Naughty Princess and the Gang
31 Meeting with the Generals
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Naughty Princess and the Gang
Author :laidbackprincess
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31 Meeting with the Generals

Place: An old traditional Japanese mansion.

Everyone has gathered. Including the 3 great generals: Han Wu, Bai Qingzi, Cao Cao. Crown Prince Li Xiaopeng organized this rare meeting abruptly gathering the 3 major powerful generals. The situation concerning rebel force has escalated creating major problems to the neighboring country. However, that is not sole purpose of the meeting but to establish a task force with full responsibility of finding her.

When he step inside, everyone has already gathered.

"Greetings, Commander" the three of them saluted.

"At ease" he coldy respond then seated in front of them.

Bai Qingzi, Bai Shin Lin's father didn't hesitate and immediately start their first topic to be discussed. "We have received a tip from anonymous party that a group of rebels are hiding in the forest of Miura. Some eyewitness also seconded this anonymous tip and therefore we are now installing spies to the said area" upon saying that General Bai Qingzi laid a map in front of the table then pickmark the rebels hideout.

General Han Wu and General Cao Cao peek to look at the map.

"I see, that place is the most suitable for hiding" General Han Wu

"Aside from the bountiful food supplies coming from the forest there's a river running near that place" Caocao stipulated the advantages of setting a base there.

The three of the waited for their commanders final say for the current situation.

" For the meantime stay low, do not act brashly and continue spying the enemy and report to me any suspicious movement."

The three nodded to him. " Rest assured Commander.

" Also, I will issue a direct order to General Bai"

The general twitch upon hearing his name mention and focused to the Young Commander.

" I want you to supervise and gain full authority with regard to subjugating the rebels. You will directly report to me all details upon your observation of that place"

The general received his full order.

The two other, remain still for they are waiting for orders to be given to them.

The ambiance inside was nervously wrecking and suffocating. Their commander is exuding an overwhelming superior aura even though his younger than tthe two of them. The two general is a little older by 5 years compared to the Commander while General Bai is much older of them three. Might be the reason why he's not even a bit suffocated by his aura and could talk to the Commander freely.

The one who are more nervous inside are the selected soldiers and few platoon leaders who are able to be invited through the meeting.

The first part of their topic ended and move unto the second one. It was General Caocao who lead the second topic.

"There are rumors about a certain person doing heroic act for the citizens and they are claiming to be the hero in a certain legend. People are now making a fuss of this individual and reverberating his presence."

As a proof of evidence, General Caocao get his paper reports and handed to his Commander.

Xiao received the document and carefully scrutinize every bit of it's information.

The individual is dangerous to the Imperial. If words gets out and people would believe in him, the citizen would start to question the current monarchy.causing a rift between power and political status and will cause a great faction between people. This matter is in need of dire attention.

"Find that person and by all means get his loyalty to the current emperor. If his intention lies with the common people, he will eventually choose to side with us"

General Caocao fully heard his Commander and saluted as his sign of obedience. " Rest assured Milord, I will not let you down"

" I am counting on you" the general felt pressured for his words.

" Now then for our main topic..." The already cold air has become even more colder. The tone the Commander is now using was rather strict and sharp. Everyone in the room cower in fright.

"I have always received for quite sometime reports regarding of a certain someone being sighted on the forest but whenever I went there it seems to be that its always not that person. General Han Wu, you are in charge of the newly organized group why haven't I received any good news. Are you doing your job well or do I need to appoint another general to this particular matter and IT'S ALREADY BEEN A YEAR!!!"emphasizing his last word, Xiao is showing his displeasure and irritability.

The general who's been silent for a while find his words to defend himself. He was fully aware of his failure and incompatibility. And he is willing to receive any punishment for his failure.

"The person has vanished and we can't find any trace of her whereabouts. We've also search neighboring regions which situated near the forest where she disappear but with no luck, we can't find her"

Xiao bang his hand unto the table.

Always finding his excuses.

Everyone became full alert of his foul mood. "AND WHY DOES IT TAKE TOO LONG!!! IT'S BEEN A YEAR YET NOT A SINGLE CLUE!?"

General Han Wu lowered his head. He can't look straight in front of this commander's eyes. Why was he the one assigned to this assignment. He should have been chasing criminals or fighting in a war but now his entire squad has reduce to finding a certain someone. How did his troop become this so low?

Yet fidgety he remain unmoved. Taking all his commanders anger unto him.

General Bai tap the commander's shoulders "please calm down, there must be reason why she can't be found..."

With that it seems his Commander calm down.

Deep inside, Han Wu wished that they will not find that person. Because that person they are searching could bring the entire nation down. or even make the entire Imperial run through her palm. It really is true, women are the root of all evil.

General Bai manage to calm the Commander down. Even though, as he is also eagerly waiting for her daughter's return. They were never been a father and daughter and with her disappearance his familial duty is surfacing. Guess it's truly you missed someone when they are gone.

When she came back he will lavish her with a fatherly love that she has never experienced before. He's always at the battlefield that having to be with her is a difficult request. The main reason why they have grown apart with each other.

" Please rest assured will find her and bring her back Commander!" General Han Wu upon regaining himself promise to his utmost best.


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