Naughty Princess and the Gang
19 When Jealousy Strikes
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Naughty Princess and the Gang
Author :laidbackprincess
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19 When Jealousy Strikes

Xiang Tia called for her.

Bai Shin Lin was following his trail, trying to cope up with his big strides.

Right now they have entered his own room.

Xiang Tia seated like a queen in his wide and fluffy bed while staring steadily at her.

Bai Shin Lin stood in front of him not sure what to do.

"Well... you should do your thing"


She just stare at him. Not sure what she meant.

"didn't I say that I want to see you dance"

dun dun dun dun


It totally slip her mind. She's always preoccupied with her sneak-out tactic. Now that face with the situation she don't know how to do it. Much more she has a two-left feet.

Two minutes....she's still standing there like a frozen manikin & struggling whether to dance or not.

Xiang Xia clap his hands gesturing her to hurry up.

The nerve!

You should have dance instead!

Bai Shin Lin has no choice at all but to do it.

She raises her hand and tried to picture out what she saw in historical drama's she have seen. Following what a dancer should do she began to execute her own steps....However, Bai Shin Lin didn't really know what step is she doing, as long as she can dance it's fairly enough for her.

Xiang Xia fixed his look on her dance.

-and what the heck!

He pinch the center of his forehead.

She was dancing awkwardly. Not to mention her movement is gawky and unrefined. Her body's not properly trained and not graceful at all. He can do better than her.

"how dare you!"

Bai Shin Lin stop to what she was doing then focus her eyes in front of her.

She was so focused in her dancing that she finally realize her good dancing skills. She was good at it!

But what's his problem!

She was so close at synchronization with the air.

Yet unknown to her, Xiang Xia is seeing a different stunt in front of him.

"Is that the type of service you are offering to brother Mu! You sucks! What did he see with those movements"

She's been doing what she could do since she was force but to face his blunt criticism, it was beyond the belt for her to take.

And there's no way that she's not good at it. She was pretty sure of her feeling & emotions a while ago.

This man so picky!

"YOU BETTER DO IT THIS TIME!" Xiang Xia hit the bedside table with her maroon-coloured fan.





Oppan Gangnam style

Gangnam style

Op, op, op, op

Oppan Gangnam style

Gangnam style

Op, op, op, op

Oppan Gangnam style

Eh, sexy lady

Op, op, op, op

Oppan Gangnam style

Eh, sexy lady

Op, op, op, op

Eh-eh-eh, eh-eh-eh

Because of his sudden interjection, Bai Shin Lin jolted and without blink executed what was Psy's movement in his music video. It was her instant idea. This dance is pretty famous back then that everyone in her class would like to try and dance it.

Xiang Tia shake his head.

Is this entertainer has something in her head?

"okay enough" emphasizing his words. He step closer to her then point the tip of his fan to her chin.

"you better do this next time or I'll send your head flying to the river stynx"

Xiang Xia has never seen as obnoxious woman in his life. How could Brother Mu let her stay beside him.

He met Brother Mu from the border and decided to help him find his wife. From afar he could already sense that he's an ability user. Out of whim, he offered him sheltered and assurance that he'll help him find his wife. Although up until this point they haven't seen her. And he hope that they won't be able. At first he taught that he's be very useful to him but it was the other way around. Mu has a very good grasp of being a leader. A single statement from him can make people watch for him. He can be a good leader with a strong sense of judgement.

He has only him, until this girl appear. When he sees her he felt that he didn't like her at first.

"follow me" they went out of the room them storm outside.

The girl obediently follow him.

He led her in an abandoned caved near where their hideout is.

Xiang Xia pointed something in front of him. She followed the trail of his hands. Half-naked men line-up, seated in a chair. Their whole body are rolled with a rope. Based on their appearance they are being punished for quite some time.

But what kind of punishment?

Xiang Xia walk slowly in front of them.

The prisoners have cloth covered in their eyes. They were gasping from agony and pain. Blood dripping a foot.

" For those men who deemed to be unloyal to their partner are tortured in here. Anyone who committed a graved sin will have these kind of pain of cutting their manhood and rendered useless"

Xiang Xia explained to her.

Those unscrupulous men who are happy go lucky and didn't concern with their marriage life are the true trash of society. The best way to dealt with these character are to bound not to be useful after all. Being unfaithful to one another, couple bound by marriage are those what Xiang Xia hates.They deserve a punishment equivalent to death. And being cut down below is far the most accurate punishment.

She look at those men hauling with their agony. She can't take to hear those screams so she just cover her ears but still sounds enter her eardrums. She couldn't escape their horrible cry after all.

"Hey, what happened if the woman was the one who committed the crime?" she tucked his dressed and ask her awkwardly.

" We perform a unique way of dealing with women. A punishment equivalent to what are those with men"

Bai Shin Lin felt a little uncomfortable with the topic they are speaking and excuse herself.

But Xiang Xia grab her wrist for a few seconds then afterwards he let it go.

"I brought you here with that intention...."


When did she became unfaithful?

"I bet you know that Brother Mu has already a wife right?"

She nodded without knowing where their conversation would lead to. Of course she stays in his room but Xiao would always slept late at night that she didn't know where do he lie. Next thing in the morning he's already up. That's all their night routine and nothing in particular happens. She knows, Xiao. He's uninterested in her.

" Someone like you is deemed to be a poison on him. You are not qualified to be near him"

ohhh? why does she smell jealousy over him. If it is, he's barking at the wrong tree.

"hold it!"

She tried to stop him from speaking.

"what do you see me as! I'm not some prostitute here. I swear that whatever in your mind is. That's not what it is!"

Finding the right words to says, she manage to defend herself. Hope he would listen to her.


With a clap of his hands 2 guards came running.

"tie her"

The next thing she knew is that she was tied up in a chair. Her legs are spread apart. She look at her with bulging eyes."what are you doing! let me go!"

"someone as dirty as you is not capable of Brother Mu's attention. Therefore a poison should be eradicate."

Brother Mu this, Brother Mu that! He doesn't get tired of speaking of him right?!

"aren't you a leader. This is wrong. A leader's judgement should not be clouded by his emotions. you will become bias and your actions are definitely wrong. Please calm down and think straight first.

" This is just a warning for my people"

But I'm not even your people.

"why don't you believe me! There's really nothing going on!"

Her shouts are futile. Xiang Xia is not listening to her after all.

A man came to him reaching a small satchel.

When he open it to verify it's content, it was a chili pepper.

He came to her with a devilish smile.

"what do you think your doing! get away from me! okay fine, I won't be sleeping to his tent and I'll avoid him then. Just stop from what you are doing to do!"

Xiang Xia stopped from approaching her.

"well that settles it.That's what I'd like to hear."

Bai Shin Lin sigh a relief.

Xing Xia came closer and untied her rope.

"well actually, I didn't really mean to do it. I know your still a virgin. I just test what you can offer as to negotiate.. They said prevention is better than the cure"


She clasp her hand upon hearing this. He was playing on her. He didn't know how afraid she was from her pranks!

Xiang Xia!!!

Right now she doesn't care whose family she came from.{please forgive me Xiao, for what I'm about to do}

She wanted is to teach this so called leader his fare share.


She focused all her inner energy and give him a full-head to head attack!

All she heard was a loud "bump" afterwards. The opponent fall on the ground while feeling his head. Well, for her, she's hard headed that's why she couldn't feel that much pain. Although she could feel hot red liquid came gushing from her head.

She look down to the man who's still lying on the ground.

Serves you right for scaring her like that!
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    《Naughty Princess and the Gang》