Naughty Princess and the Gang
15 Getting Revenge
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Naughty Princess and the Gang
Author :laidbackprincess
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15 Getting Revenge

Leng started as an errand girl of the performing troupe. For many years she endured the hardship and bullying her colleges made to her and all those trials are worth it when she become one of the famous artist of the group.

However, things didn't go on her way when her master's lover had his way over her. He even goes out threatening her that he'll expel her on the group if she didn't abide with his own biddings

Bai Shin Lin can't help but feel hatred over the guy!

So first thing in the morning the first taught that comes to her mind was to follow Leng on her way.

In order to do that, she wake up early in the morning just to be able to catch unto her. She secretly tailed her until she reach the manor.

Leng went inside a room which is exclusive for employees only, so she hide herself on the bushes just to find the perfect opportunity to be able to get inside.

When she saw a servant going she waves her hand so that she will notice her.

Bai Shin Lin traded her diamond pin for the servant's identity. She was not even a little regretful upon handling the treasure to the servant, after all she was doing it for her own sake that she'd be free from her guilt of not doing anything for her benefactor. She's just paying their kindness with a kindness also.

She borrowed the servant clothes then assume her duties and just nonchalantly went inside the suppose to be restricted room.

Just as she was expecting. The molester that night was with Leng. It's as if nothing had happened during that night.

The young man was one of the actors in there and they were rehearsing some kind of play.

With some slick movement she went to the place where their food is placed and sprinkled lots of spices on the food. Then went to where Leng is resting and tap her shoulders. "Don't eat foods over there" Leng was shock upon seeing here. She signals her not to make fuss for she might get discover. After warning her she rush over outside to see what will likely to happen.

After a few minutes. The young master went to the food table. Because he was superior above all the members inside the room no one dare to touch the food so they all wait for him to eat first before their turn.

"argghhhhh" the man shouted from the top of his lungs.

"who put spices on the food!!! damn" he swears while trying to reach the water. He drank it then spit it in front of of the person he's facing."Gross" the man protested after feeling the sticky water that landed on his face.

The master's face is now becoming redder while trying to hold out. He was about to vomit. Feeling that something was about to go out of his stomach he immediately went to the pond that is only outside. Seeing this, Bai Shin Lin immediately get behind the man then push him.

The next thing she heard was a loud splash coming from the water.

No one saw her push him because they were all focused on the food that had spices and didn't realize what was happening outside.

Bai Shin Lin felt that luck was on her side today.

And she went to conduct her next revenge.

She went over the lady's chamber. As usual although the sun was already up she's still in her bed. What a lazy bummer.(Although she's not different from her)

She search something on her bag then pulled a brown colored water-snake inside it. Throw it through the window making sure it will land the bed of the lady. Then she throw a pebble on her so she'll wake up.

The lady upon feeling that something hit her, wakes up only to find a tiny creature hissing behind her, that's when she made a loud scream that could almost wake the whole neighborhood. When she saw the water-snake she immediately got up on her bed, get as far away from it.

"kyaahhhhh!!! there's a snake on my bed!" She screams.

When the people saw a running and trembling lady they couldn't help themselves but laugh. Strange?

It was because while the madam was sleeping, Bai Shin Lin went the trouble to sneak inside then draw 3 whiskers on her both cheeks. Put a mustache just below her nose and few dots on her forehead. Not to mention she strips her and leaving only her undergarments!

A lady with only her underwear running like crazy in the morning.

When she saw the scene she was laughing so hard the she couldn't contain it.

Thus, the hero of the day sets her revenge for the princess in distress.

That same night Leng went home with a more hilarious stories to report on her. She said that the young master had a fever due to the fall into the pond while the madam was yet still traumatized by the event that had happened in the morning. The result, their performance was cancelled and they were on vacation. Leng was feeling ecstatic while telling it to her then hug her tightly. Mei was just listening intently to their conversation.

In the morning the three of them decided to go shopping since it was their vacation . Their first stop was in the tailoring shop. Leng just bought her dress for her performance and she told her to pick what she like. She pick a men's clothing among the lines of pretty dresses. Since it was pants she believes that she'll be comfortable wearing it. However Leng insist on her to buy fluffy dresses in the end she refuse it saying it's not her style after all.

"Don't waste your energy sister. Even if she wears men's clothing she'll never be misunderstood after all she's lacking the feminine traits a woman should have" Leng pinch the cheek of this r child as her punishment for being rude to Lin. "it hurts" Mei feel her left cheek from the pinch.

"serves you right little brat" and she stuck her mouth over the little kid.

Mei didn't yield on her thus she get back at her by also sticking her mouth unto her.

On their way they didn't talk to each other.

"so where should we go next" Leng decided to ruin the war these two are starting.

"food stalls"-Lin


They almost said in unison. Leng was a having a hard time of whom she will follow. "to the market" she said as her final decision.

The two was disappointed. The market was atleast the last thing they want to enter. Besides from the customers bustling in one place the whole place was filled with unpleasant odor coming from fish and meats.

The two cant do anything since Leng was pretty fired up while the two of them just put their hand to their nose just to prevent the smell from entering. "how are you able to resist such smell" Lin whisper onto Leng ears .The girl just smile " It's not a skill its just I'm used to it"

After that for the entire hour whey went around going in circles. Leng was so meticulous in picking her groceries that she cannot be satisfied with un-fresh products. She always go with the quality and that's why they have a hard time finding the most fresh vegetables out there.

She really is a typical wife model.

Haist! For an introvert finding her way on the outside world it sure is draining her energy.

She was resting over a shade of an enormous tree recuperating her lost energy for the whole event and it seems that Mei was also sharing the same sentiment with her.

Leng stand up and offer to buy them some refreshments. The two them almost no energy answers only with few nods.

After few minutes they already saw Leng waving at them with some refreshments on her hands. "sweet" the sight of it lifted her lethargic mode.

However, when Leng was still 20 walks apart. Two men grabbed her and immediately storm her out of the crowd. Horror was registered through her face and without thinking she followed them, not noticing that Mei was following behind her back!

She was so focused of not losing Leng from her sight that she didn't see someone from her back and hitting her neck.

Little by little she lost her consciousness and dropped on the ground.
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    《Naughty Princess and the Gang》