Naughty Princess and the Gang
16 Unexpected Meeting
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Naughty Princess and the Gang
Author :laidbackprincess
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16 Unexpected Meeting

When she wakes up, Bai Shin Lin was in totally different setting. If she would ever describe it somehow they where in the mountainous place and the houses where made of bamboo and trunk of trees. There were no signs of elegant living nor luxurious appliances around. People are wearing an almost ragged clothes with a holes on either sides. They were undoubtedly poor with their appearance.

"Hmmmmm" . She heard a moan from her side. Leng and Mei was with her.

The three of them ended to be kidnapped by a group of bandits and she was the first to have her conscious back.

The man guarding them speaks to the other person beside him. "hey do you think big bro would be happy about this.?"

"who wouldn't?" The performing beauty in the capital was right in front of your eyes! I bet when he sees her he wouldn't be able to sleep the night" They were talking about Leng and from their conversation one can deduce that she was going to be offered to some man.

She lean closer to them."hey hey, what about me? instead of her why not me?

I can dance pretty well" the man look at her from head to toe. "what are you talking. No dude bro" What the! Did they misunderstood him as a boy! Just because she was flat chested they jump to conclusion of her gender. Bai Shin Lin feel sorry for the two little mountains in her chest. Then she look at it.{Just because you two are undeveloped thus I'm suffering from gender discrimination!hmp} her eyes wonders to the bosoms of a beautiful girl lying next to her.

Just then a sudden grasp of realization came into her. They needed to escape before midnight!

If not, Leng would be done for.

"oh, but maybe we could present her to our lady boss" the man exclaimed as if he taught a brilliant idea. "your right!. the boy's face not bad at all. Bet she would definitely like it. hahaha" he said, while saying that his attention was into her, scrutinizing every angle of her face.

"send the girl to big brother then I'll take care of this boy and present to her "

That night. ..

Bai Shin Lin was about to be offered to an unknown woman whom she never met but that's the least of her concern for from this moment on the other tent Leng was going the same situation as her.

And oh well of course, the mighty Bai Shin Lin was again misunderstood to be a boy by the woman whom she's suppose to serve this night.

{This is not good!}

Bai Shin Lin throws whatever things she could hold and throws to the person in from of her. There's no loophole in this situation and the only thing she could ever think was to make a mess! Then she hurriedly went outside and looks for a different tent.

"Guards! Catch him" that's what she heard but she didn't dare to look back anymore.

While everyone's making a big deal of her disappearance she went on the tent which she knew where Leng is. She peeks through the curtain and at last! She saw her.

She was silently sitting on the other side of the room while the man called BIG BROTHER didn't even budge in her presence. It's as if she's not existing. She was relieved. She tiptoed while reaching Leng when a sharp dagger landed on her skirt thus pinning her on the wall. " who goes there?" the man in authoritative tone spoke.

She remain silent.

The man realizing her silent response stood up and went next to her. Bai Shin Lin who was trembling at the moment can't afford to look at this beast. She turn her face to the side while closing it.

She's waiting for her end at the moment but then… "Lin?"

The man knew her. Would she be save? Slowly she open her eyes to look at the man in front of her then she muttered…. "Prince Xiao?"

Xiao never imagine that their meeting would be here. He had stayed for many days inside the group just to find her. There are lot of possibilities on his mind, that maybe something happened to her on her way, to their suppose to be meeting place. Now that he sees her, he felt relieved.

Bai Shin Lin was not that happy when she saw him. She was having a mix emotions. Deep inside her, there's something that she needed to be done but she forgot. And no matter how she try to think it's useless. What's forgotten is forgotten, for now, her only concern was to hide from the authorities chasing her. But then again, she can't move! The dagger was pinning her dress.

"big brother! there is a fugitive on the loose would you mind if we search inside" she heard a man yell outside. She look at him with pleading eyes. She's signaling him to release her from her current position! It'll be over if they ever find her.

Xiao, on the other hand has no reaction or whatsoever. His face remain stiff that she don't know whether he will respond or not.

Only a few seconds left before they open the curtain and Xiao's next movement were both elegant and swift. He pinned her out of the wall then tuck her inside his enormous amber colored robe. Since she was small, he didn't find any difficulty in executing his movement. Its like he was just hiding a treasure box inside his clothes. Then slowly he sits comfortably, squatting in an enormous floor in front of his tiny table.

The man enters his abode. "my Lord, a young lad has escape. We are wondering if someone had sneak inside your room" the man bowed in front of him then linger his eyes from the surroundings.

Meanwhile Bai Shin Lin, inside Xiao's clothes were having a mix feelings. The scent of his whole body exudes a sweet muscular odor. Did he just take a bath?Because if it is, that explains his scent. She was suffering from the suffocation inside due to the lack of air and her breath was limited. Her throats are also dry.

When the search ended and she was sure that they got exited, she tried to goes out of his clothes. But she can't! He's still tucking his clothes between his hand. With her strength she couldn't do so. She panicked inside and try find an opening where she can breath a fresh air. Upon finding a little ray of light she lifted her head only to find herself up close with Xiao's face. From his thick rosy lips up to his pointed nose, long lashes that matches his deep blue eyes. His face is almost a perfect adonis. Even Bai Shin Lin was mesmerized the moment her gaze caught up with him. And for a few minutes they stayed in that position. If it's not for Xiao's hand moving from her butt she would still be admiring him

"kekkk" she jolted from her position.

Only then Xiao release her from his firm holding Knowing this, Bai Shin Lin immeditely got up then crawl as far away, putting herself in a defensive mode."You pervert" she shamelessly accuse him while hugging herself.

Xiao's rosy lips curve into a smile then got up from his position and go back to whatever things he was doing earlier. Just then, it was as if she remembered Leng for the first time. It's because of Xiao that she forgot about her. {please forgive me Leng}

Curiosity was registered from her face. She just scratch her head then smiled awkwardly "teehee, long story I'll explain later" She said but in truth she haven't devise a lie for her to tell. She was caught off guard this time.

Right now the safest place she could ever hide was his room, however she needs to get Mei behind the bar and decided that tomorrow morning they will sneak out.

From the corner of her eyes, she saw Xiao got up then turn his head towards Leng. " It's already late, you should go out, I'll call the guards outside to escort you" upon hearing this Bai Shin Lin was frantic. This stupid stupid Xiao! Did he forgot that she's in the room and she might be found out if someone went inside. She looks for the most convenient hiding place, then found one!

Xiao, called a person outside. Bai Shin Lin immediately climb on his bed, covers herself with a blanket. She stayed there until Leng has been escorted back to the room earlier.

She stayed there for a few minutes and there she fell asleep comfortably in his bed.

Xiao got back already and saw her soundly sleeping in his bed. He lean closer to her, put down a pair of her shoes then properly tuck her crumpled blanket. For a moment he stare at her then said to himself "Bai Shin Lin, did you really forgot about me?"
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    《Naughty Princess and the Gang》