Naughty Princess and the Gang
20 Parade of Royalties
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Naughty Princess and the Gang
Author :laidbackprincess
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20 Parade of Royalties

"Are they not suspecting you?" Right now, Xiao had taken a wooden rectangular piece of board from Lou Ren. It was something that he requested to bring to him. Up to this point, Xiao's greatest advantage in the palace is Lou Ren. The enemy has yet not decipher the unwinding of his memory. He's making him report on the status inside the imperial palace and from this he deduce that it's still chaotic as it is back then.

"The seat for the emperor is still vacant, my lord. But they are already finding prospects suitable to marry the crown princess"

Not just they chase the heir to the thrown but they find themselves someone who will replace him? That was quite a bold move, if he would say.

Just think of this trip as his personal vacation. He'll leave the imperial palace in their hands for a while. He's eager to know what kind of change they would bring now that they experience the throne?

An alluring devilish smile occur on his lips.

"If you wasn't able to inform me of those happenings, I will still not able to break free from those fake memories. Although I already have doubt at first, for things are not falling into pieces...and we should find clues regarding Lin's potential as soon as possible"

"Yes, my lord"

"anything of your concern?"


"ah, in regard with Princess MengMeng's situation. The palace is very dangerous for a peasant girl like her...."

"Find way to make her seems on your side"

Lou Ren did just accept his highness command. Even after all the commotions inside the imperial palace he always consider him as his master. Even if the world would turn upside down he will only serve his highness and no one else.

Then he went back to the palace.


Xiang Xia's head had incurred a big bump on the forehead caused by the impudent entertainer. He was so angry that his precious face had become unsightly. He has taken care of this beautiful face of him for the past years and with just a single moment he had become so ugly. This is unforgivable! Feeling furious over the girl, he storm and went to where she was confined . When he arrive in there, he saw her, she was fixated at the vast ceilings.

"have you taught of the sin you have done awhile ago?"

Upon hearing him the girl look sideways. A naughty smile form in her lips." Hehehe, are we even now??you played prank on me, I hit you on the head how about that?"

The ingrateful!

This lady doesn't really care what would happen to her, that's why she's pretty calm of the situation.

"still not feel a bit remorseful of your sin aren't you!, stay here for ages for all I care" with that he turn his back towards her.

"ehhh, aren't you a little petty.!" she shouted but he didn't dare to look back anymore.

Bai Shin Lin was once again back in the prison. The first time he got was back when she was still in the palace and was falsely accused.

{oh well, as long as they give me food all is well} She doesn't want to be depressed over the situation much more to deeply think about it. What will happened will eventually happen, that was one of the few rules of the world that she realized in her years of living on the other world.

That night, she dreamed of Macaroni and Cheese Pizza, Brown Butter Lobster and Spinach Pizza with Bacon + Fontina, double cheese burgers and french fries. The flavor of coke leaves a unique oozing sensation over her mouth.

{I want more!}

nom nom nom

* splash * splash

Cold freezing water landed on her behalf. Bai Shin Lin who was dreaming of luxurious foods had woken upon feeling the water. Her whole body was soaked.

Xiang Xia splash a bucket of water on her. It's already late in the morning yet this girl still dreaming? A typical normal woman should be waking up even before the sun rises, do her chores and help in the morning.

"why are you still not up yet! there's a lot of things to do. You should help in the collection of animal dung since you can't dance that well, at least you'll be useful"

Because she was thrown with water she didn't feel the hangover of sleepiness but the shock was still there when she was hit. Funny to think that she wasn't angry much more she feels empty inside. She might as well awake already but her mind still on her hungover mode.

"still not sinking in? hurry up!" she twitch as Xiang Xia hit her bottom. That's when she retaliate.

She glared at her with all her might.{ you ugly cross dressing...xxxxxx!!!}

"what? you will disobey me!" he retorted back

As lazy as she is, she stood up and followed him. She just wash off her face then change her clothes and report to him early in the morning.

That same morning Bai Shin Lin was force along with the oldies in the camp to find an animal manure. It seems that bandits didn't only care for the wealth they could get from their stealing but also they cultivated the land and sell them down in the capital. She was force to partake with this chores.

{you think I'll find it hard finding manure, you bet! I'm not your typical princess wannabe here! just you wait and I'll collect even more than you could imagine}

After they finish collection she proudly present her 1 sack of animal dung to Xiang Xia however, when other ladies get in there each carries either 2 or three sacks! The heck. Where did they find lots of it!

The oldies lined up in front of Xiang Xia and one by one, he give them their fare share of money. How much is it?

100 silver coins for one sack? That could pretty buy her 2 bowls of soup in the capital.

She taught of her dreams last night. She really wanna eat them. She's craving burgers with bundles of cheese on them! and pizzas and fries! She wanna go to the jollibee !macdonalds ! greenwich! Those spots. It seems it becomes a heavenly place when she thinks highly of it.

When they receive their payment, she was dragged by those woman to the capital.They were preparing to buy ingredients and housewares.

and it's a perfect time for her to run-away!

Much to her demise, Xiang Xia followed her all the way to the capital wearing her rich girl princess outfit. All the way there she could feel his heavy stare on her that she felt uncomfortable all the way. However, those ladies are just nonchalantly chitchatting with him. Makes her wonder if they knew his true identity, would they still even talk like ear to ear and giggle like crazy.

The capital's bustling with people. It's the customary of this place to be this everyday hectic. But the number of people compared to when she was at this place last time was far more great. There are lots of decorative banners and food stalls lining on the streets.

The side walls was well plastered with the Imperial flag. Every corner of it.

"what's the matter with the capital today? it's more busier than usual?" she blurted out of the blue.

" You didn't know?there's a parade of royalty" the waiter of the restaurant heard her speak and answered.

"do they need to do that?it seems extravagant?"

"uhm, well there's new monarchy sitting on the throne now and they want everyone to know that. It extravagant? yes? and their just wasting the taxes of their people, boasting it like it were theirs"

Not long before she heard him speak, a loud trumpet sounded through the whole place. When she goes out to peek.There's a huge caravan and in the middle an extravagant looking carriage. If she's not mistaken it carries the royalties.

The order of the parade goes like, first the soldiers on march, next the prime ministers, nobles and high ranking officials then the carriage that holds the new monarch.

(tsk. damn royalties. They didn't really care of the drought coming yet they luxuriously pursue this event?) man 1

(the emperor had died, so who's gonna sit next now that his son is a criminal?) man 2

(well, that would gonna leave the authority on the empress) man 3

Bai Shin Lin was intently listening to their conversation that someone caught her eyes. The man was elegantly riding a horse. His silver colored hair radiates through the hot rays of sun.

{Lou Ren...} It's the first time he saw him after all the happenings. She felt a little pinch in her heart. From afar, he really is handsome. She stop herself from fan girling and stays calm. It would be troublesome if she would discover by then.

She tried to blend in with the crowd and with twinkling eyes look at him but then, she was mortified when she saw a girl riding with him hugging his back. The girl exudes a noble like princess.

It was Mengmeng!

A young girl beside her shouted like some crazy fan upon seeing Lou Ren on the view.

(KYAHHHHHHHH LOU REN !adviser Lou Ren notice me!!!)

The girls voice echoed throughout the crowd that Lou Ren finally take a little peek of this crazy girl and that's when he catch a glimpse of her. She could feel her heart skip for the moment their eyes met.

She was the first to avert her eyes from him.

(Hey watch your mouth. Your a disgrace already!) a woman scolded the girl beside her. They were too loud that she could hear their entire conversation.

The girl pouted. "What of it. Its not that I could get him home to be my husband right? Its my only opportunity yet your stopping me.)

(Aiya! this girl! Don't you know that the adviser has already a betrothed person? Don't you see the beautiful lady clinging to him?are your love that blind that didn't see her?"

Her eyes widened. Her eyes shifted on the silvered haired person riding a horse.

{It's not true right?Heh! You're kidding me?}
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    《Naughty Princess and the Gang》