Naughty Princess and the Gang
17 Trapped Inside
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Naughty Princess and the Gang
Author :laidbackprincess
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17 Trapped Inside

I've got fire for a heart

I'm not scared of the dark

You've never seen it look so easy

I got a river for a soul

And baby you're a boat

Baby, you're my only reason

If I didn't have you, there would be nothing left

The shell of a man that could never be his best

If I didn't have you, I'd never see the sun

You taught me how to be someone, yeah

All my life

You stood by me

When no one else was ever behind me

All these lights

They can't blind me

With your love, nobody can drag me down

"kyaahhhh!!!" She shouted from the top of her lungs. Bai Shin Lin was having the fullest of her life in her 25 years of living. She had reserved all her positive energy just to go to her favorite boy band. She was shouting like crazy like those other girls beside her. For them, seeing their idol would be one of the greatest miracle they could ever had. She sits in a VIP seats. Encouragement tarpaulins are everywhere with words printed like "i love you!" "well support you all" "forever your fans"and so on. The loud cheering from the massive crowd makes her voice unrecognizable and her small stature keeps swaying from left to right due to the force exerted by the girls beside her.

She shouted with all her might to one of the members on stage "please marry me zayn!!!"

She waved then scream and twist her waist like a love sicko. Other girls are on rampage also but in much brute force, compared to her small state they didn't even realized that they've pushed her hard and fall to the ground....


She fall on her bed. {So, it was just a dream!}She felt disappointed.

Her feet was still on the bed but her body was on the floor. She could feel a large bump from her head. Men! her morning sucks right away.

*Looks in her left, *Looks to the right

Good. No one saw her. She pulled the blanket down then rolled over covering her whole body while closing her eyes. Maybe she could get back that dream of hers again if she sleeps.

"stop fooling around and eat your breakfast" she twitch upon hearing a male voice.

She tried to recollect, pieces are starting to connect and remembered last night...and her unintentional meeting with Xiao.

Xiao was already putting breakfast in the table "by the way, who's this zayn? some foreigner you've met?"

Woah, is she sleep talking in her dreams?Did he hear her? That explain why it feels surreal on her.

She stood up covering her whole body with a blanket then went over to the table.

"I'm going out for a while and please do not use men's clothing, for now wear a dress the least they will not suspect you" Xiao warn her.

He also leave her things to do when he's gone. Things like -wash my clothes. clean my desk. Swipe the floor.

Even though it was against her will, she was force to. After all she needs to lay low for a while.

When Xiao left, she did what he told her.

For the first few minutes she's still eagerly cleaning his room but in the second hours of cleaning she give up. Who does he think she is? Is she his maid? Cleaning wasn't her thing.

Tossing her cleaning tools aside, she decided to go to where Leng and Mei is.

Now that she remembers, she planned to sneak yesterday evening however she overslept and her planned was ruined.

Bai Shin Lin didn't dwell too deeply on that thought for she new they could sneak out on the second night. Which is tonight. She will tell Leng about this plan when she reach her.

She happily storm to the room where Mei and Leng was held. Xiao was right when he told her to use a dress, so she won't be suspected of anything.

She was humming while going in there.

"The two prisoner were release early in the morning" . The man Guarding Leng and Mei informs her about the current situation. Her jaw dropped

"what!" they were release!

"Big Brother Mu said that no need to kidnap those two. He has found an entertainer"

What entertainer? does he mean her? She somehow came into realization who they call Big Brother Mu.

Xiao is using an alias inside this group. It's understandable since he's on the wanted list.

On the other hand, Bai Shin Lin was relieved when she new Leng and Mei went home. Atleast somehow they will go back to their usual routine. Sneaking outside would be at least easy for her without the two.

When she got back to the tent, Bai Shin Lin left a note to Xiao "at ease, don't look for me." She will go back to Leng and Mei. That place, she was comfortable than when she was in the palace. Plus, she already adapted to their lifestyle (although all she did was to sleep all day)

She was about to go out but saw him! He's heading back straight. She taught he'll be back at noon but it's still nowhere in the morning. Did he forgot something?

She hides inside.

Xiao enters the room. A woman followed her. It's the one who's looking her boy-self.

"Brother Mu, I heard you found an entertainer yesterday night."

"indeed" Xiao's only answer. The woman put a closer gap. Grrr! why do every girl she met want to flirt with him?

"hmm, I wish you stay here even if you found what you're looking for. I will provide everything you need including what you're child would want. I will raise them like mine, so do tell your wife about that"

Lin was like O...O.

Did Xiao has a wife? Child? Seriously what has happened when she was gone. Bai Shin Lin had never taught that Xiao will have children. Now that she thinks about it. Maybe it's the reason, from the beginning he keeps cancelling the marriage.

{I got you're secret Xiao. hehehe} She started to smile with confidence upon that realization. {Bai Shin Lin, you should have been born a detective here}

Meanwhile the scenes are moving so fast outside Bai Shin Lin's view. The woman has gotten closer to him.

Xiao's having no reaction.

This jerk. He has a wife already and he's not doing about this other girl. Will he keep her a his mistress. This is not good! Bai Shin Lin, who has taken GMRC (good manners and right conduct) classes knows the boundary between the good and bad. And if something wrong is about to happen its always the right choice stop it into motion. For the sake of his wife and his child she'll stop this from happening! Soon he's wife will be singing glory for her.

The woman is inches closer to him...


*CRASH* she loose her footing when she leap and she stumble straight on. What's more.... she landed on the broad chest of the woman! But wait, there's something missing...

She felt the wideness of her chest. Sure it was wide big and full of muscles but the land mark of femininity is not visible on her. She stroke it again just to make sure she's not wrong. "what are you doing?" The woman bark at her.

Maybe she's just flat chested? She's having a dilemma of her sexuality when she feels something poke down to her tights. Bai Shin Lin felt strange and steams of smoke comes from her ears.

"aiyah!!!" This is not a woman after all!

Xiao was the one who pulled her out from him.

She didn't know what she's feeling inside.

"He's Xiang Tia. The current leader of the bandit" Xiao put her down to the bed and explains to her that the current leader is not ruthless and mean. In fact, they only rob rich merchants, novelties whom they know that their riches comes from bad conduct.

She looks at the Xiang Tia. Now that she thinks about it. Her voice was a little too low for a woman. Except for the bright red paint from her lips which one will surely think that he's a she, nothings womanly about her.

"is she your new entertainer?" he look at her as if she's some kind of prey to be devoured.

She could sense sharpness of his tone.

Xiao nodded.

"I want to see her dance as well" it was not a request but a challenge to her.


Bai Shin Lin has never been a dancer before. So how could she dance in this situation.

She look at Xiao for backup. Her signal was fully transmitted to him. "maybe at dawn. She'll need to dress herself up ."

Bai Shin Lin felt relieved. She knows she will not be able to dance because she will run away after this moment.

Only if she knew what would happen next. She would just wish she practice her dance steps well.
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    《Naughty Princess and the Gang》