Naughty Princess and the Gang
27 The Hunt III
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Naughty Princess and the Gang
Author :laidbackprincess
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27 The Hunt III

It took her almost 3 hours for her body to started to move. Now that she see the surroundings its almost noon and the impending dark night is coming. She tried to find her way only to heard a strange thump sound. Like the sound when she was falling earlier. Luckily, the cliff wasn't that high and she crush unto the bushes which lessen the impact. She only received a small cuts and bruises from the fall.


He really meant to kill her this time!

If it wasn't for her devil's luck she would be a cold corpse by now.

She went near where the sound came and was taken aback just to find her greatest enemy slump on the ground. Did he fall too? Well, karma really works in this world and it's really fast.

Xiang Xia stood up and when he saw her, a morbid look was thrown unto her. Wasn't she suppose to do that? She's the victim here?

"So your alive?"

Why you!

She take a closer look at his puffy cheeks. Was his fall that hard that it affect his face incredibly?. His eyes are also swelling as if he had cried. His face is unsightly to look for now.

"Why did you do that?" glaring at him while trying to subdue the urge to attack him."who knows." what! He's playing the innocent here! Xiang Xia!

"Apologize to me while I'm being good for now. I wont offer this kind of treatment after I take back my offer." She's giving him a last chance trying to sort out with her. She's testing him if he would be at least remorseful of the things he did to her. But the latter has no intention of doing so. "What for? I already receive my punishment awhile ago." He only just shifted his gazed out of her sight.

Of course, she's a fool to think that he may be a bit apologetic. Huh! She's so stupid.

The anger that she's been keeping for the whole time had already exploded at this moment. The next thing she knew, she was attacking her. With all her might she jump on him and pulled his hair out while fighting with all her strength. They went down rolling to the ground. "Damn you bitch!" She didn't restrain herself from scratching his whole body. "ugly wench" he answered back. They were grabbing each other hair at that time and no one would even yield. They started rolling down the river and already hit the surface water yet no one ever pulled their hand to one another. Right now, the one at the bottom is Xiang Xia. With water filling up his face his strength begun to decrease. "you're going to kill me right? why don't I let you taste the feeling of near death experience huh?" Choking him and pulling his face down the water.

She only stop grabbing him and pulled him out of the water when she knew he's almost out of breath. Atleast she still has her morality. She will not be a killer.

Dragging him to the ground, they lay there almost out of their breaths.

"Why didn't you kill me?" Xiang Xia. Fully beaten by her.

"I'm not like you. I'm no murderer"

"your unnecessary kindness will be your downfall someday"

Did she hear him right? Is he complimenting her.

"I 'm no kind. I just abide the rules of morality."

He let a small laugh. "Morality huh?"

"yah and I know you do not have that. Your selfish plus your a bitch"

"Bitch you say?"

"yup" she said with full confidence


Now what. Did he just burst into a laughter?


"Atleast you treat me like a woman. That jargon is directed to a woman right? You can't say that thing to a man right? uhm, let see...for a man the term is... JERK.but you say a bitch. Atleast I'll be gratefull for that"

Is he complimenting her by that?Did the water enters his brain and it's damaging his intelligence?

She shrugged her shoulders.

"Look, I would address you a woman if you wear a skirt but a man if you wear a pants. I don't give a damn about your gender. Every people, has the right to express their true feelings. After all, that feeling would only be feel by you only. At the end of the day, your satisfaction and happiness is what only matters"

Woah, did she just give him a lesson? She don't know if she's in the right place to talk about that. She look at him trying to decipher what expression he's having. But wait! Is he crying?!What the heck!

She was intently looking at his crying face that he had pulled him closer to him. Upon closer inspection, if Xiang Xia stays true to his gender, he's gonna be handsome? lots of maidens would gonna fight for his attention. But on the other hand his feminine side is not quite bad at all. He's more beautiful that her. tsk This is unfair.

She twitch her body upon getting closer to him.

"Your the first ever to tell me that...No wonder Brother Mu treasure you like that...."

This is the time to clear the misunderstanding about him. She pulled out from him and tried to defend that nothings going on.

"you don't need to be modest at all. Brother mu told me everything. He even said that he'll crush the whole camp if you will never be found.Threatening me with those words then slapping me on this face. That sends realization upon me."

"Xiao slap you on the face?" Did he really do that. For a lady.

He remain silent. Guess he doesn't want to reminiscence that happening.

"well that settles it.... I'm not your enemy. You shouldn't been so rude to me. I'm not Prince Xiao's secret wife you now"

Still trying to deny her relationship to him. Xiang Xia's forehead wrinkled. Prince Xiao said to him their entire situation as well as his relationship to her. He was his Fiancee. yet this girl claim that his highness still has a wife? This is the misunderstanding that he needs to clear to her.

He was about to tell her that his wife thing is something that he assumed for he was looking to a girl at the moment they met. He had no idea that he was waiting for her.

But then that words was not spoken when a heavy rain landed. They run to the nearest cave they could find and take some shelter.

They were all buddy buddy now. All the heartaches and unpleasant feeling that he was harboring has gone now.

Funny to think that awhile ago they're were fighting like its the end of the world but now things have smoothen up.

It was so dark inside the cave. The only light they have is the fire on the wood that they had gathered inside the cave.

Their whole body is soak by the water and if it left alone they'll gonna catch a cold in the morning. Xiang Xiang was the first to take his clothes.

She followed what he do.

"what are you doing?" Bai Shin Lin had taken her upperclothes leaving the cloth wrapped around her breast. She took of her clothes and hunged it near the fireplace.

"I'll catch a cold if i don't take it, right?"

"i know that.... but" he stutter then awkwardly look at her body."you... you... show a bit a delicacy... your showing your body infront of a man!"

What? He's a woman right?

Seeing his expression. She teased him a bit more.

Xiang Xia was never been so skilled in dealing with these. Although he works in a brother all of his customers were men at that time, and before something happens he made sure to dragged them that they would never remember what happened that night.

"oh, so your a man now...."she walk close to him. Touching his broad chest while grinning. "hehehe. why don't you try to be a man just for tonight. I bet this will be your most thrilling experience you'll ever had...tonight just you and me" and she blow and soft air into his ear. That moment Xiang Xia was paralyzed and his whole body crumpled on the ground. While looking at her like some kind of hungry beast.

Meanwhile, the careless Bai Shin Lin was having fun for a moment not knowing the chaotic situation the Imperial palace is having.

Now that Xiao decided to reclaim his throne nothing would stand in his way. It's been how many days since Bai Shin Lin went missing and with his current status, the days of searching is becoming long. He needs the whole military force of the Palace to search for her on the entire forest.
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    《Naughty Princess and the Gang》