Naughty Princess and the Gang
33 The unfortunate event turn to be fortunate
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Naughty Princess and the Gang
Author :laidbackprincess
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33 The unfortunate event turn to be fortunate

The wounded Han Wu seated with his back sticking on a tree.

Suddenly a group of people had come to him and bandage his stab wound. Thankfully the wound is not deep thanks to his thick clothes that absorbs the sword cut. After all this time, he can't bear to think that his own people would conspire against him. He was such a naive and that naitivity led to his danger.If he would be thankful, it was to his goddess that save him.

"Have you seen a woman riding a beast here?" He can't contain his curiousity and his giving it all. Although he's doubtful if they see her.

Xiang Xia was the one bandaging him at the moment. "Who are you talking..." He stop for a moment and he taught of something but he didn't bother to say it aloud. He continue wrapping bandages to him.

"Never mind if you didn't" deep inside he felt lucky. The goddess of the forest pick him to be the only one to show her majestic appearance. Somehow even if he died at that moment he will be entirely at peace.

Meanwhile, the kid was busy busy with playing into her phone and upon the strike of it's low battery, Bai Shin Lin requested Xia to summon her another set of battery together with burgers and fries for their dinner.

Xiang Xia Summon is pretty convenient.

Han Wu would have never received a food from a stranger but his grumbling that he can't do anything but to received his portion. It seems that this people won't poison him given the fact that they already treated his injury.

Bai Shin Lin on the other hand was gobbling the whole portion of her burger in one gulp. She was super hungry plus the aromatic smell of the fast-food makes her even more hungry.

(Oh sweet life!) She mumbled into herself.

"Wahhhh! W-what is this food!!!" The man they were treating earlier gasp in exasperation. He tasted the first bite of his food and was damnfully dumbstruck. Xia and Maru seems to be entrange with the new flavors they were eating. First time they are eating this stuff that comes out of nowhere and incredibly tasty.

"Truthfully all the things you requested are somewhat strange. Where were you really get them"

" shfkdktradhcddeshecretfjdj" what was she meaning to say is that it was a trade secret. She can't talk for a moment because his mouth is fully loaded.

"Do you have some more" Han Wu extended his hands gesturing for seconds. But Xia didn't allow it. His summoning reach its limit given the fact that he only use it once. He taught that maybe it has something to do with what he summons now.

The night was silent and the only thing that could hear was the eerie noise of midnight animals. The atmosphere was now quite, everyone has already had their full and taking a break.

"With your injury, what is your plan now mister?" Maru broke the ambiance.

Han Wu dive into deep thinking. This kid is right. Now that he can't go back because he doesn't have people to go back to. The platoon leader was hit only on his leg that he escape death this time and run back to his group. Who knows what stories will he brag again this time upon returning.

He needs to find a way to subdue his force knowing also that they operate with some illegal conduct.

The only strategy he can think of is to directly report to his Commander and lend him some soldiers to supress his current team but he can't do that alone. He's physically weak for the moment.He look at the 3 pair of eyes staring at him then bow down, head reaching the ground while sincerely requesting their help. "my dear friends, would you like to partake into my dangerous proposal?"

It was expected. The three of them became silent. Who in the world would dive in and help a stranger whom you've met asking for a dangerous expedition?

"All right! Just for night well help you!!!" Bai Shin Lin without thinking volunteered her right hand. "Hold it" Xia tried to interfere with her unjustified righteousness. "What will we do to the kids tonight if we go there" for some point Bai Shin Lin taught too. "Actually I have already plan it along. Would you mind hearing my plan and decide whether you'll go with me or not"

What was Han Wu suggesting is that, one of them for the meantime will stand to guard the kids while the other will go to seek the Commander. Once he could secure an audience with him he could find back up and storm to their camp. With the Commander there it won't take long overthrowing them but the problem lies on how to access a meet up with him. Well that is something that he'll think after a while.

After they settled it down and everything is back to normal he could get back to get the children.

Seems logical plan. Bai Shin Lin doesn't want to ponder deeply that whatever this person offer she would gradually obey. The one who's being sensitive and seems to be the detailed part is Xia. "How we can be so sure that you'll not gonna ditch us and run away after helping you?"

"I am General Han Wu of the 6th battalion force, and under our oath of service, I leave my reputation and dignity on the line"

Xia at last seems to believe him.

The plan sets in.

The one to be with the children was Xia. Maru and Bai Shin Lin would go with him.

He walk to his horse and gesture to ride with him but Bai Shin Lin called unto him. " General what are you doing there?"

He look up just to see a beast beside her. Shit! His flexes fluctuate and fell from his horse. " You can't ride your horse with your injury you should follow me." extending her hands toward him and offering him a ride with the Lion.

Wait a minute! Was that the beast he saw earlier.

He close his hands on his mouth. He don't want to let any ungraceful sounds came out of it The girl started to ride the lion as if it was nothing to her. Then with some unfortunate timing, the moonlight illuminates her seemingly ordinary face bearing the majestic aura he had saw earlier.

His eyes grows wide with the familiar scene.

Ah... My goddess....

"Come on, quit dilly-dallying were on hurry right?" Although it's embarrassing, the girl caught his hands and pulled him up at the back of lion.

"Just tell us the direction, Maru will follow you"


"Oh Maru is this Lion"











The Commander is currently staying on an old Japanese mansion for this night and tomorrow morning he'll back to the imperial palace.

Han Wu decided that they need to reach the house before early morning. Together the three of them storm to the mansion and in just a heck of time they reach their target destination. Han Wu was the one who jump from the back of the Lion. " Wait for me here. I'll be back for a while" Bai Shin Lin nodded and waited for him near the bushes away from the rummaging soldiers. She was eagerly waiting for his return but it went for a long hours. She felt uneasy and decided to sneak inside. That was when she saw Han Wu returning. His shoulder a little down. She dash off unto him with a speed of light.

" What happened?" When she saw him feeling depressed she can't help but doubt. " I think we need to wait a little while, I have already discussed my situation to his attendant and It'll be delivered to the Commander" what? So they needed again to wait for another hour? But she already waited for who knows how long and she can't afford to waste any more time! That's when she make her own decision. Pulling her hood up to her head she ask which direction is their Commander. Han Wu pointed the direction towards the north and when he does she head straight to it. Even though a lot of people were suspicious of her at first but when they see her with him their gazes changes to much more gentler.

Meanwhile, a servant was aiming to get inside to serve the commander's dinner and that's how she saw an opportunity. She block her way and pick the tray of food. The servant was shock at first but when she pinpoints her finger towards the general , the servant handed to it to her without a hurdle.

When she enters, she didn't lift her face up but in the corner of her eyes she can see a man who's overly focused on a mountain of papers infront of him. He didn't even budge or see who had enter his room.

Sweet! It'll be a peace of cake.

Upon putting the food on his desk as if as swift as the norther wind she lifted her skirt pulling her dagger outside then jump off to the person nearing her while pinning the point of the dagger to his neck.

Xiao, didn't even felt shock for a moment. How bold this intruder be.? She was in his own territory committing a grievous crime punishable by death. "Move or I'll slit your throat." She tried to make her voice low just to sound a real villain.

Xiao stood up and went away to his desk. Bai Shin Lin feeling victorious and gleeful that this commander is following her she let her guard down. Xiao was about to give this intruder an overhead throw martial arts when General Han Wu barge into his room and when he saw the situation he was horrified that all the blood on his body felt like leaving. His eyes grew wide from the humiliation. "What are you doing?" He was talking to this intruder.

A little earlier he was side track when his subordinate talk and lost sight of her. Next thing he knew she saw her entering his commander's room. With a long stride, he immediately followed her.

He bow down grooving to the ground while finding forgiveness.

Xiao stood still. The person who has caught his neck decided to pulled back her dagger and look away pouting. " If I didn't do it who knows how long will it take to wait. By that time those children might not be safe anymore" this time this person's true voice got out. As if a sharp pinch felt into his heart. Since when did this he last hear this voice? It sends a thousand emotions and feelings for that short moment he hears that voice. Han Wu upon seeing the unpleasant look on his Commander's face cower in forgiveness to him bringing the person who made his Commander angry behind him. Who knows what he would do to her knowing her disrespectful act unto him.

"Commander please forgive me, this person didn't know what was she doing. We were only driven by that situation that we can't afford to loose anymore time. We need to meet you as soon as possible.

Xiao, was having a mix feeling that he wasn't able to absorb what was he saying.

While Han Wu was frantically explaining while defending her and pulling to his behind. Bai Shin Lin taught that Han Wu was a typical gentleman man one could encounter.He even defend her this time.

She knows that this Commander of hers is not to be meddle with and Han Wu is staking his life over the line defending her.

"Han Wu..." He was stern


Shit. Will the commander execute them now?

Bai Shin Lin was also groveling to the ground like his general did and she was a little worried of his wound might be reopening again.

"Do you know the person whom you are trying to find?" His voice was icy cold.

"Yes sir! I already received the portrait which has her face drawn. Pulling the rolled paper from his clothes he unrolled it in front of him. " She's a beauty, no doubt about it. It seems her significant mark was a big mole below her nose"

Xiao massage the temple of his forehead.

Did he do something wrong? Han Wu can't get the gist why his Commander is asking these questions now. Xiao pulled the portrait away from him and scrap the black mark below the nose of the face then return to him."shit!" He can't help but curse. Who's the idiot who put a black dirt onto this portrait. His Commander was even mad now.

Feeling a little curious, Bai Shin Lin whose been on the ground stood up to see the portrait. Why does this portrait seems familiar? She seems to see this somewhere in the capital.

"Please forgive me milord! It wasn't intentional.this was ...."

He was interrupted. " I should suppose to punish you for your stupidity but I applaud you for a job well done now then you can go out now"


"But Commander I have something to discuss important to..."

"Didn't you hear me!"

His shoulders went down.

It's over.

He look at the girl beside him.

They both turn to get out. Han Wu hold her hands leading them to get out. However, she didn't even make a full step when a strong hands pulled her from behind causing her hands to let go from Han Wu's grasp. "Kyakhhhhhh" she squinted from a sudden act. Han Wu was also stunned by his commanders sudden move. When he saw him, he was already carrying her.

"Commander, its my fault. Please do not be hard to the lady" he was asking sincerely. This girl's action a while ago was punishable by death that his afraid he might execute her.

However, it's as if he's general is not listening at all, he even raise the girl up and pulled her in into his strong embrace.

Bai Shin Lin was caught offguard. But when she take a look at the person who shockingly pulled her. A familiar face occur to her .

"Prince Xiao!" She called him.

Han Wu look at her. Then a sudden realization came unto him and started to look at the portrait he was holding. Now that there's no mole on the face, the resemblance was great. As in super great. It was seconded even when she called him with his name.

He really is stupid for not realizing it earlier. The signs were fully laid but he wasn't able to see.
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    《Naughty Princess and the Gang》