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Naughty Princess and the Gang
Author :laidbackprincess
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18 Xiang Tia

That same day, Bai Shin Lin sneak outside. However, when she was nearing the gate, 2 men stop her and dragged her inside the tent but she still did not give up. On the second day she sneak again but got caught and same guard went unto her. On the third day she went out but then she saw guards coming over to dragged her out, she voluntarily went back to her tent.

"aren't you tired of running away" Xiao blurted on her when she gets back.

Bai Shin Lin was disappointed. She slump hard her back on the bed.


She was so tired from moving around these days that she had no energy left to answer him.

"why didn't you go to that specific location after you've been chase out in the palace?"

Bai Shin Lin taught for a moment.

Now that he mention it, just where did that letter go?

"with all the commotion outside the capital, I think I misplace your letter. I haven't read it so i don't know where you are" she lied. The truth is she really forgot about it. It only occur to her this time that he ask her.

Even tough she was looking beyond the ceiling, she could feel that the atmosphere turn cold. When she look up, dark clouds are hanging around Xiao.

Is he angry?

Well, that would be the obvious reaction. She ditch him in their meeting place. But the blame won't be in her also, on the first place she didn't agree to follow him. It was obvious for her he didn't like her and the feelings mutual. But why would he be insisting on bringing her with him.

Moreover, why would she go together with him where in fact he has a wife to be worried over.

It's understandable if he would keep them hidden, it's for their safety purposes. Now she feels guilty. The sooner her engagement cancelled, the better her conscience would ever feel. For now she'll keep it a secret from him that she knew it.

Bai Shin Lin keep her imagination as wide as ever be.

"ahhh, by the way..."

It's been how many days that she was chased out of the palace and she didn't even know what was her grave crime. The situation is insanely chaotic that she stop feeling curious about what happen. Now that Xiao's here, she want some enlightenment.

"Prince Xiao, what had happened back in there? It's so sudden that next thing I knew I was casted out?"

" Your familiar with those 12 influencial families right?" She nodded "well, the thing that the palace had feared has finally come"

Bai Shin Lin focused her attention on his next words. " one of the successor of those families with the ability to manipulate memories enters the palace then seized the emperor and gaining control over the royal family."

She was stunned hearing this. If this person was able to turn upside down the royal family, surely she/he has a great ability. But why was the royal family wasn't able to counter their plan. Are they that weak that they have no counter unto them. Bai Shin Lin was pretty sure how strong Xiao is.

"Why? wasn't you strong? How did they...."

"I was in the secluded mountain on training with my master for the whole year around. I just recently got back but it seems that they've altered mine also." while saying that she could feel disappointment in his eyes. "and before I knew everyone's memories has been altered. Replacing with a fake one. That includes their memories about you too."

She was intently listening to his explanation. Now that it reaches the point where she was included in the scenario she could feel but a little unease. "memories of me? Then what are those that are fabricated?tell me"

"those are not that important now. My main point is you're here and that we need to know how to bring back those real memories" But the thing that Xiao was keeping, the real truth- she wasn't that insanely in love with him. In reality, he force her just to marry him. The noble daughter of a person once she look up too.

Bai Shin Lin was so curious about what she truly is. Seeing that Xiao has no intention of talking about her she feel helpless "I knew it!?" Xiao look at her in questioning look. " I'm not my mother's child right?" It was a random taught that slide in her mind. Her mother's features are not clearly visible in her stature. Nor her beauty and her attitude is not something that similar to her. So she can't help to think sometimes if she were adopted.

Xiao made an awkward look. "where does that coming from?"

It's not?what would that be.

She already ransack all ideas to her brain but nothing came to mind.

"the palace has crumbled over a mere user, how much more if they are gathered and go rampage with their ability. That's why we needed to find those part of the families then win them over"

Sounds hassle. The taught of it is exhausting her. There are no boy bands here that her enthusaism in this world is flocking down. How much more her only member has become far away from her. Her taughts are flying over from the main topic and suddenly the word "we" echo into her ears. She dumbfoundly look at him tracing if she's actually hearing him right.

"ahem, my prince would you please repeat what you said earlier? "

"That's why we needed to find those part of the families then win them over"

"why we?"

Xiao's eyebrow raise up. " I do really want to leave you out of this, but..."

He keeps hanging his sentence. "I think you will play a major role in this whole event. If you could recall the contract you brought to LOU REN? That thing helps him regain his true memories...and to think that you're not part of those families would have an effect on someone who has enchanted-it dissolves the effect of hallucination."

She didn't know what to say at this moment. Surely she made that contract out of her tantrum to make him her member. She'd only want to make him part of his boy band which until now has only one member.

Then should she make everyone a contract just to dissolve the effect of hallucination?

"you can't make a contract for everyone, there are hundred or even thousands of people who are under their spell. What we only need is to gain the favor of other families to side on us and something like this would never happen again"

Xiao is pretty calm for someone who loose his position and his home. It made her think, what was his plan involving her.

Now this is super duper trouble some.

"what if I refuse"

Xiao didn't answer. Well she was used to it. It seems that Xiao's favorite answer is his emotionless face.

She sigh.

''Do I really have a choice here" grumpily she swung her feet while sitting on the bed thinking over something.

The intoxicating cold aura in the room is now replace by a light and sunny one.

"hey do you think I have this some awesome power within me! Bet I'm part of those 12 families? hey what is it?"

There's no need to be moody at this point. She tried to be positive and look for the brighter view.

"Im pretty sure your not. Your surname was not mention in the book"

Tsk. What a downer. Now that she's hoping she would have some kind of amazing power. But still... she keeps thinking.

They were in that moment, when Xiang Tia peeked inside and called for her. She didn't know what she was called for but she obediently followed. Before she got up Xiao put her lips in her ears and whispers "she's one of that family though..."
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    《Naughty Princess and the Gang》