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Naughty Princess and the Gang
Author :laidbackprincess
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32 Captured

Bai Shin Lin's Group has been captured by the soldiers rummaging the entire forest. At first they resisted but feeling tired and hungry over their situation they decided to get caught. At least for the meantime they can rest for a while and think of their best course of action.

They were detained outside and both hands and feet tied to a pole.

She didn't recognized it a while ago but the forest seems to be lively at that night. Lots of soldiers are camping.

This situation has never been new to her. Men! Just how many times did she get caught and kidnapped? Her fate really sucks.

The camping soldiers caught them because they taught they are some kind of mountain people . With their ragged and almost filthy appearance one would think that they are.

Her view caught another cage in front of them which holds ragged and filthy children.So, they were not the only ones then. What would they do to them? Her mind wonder to that taught when a tall man in a sturdy armor peek unto them.

" Remember to tidied up our goods. I don't want to sell them at their unsightly appearance. Their cost will be low"

The man who seems to be a lower ranking soldier immediately nodded to that person. He was their platoon leader. Their unit specializes in finding a certain someone. However, their search is a failure so he decided to have a side business. Selling unfortunate children to other kingdom. Those children who don't have families and are soar to the eye pitch a high price selling into slavery. Of course he made sure that he made business carefully. He doesn't want his general to demote him of his position.

Bai Shin Lin pitied those children.

One of them woke up just to cry loudly. That kid was about 3-5 years old only.

A soldier went up to the crying kid and shouted him to stop. But the more he shouted at him the more he cried. That's when the soldier dragged the kid out and slap him hard on the cheeks. The poor thing went on flying a few meters leaving his consciousness.

She was petrified to the situation. The soldier pick the unconscious kid and throw back to the cage like some weightless bag.

"If you won't behave yourself you'll ended to be beaten up" said the leader of the platoon.

There's no way she'll not retaliate. The image of a helpless child was coming right through her mind. And without thinking blatant words come through her mouth.

" You useless piece of jerks!!!" She curse him.

"What did you say, girl?!" The leader went up straight to her and hardly grasp her hair. " Dare to say it again to my face" Xia and Maru are now at their attack mode. One single wrong move that they would do to her they'll not gonna sit back and watch anymore. She look at the two who has now possess a killing aura and signals them not to interfere with her..

" You useless piece of jerks!!! Just watch and I'll beat your assess and kick you out of your service. you'll pay with what you did to the kid!!!"


His hands reach her left face. Blood started to drift from her nose.

Tough she felt pain she didn't scream and even snicker to the man.

This time the man reach for her neck and started choking her. Xia can't stand the situation and summon his beast.

The shock man let go of her upon seeing a wild creature appear out of nowhere and seems to frightened him.

Maru transform into his lion form and ransack the pole which holds them.

"Soldiers!!!" Tho man shouted to his subordinates to find back up and in no time they were surrounded by large group of soldiers ready for the battle.

The situation is a disadvantage to them.

They need to get out of this situation and save those little lives.

Arhghh! Why does she felt useless. She can't even on par with those soldiers.

Their only trump card on battle is the creature that Xia summoned but with weapons they have she doubted that this beast would last.

Right at that moment Maru step up while raising his hand towards up the dark sky. He was muttering something to himself. That very moment dark clouds started to form above and strange flying beast comes out from the sky surrounding them.

"I have tolerated you impudent humans, however when it came to the point where you harm my benefactor I will no longer tolerate it. Feel the wrath of a thousand year old wing beast of the celestial realm!!!"

"Stop!" Bai Shin Lin out of nowhere jump to him.

She look at him with a questioning look.

I'm trying to help you here, human.Why don't you thank me later. That was his taught.

"Maru I'm gratefully but please consider to minimize your damage afterwards? There are innocent bystander nearby. I don't want them to be needlessly hurt by us"

"That's your concern?"

"Yup, can you?"

Hmmm. He hesitate.

" I will let you borrow my phone for a whole day"

The kid's eye twinkle in excitement. He took the bait!

" I'll right, I will minimized my damage to the limit."

The fight between the wing beast and their group started and things got chaotic. She unlock those children's cage and one by one led them to a much more safer ground .As they are running away more and more soldiers came in.

It came for the worse when a much more leader came in bringing his large group.

General Han Wu just recently arrive upon receiving a report that part of his group is engaging in battle with the wild beast of the forest. He came in just to see the state they were in.

The platoon leader saluted to him. " What is the cause of this commotion" he look upon their current situation and lots of his soldiers a losing. " We were ambush by a group of people who has control over these creature" what he pointed was the winged beast the ransacking their whole camp.

"Where are the intruder?" He demanded.

" They went over that direction" The platoon leader pointed the trail where Bai Shin Lin's group went. General Han Wu paddle his horse and turn to the way his subordinate pointed. Followed by his men, the general head off straight.

However, this general has no realization of his own men is plotting against him. The platoon leader taught that the situation has come to his side. It's the best time getting rid of this general. A wicked smile form unto his lips.

Upon reaching their destination, there where no traces or trail of people. He turn to face his subordinate who saw their escape.

"Where are they?"he turn.

However, before he knew it he was stabbed behind.

"General Han Wu it seems that this place will be your end"

All his soldiers turn into him. Eyes and mouths perk up into a nasty smile while turning to him.

The platoon leader has conspire against him together with some soldiers and they are planning to eradicate him on this spot without any eyewitnesses and he'll report that his death was part of the casualty caused by the battle between the monsters.

"Why you!!!" he will not gonna loose without a fight. At least he'll take him to his grave. His wounds are reopening with the movement his doing. Though he didn't care. Right now he defeated some soldiers and only few has left including his traitor.

Not long after, his body give in and he fell to the ground.

Damn it! He wasn't able to fulfill his duty to his last breath. He will dissappoint this time the Commander. He was full of despair and was about to accept his faith when out of nowhere a lion appeared with a lady on its back pointing arrow to his enemy.With the bright light of the moon the image of this young goddess illuminates his whole surrounding

Ah, this forest is protected by this goddess that's why the monsters retaliated when a group of his men trespass.

Has this goddess came to rescue him?

The arrow which she is aiming towards the traitor hits and he fell straight to the ground.

But her goddess didn't kill the traitor.

She was truly the emissary of justice!

She turn to him just when he was dripping his consciousness. She hurriedly came off of her beast and frantically runs towards him.

Ah my goddess... To see up close your beauty is truly a rare opportunity...

His delirium was getting stronger that he's beginning to be deluded. Bai Shin Lin knowing that this man's consciousness is dripping, is a pretty dangerous situation and decided to pull out from her pocket a freshly pick chili pepper and shove into his mouth then. She even crushed it beforehand that it's juicy taste would eventually goes out and would easily leave a flavoring to his mouth.

"Ahhh!" General Han Wu upon feeling the outrageous flavor to his mouth his full consciousness return to him just to see beggar looking girl in front of him.

...and where did his goddess went?
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    《Naughty Princess and the Gang》