Bai Shin Lin was sure that Maomao went out because she can clearly heard the banging of the door whenever someone is entering or leaving. But When she heard again the sound of door opening she taught that it was Maomao.

This servant of her really is difficult to handle. She keeps on insisting of serving her when she not needed it.

Oh well. Now that she came back why don't she utilized her.

"Maomao, seems I am tired. Can you pull out my slippers?"Bai Shin Lin without turning her head commanded her yet the servant didn't answered. Next thing she new someone was already pulling her slippers away from her feet. "Thanks" offering her sincerity but still didn't hear any response. "Please, will you also massage my back? It seems it was aching but don't put force to it. Just some small touch" it wasn't that long since she said that and a pair of hands started to massage her back. *Sighs. Man. She gotta love this! The simple massage that she was doing into her was soothing and so good. Since when did Maomao had this kind of great skill. She only taught that this girl was only good at crying. She really underestimated her. "How was it?" At last the person massaging her spoke for a while. She didn't hesitate to state her honest opinion. She raise her hands and thumps her up. It was great. That was her meaning."From now on you show massage me everyday. Knowing you have that skill it's a waste if were not gonna utilize it" now she had found a good reason having her servant. Everytime she wanted to be massage she'll just gonna call Maomao.

She's feeling bliss about the taught when something strike her. Since when did Maomao's voice become low? Her doubt was seconded when it spoke again!

" If we're married I could do it every night.Everytime you wish"

Bai Shin Lin twitch. Wait a minute! It's not Maomao' voice whom she heard!!! Shit!

Upon realizing the owner of the voice it was too late.

This time she pretended to sleep. She didn't even dare to make a move and it was a very hard decision. Her lying position is very uncomfortable with. When Xiao realized the lack of interaction of the other party he taught that she was asleep already. As if, slowly his hands run towards her long hair. Caresses it gently like it was some rare treasure in the world. He taught that he would gonna loose her forever. Like how his father lost his mom. Right from there his father become a different person. Neglecting his own son. He didn't even to reconsider his presence at all. He's afraid that he'll turn to be like him. That taught send chills over her. At that moment he stop and gazes at her face. Slowly and surely he bent down, leaning is face towards her cheeks. Little by little the huge gap become smaller and smaller until his lips would touch her was only a few inches.....just a little inches away.... but then,

"Achoo!!!" A loud sneeze sound withdraw his face away from her.

Bai Shin Lin didn't know any method to counter him. Seriously, how can this prince attack a lady in her sleep! She was itching of chasing him out of her room that she's beginning to get anxious of his presence there. (just when will you go out now, Xiao!!! Come on....)her only taught of him. But then when she realizes what was he was about to do, her mind become even more panic.The only idea that stick on her mind that time is to create hindrance. This perverse prince !Thanks to her quick thinking that she was able dodge an impending calamity.

Xiao pulled back and gain his composure after the shock of realization the thing he would have done. He stood up and pulled a letter on his clothes and put it from her table. Then he went out and by the sound of the door closing Bai Shin Lin went up, hands on her chest. Man! That was heart wrecking! She taught that her heart would gonna burst any moment from suffocation. She's lucky to have taught the best way to counter it. Thanks to her quick thinking! Slipping from her bed she look up the letter he leave. And it says

Your lady grace,

We are grateful to receive you as part of our institution, queen academy. As our founding mission we guarantee you to become the best leader with excellent manners and intelligence. Your schedule for enrollment is on the next half moon. Please be there on time. Late enrolls will not be assisted.


Miss Zang


Bai Shin Lin's expression become grim at the moment she read it. Her shoulder drop as if the whole world fell apart.

This is trouble!
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    《Naughty Princess and the Gang》