Naughty Princess and the Gang
22 Face with the cruel new world
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Naughty Princess and the Gang
Author :laidbackprincess
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22 Face with the cruel new world

Two arrows landed unto them, the first one he was able to dodge it but it was difficult for the second. The result, it reach his upper left shoulder. It's possible that the purpose of that parade is to lure them out. He already anticipated it and when he learn that Lin when to the capital he immediately followed her.

Just as he would expect. She caused another trouble again. Much worse it was with a man. She was more than smiling with that man than when she was with him. That's when he felt something stirred from his inside. The feeling that he could kill an entire army in just one click of his finger. However, he's a no murdered. Moreover, it's Lou Ren who's with her. He can be at ease. But if it was another man who's with her he can't guarantee what could have happen.

"I don't usually get my temper but if I get angry, I'm scary" that's the last thing he remembered and his body started to become heavy"

Bai Shin Lin didn't know what to do. She's frantic and panicking when she sees him collapse like that. Luckily, Xiang Xia peeked in and saw Xiao's Current state.

"What are you dillydallying for! Hurry up and find elder Murong! He's knowledgeable with regards to injuries and wounds!"

Of course she didn't know that person. She just storm outside without knowing where she will go.

She passed by Lou Ren who only arrives this minute.

She called unto him and report what had happened. When he learned it, his face turn pale and hastily went inside while she embark to find elder Murong.

"Elder Murong lives in the capital" It was the old lady who told her where to find him.

The lady instructed her his place including his appearance. According to her Elder Murong is a short chubby man with a mustache that almost hits the floor. It seems that the famous mark of this old man is his mustache so finding him won't be that difficult.

With the burning hot summer days she went to find the old man. It didn't take her long to find him. Elder Murong lives with his family, his son and 2 grandchildren.

"My father had died a long time ago, he passed with a serious illness" His son is a short man with a chubby appearance. Even if she didn't see elder Murong, she can visualize what he would look like except for the mustache on his face. The elder Murong they are talking about has a long mustache while this man has none.

She was dissappointed upon hearing him. He can't go back to the mountain without someone beside him.

"uhm, aren't someone from your family a physician? There's someone who really needs to be checked. My friend was badly hurt and his having a high fever. Can you do something about it?"

"Look missy, do you have money with you? If you have I could take a look…"

"I'm sorry but I'll pay you when we arrive there—"

The man snorted out. "heh, well if you don't have any money. Save you're sorry. I'm not that charitable that would take free clients."

"I'll pay when we get back there. It's a promise"

The man didn't yield with her bidding. At this point, if she's a little slower, Xiao, might suffer. Why, does it have so hard to find medical doctors in this period? If you don't have money then you'll be sorry and die miserably without finding any aid. Is this these world offering? In her previous world, there's a government aid that was given to less fortunate people. At least even with less money they could afford to go to hospitals. Poor people in her previous world are far luckier than these world.

This really is a hustle.

She tried her last resort convincing him. She humble herself in front of this man. She even bowed and kneeled in front of him begging him to follow her. But instead the man just shut the door of his home and never bothered to look back.

She wasn't even this desperate in her entire life. Was this because her horizon has broaden now that there are people whom she considered dear to her. Was this because her circle of friends are growing and testing how far she can go for them?

She slump on the ground without knowing what to do. It's as if her world has fall apart. She's just a naïve little girl who don't know the world.

She kept sighing. The man peeked from the window of his house then shouted to her "If you don't have anything then better go back to where you are. Now you know being poor sucks. Better make yourself presentable and marry a rich man. That way you will never be miserable!"

She gritted her teeth. She felt pitiful at this moment and she was about to cry.

If this is the kind of world this have, you better return me from my world! I don't belong here!

She can't do anything. She's powerless. Xiao, might die any moment moreover, it was her fault. If she realized it sooner the degree of his sufferings won't amount to this.

After a moment of thinking of her misfortunes. She decided to stand up. She'll find another physician that could follow her.

As she was about to leave, a young boy clutch her clothes. He look at her.

"Are you here looking for grampa?"

Bai Shin Lin turn around and kneeled in a way that her height would be of the same level as this child. She let a sad smile towards the boy. "Unfortunately I am too late. Please, I take my condolences for your grampa. He really is a good physician during his days that he's pretty famous in our camp. He must be in his resting place right now"

"We'll if you want to visit grampa, you can follow me" the child tucked her clothes

"ehhh?, kid I still have many things to do. I need to find person similar to your grampa. I can't follow your grampa with you in heaven."

"not that."

"well kid, it's really that I have an important task to do. I'll pray for your deceased grandfather in the future and I'll offer my heartfelt wishes that he will surely rest in peace."

"My grampa is in the cemetery…"

Maybe he hasn't yet fully recovered with the passing of the old man that this kid still hasn't accept the reality. She patted his head.

His grampa passed away quickly that this boy hasn't even made his farewell. That why he keeps hallucinating as if he is still alive. Beneath her, she could fell the warmth emotions that this boy is emitting whenever he talks of the old man.

"follow" the child keeps on insisting. So she better followed him. Well at least she could pray for the dead man's soul.

They reach the public cemetery.

The place was well maintained. Flowers blooming beautifully with the rays of the sun. The place is emitting a peaceful and tranquil environment. One could feel at ease when go there. After all, it's the resting place of their beloved person

The child was so small that maybe he's only a six year old. Because the child was so slow, she pick him up for them to be a little faster. They stop in front of a well maintained tomb.

This man has done a lot of good deeds that even the caretaker of this place is fully taking caring of his tomb. He kneels down to offer her prayer.

"Elder Murong, I offer my sincerest prayer to you. Even though I didn't see you but I know you live a fulfilling like. Please continue to haunt your impudent son that he will rethink all he's bad deeds. Please give him a life's learning either by stepping into his own poop or drowning in a river or get bitten by a mad dog. It's just a simple request from the one who's in heaven. Please don't condemned me after this for I am just stating my own opinion"

She clasp her hands while closing her eyes.

When she was about to open her eyes, she was hit by a wooden rod.

"You ignorant fool!"

She flinch from the pain. What is this man's problem! He look to the kid beside her and what she saw in his face was pure shocked. "My grampa is not dead. It's just his living in the cemetery…."this was the words that goes out in his little mouth!

She totally misunderstood this child! What he meant by in the cemetery was, he was living near the cemetery while being the caretaker of the place and she mean it literally. If not for the idiot son of this saying that this man is dead this misunderstanding will not occur! She felt bad for killing the old man in her taught.

The man still keeps hitting him with his rod though it wasn't that hard. He just hit her lightly in a way she could take it.

"You're not satisfied by killing me yet you included my child. Even I know how despicable that son of mine is. How impudent and evil he is. How stupid and idiot that child of mine! You should instead wished that he would go hit by a thunder or would go limp for all I care that he would go back crawling with his own father. You don't need to go easy on him. He deserve it!"


Has this family has this side of craziness among them?


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