Naughty Princess and the Gang
29 Summoning from another World
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Naughty Princess and the Gang
Author :laidbackprincess
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29 Summoning from another World

She didn't expect him to have that amazing power. Being able to summon creature was far too magnificent. It's more awesome than Lou Ren's mind reading and Xiao's thunder lightning. If she could do something like that she will summon a Pegasus. The elegant image as well as the purity of it would look you more like a true goddess when riding it. Also she could travel from far away places in a short time, if only she had that....she'll travel far far away. It's pretty convenient for transportation.

Bai Shin Lin was preoccupied that she forgot they were in a certain situation.

When they were far enough from the wild creature, Xia drew a magical circle into the air and from it pulled a long bow. Then he pointed it to the direction of the tarantula while aiming it making sure not to hit his own beast. "Whoa! So you can summon objects also?"

He nodded. Without faltering, his eyesight locked the target.

That would even great!

"That awesome! Hey could you summon my treasures? You know I didn't brought it with me when I was driven away...can you? Can you?" Remembering her diamonds and jewels far the palace. She's having a lingering feeling of regret not bringing with her now that she's in dire need of money.

"The time I can summon is only three times a day. Since I already used up two summons I have left with only one but since I've used great stamina in summoning the first one I think I couldn't make it in three. "

"Then what about tomorrow? Can you use your summon"

He unleash the arrow from his bow and hit his target.

"I can"


She's pretty excited that she even jump and clap her hands. Right now her attention was focused on him.

In her excitement she didn't know that she hit something on her hand that the wall of the cave open and swallowed her up without any hesitation. Xia didn't know. He taught that Bai Shin Lin was following him back to the creature he hit with poison and to summon his beast back to its realm.

Meanwhile Bai Shin Lin,

Nevertheless did she know that the celestial realm was what beyond that cave.

"WHO IS IT THAT DARE TO TRESPASS THE TERRITORY OF THE CELESTIAL SPIRIT KING!?? THIS IS NOT A PLACE THAT ANYONE COULD ENTER. GO BACK TO WHERE YOU CAME FROM" a terrible voice that exudes domination was the one who welcomes her. It was so dark that she couldn't see anything. Where it this place ? How come there's this place behind the cave? She couldn't think straight.

She felt afraid, confuse and suffocated at the moment.

" Hello? Sir? I'm Sorry but I don't know how to get back...if you would, could you send me back...I think I got here by accident" her voice cracks when she said that.

The scary voice replied to her "Impudent! How could you ask a favor! You're just a mere human!!!"

" I don't know where the exit and the place is dark. I can't see anything "

When she said that ball of blue fires started to form a line in front of her. Was this supposed to be followed?

She find all her strength and followed the little orbs. Then she saw a light.

That must be the exist. Despite the terrifying and loud voice, whoever it is beyond that he's quite kind for doing that to her.

With one last look she turned and shouted her gratitude. " Thank you old man. I'll leave her and pardon my intrusion"


A long bang echoed to the place. " You! You call me an old man!!!"

The voice is angry.

Oops. Did she again step on the landmine? But the voice is that of the old man isn't it?

Ah, maybe he doesn't want to be called by that. Surely when one reaches old age they become so sensitive over small matters. Well whatever, she'll be leaving now. It's not that she'll be back into this dimension again. No need to sweat over little matters.

She preoccupied at her taughts that from her sight a small child appeared. His eyes where the sparkle of bluish green and his hair is long blue. He's wearing a two piece of fur clothes.

The child of about 10 years old that appeared in front of her was so cute! Whats he doing here?

"Hey kid did you lost you way here? Hurry, you'll encounter a scary old man here. He'll scare you to death. So if you wanna get out of here, follow this big sister okay."

" I am the proud celestial spirit king of this realm. How dare a lowly child address me as an old man and treated me like a child I will punish you to be eaten by hyenas and crows."

" Yah yah, we should go or we'll be scolded again." She never bothered with his childish talk and proceeded to the exit dragging the child with her.

Actually Bai Shin Lin is eager to get back to Xiang Xia. Now that she learns his pretty impressive power there's no ways she will let him get away. She grab the little kid by the hands and jump of the light that she was guided.


They went back again to the same cave.

" Where did you came from! I was worried sick that you become a dinner for the monsters here"

She just scratch the back of her head and smile awkwardly. Even her, couldn't describe the short moment she was in that place. She can't fathom what was that it there.

" Xia!!! Can you really not summon now?" that was the first thing she said to him from exiting that weird place.

Bai Shin Lin's curiosity didn't fade that she wasn't able to grasp the presence of the small kid that was intently staring at the two of them.

Xia felt that he could still afford to summon, but only limited to objects. Seeing that Bai Shin Lin won't leave him alone for the night he decided to give in.

" What's your request? I'll make it appear quick. I'm so tired that I want to sleep"

"Yes, I want summon phone!"

It's been bugging her a while ago. When she thinks he could summon her treasures back, her mind wonders through the different world she came from. If he can summon his beast from another world, would that even be possible if he summon things from her world? Although there's a hindrance that it might not work.

"Phone? What?"

She tried to picture out her Galaxy S smartphone in her previous life. She didn't know if this idea of hers would be effective. She's doubtful but oh well, nothing venture nothing gain. She will not now if she'll not gonna try.

Xia begins to draw his circle and started to chant. A yellowish light started to flow from the circle. It was so bright that she couldn't directly set her eyes on it.


Then .....


There's a black rectangular object came out of it.

Holy cow! It works!!!

She catches her phone before it reaches the ground.

And there it was!!!

Her smartphone!

The one she's was using in her previous life. She even rub its screen to her face and sniff its metallic smell confirming its really hers.

Hands shaking when she open and unlock her password. Thank goodness that its still in full battery. She opened her files and scroll the videos she saved. Xia peeked on the screen and almost lost it. !

How come there are people inside the screen!

It was so tiny? How could they fit in that size?

" What is that thing" out of curiosity. The kid blurted out.

Bai Shin Lin explain it in half and didn't tell the whole detail. She only mention that it came from a foreign land. Having to explain to them the full detail would be a pain in the ass knowing that there's a whole lot of things they didn't know.

"This thing was from the West and there's no one who makes things like these but only those people that I know. It's a trade secret"

"Oh so I see."- She was ecstatic that the kid bought her lies. Well, it's one advantage when talking to a kid.

"That's right, you can't buy something like these anywhere..." She sigh a relief knowing that these kid believes her.

" Nope, I know that your really lazy to explain things in detail"


This kid!

She glared and pinch the chubby cheeks of this child. "You're quite intelligent huh. Hope that you'll use that brain of your for the benefit of human kind"

"I don't need you to tell me that and I don't intend to serve humans. How could the high and mighty me bow down to the likes of you. it's seems that you misunderstood me. I'm not human like you...I'm a proud Celestial Spirit King!"

She didn't pay attention to this child's delusion. Aftersome point, she had gone to this stage where she believe fairies and goblins exists. Crushing this kids childhood might traumatize and affect his adulthood. She remember when she's still in third grade and someone told her Santa Claus didn't exist, she went a rampage in their house and would refuse to eat for the whole day. She remember her parents were pretty worried about her that they went to cosplay Santa Claus and bade his last farewell to her. Out of her curiosity she pulled out santa's beard and was horrified to see his father's face. From that they on, she hated Santa Claus. But when she became adult she begun to realize what her parents did to her just to become happy every Christmas day.

And by the way, why is that kid still here and acting like he's part of the gang. " Why are you still here?"

The kid just rolled his eyes " what do you expect. I'm a kid. How heartless of you to send a kid alone in the night"

He hit the bulls eye.

Well he's right.

A while ago this kid is playing arrogant but why now being friendly with them.

"By the way. Who are you?" she rummage the appearance of this strange kid. Was he some mountain kid that got lost? Does he has parents? Where are they? Leaving their child alone in the night, what a heartless parents they are.

" I don't have the responsibility to tell you"


" Well, if you don't from now on your name is Maru. " without confirming him she decided on her own.
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    《Naughty Princess and the Gang》